Hobbit Meal Times: A Meal Plan For Middle-Earth

Hobbit Meal Times

Hobbit Meal Times – When Tolkien introduces Hobbits at the start of The Hobbit, he mentions that their primary preoccupation revolves around growing and eating food. Following the release of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, numerous memes have surfaced about hobbit meal times and their fondness for additional meals, notably Second Breakfast. 

Tolkien remarked that Hobbits prefer consuming six meals per day, listening to the conversations of Hobbits in Tolkien’s books. It becomes apparent that they consider seven meals as an essential part of their daily routine. Their preferences appeared in the traditional English cuisine, undoubtedly influenced by Tolkien’s upbringing in the West Midlands.

In other writings, he indicates that the Hobbiton draws considerable inspiration from a village in Warwickshire during the late 1800s, where farming served as a common pastime. He also emphasizes Bilbo’s Hobbit hole, which blessed several pantries to its good fortune.

7 Hobbit Meal Times

The daily routine revolves around meal periods. Here are the timings of the hobbit meal schedule:-

  • Breakfast – 7 a.m.
  • Second Breakfast – 9 a.m.
  • Refreshments – 11 a.m.
  • Lunch – 1 p.m.
  • Afternoon Tea – 3 p.m.
  • Dinner – 6 p.m.
  • Supper – 9 p.m.

While Tolkien’s list of regular Hobbit meals omits a second breakfast, it’s worth noting that his Hobbits frequently discuss this specific meal, as it is crucial for them.

Though not formally incorporated into the official Hobbit daily meal regimen, they often partook in this seventh meal whenever it was attainable.

Type of food hobbits eat.

Tolkien emphasizes the importance of food for Hobbits and does not considerably dig into the topic in any of his works. To gain insight into the habits of Hobbits, we must collect the scattered references to their meals found all over the books.

Tolkien suggests Hobbits consumed various foods typical of British farms during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Their diet includes bread, vegetables, dairy products, commonly farmed meats, pies, jam, and a sufficient amount of ale.

hobbit meal times

Despite being asked about many dishes, Bilbo readily accepts their requests (even if he doesn’t want to) and acknowledges that the 13 Dwarves in The Hobbit are familiar with his pantry as he is.

Gandalf and Thorin await being offered red wine. This provides a chance to discover that Bilbo has inherited his father’s Vineyards and is offering a superb vintage of Southfarthing wine. Additionally, he keeps numerous beer barrels in his cellar.

Bilbo’s evening serving includes beer, tea, coffee, buttered scones, seed cakes, apple tart, pork pies, raspberry jam, mince pies, salad, cold cuts, cheese and pickles. 

This image is further nourished in Chapter Nine of The Fellowship of the Ring. At the Prancing Pony, Barliman serves the Hobbits a “good, plain food” suitable for a Hobbit from the Shire.

The meal consists of cold meats, hot soup, freshly baked loaves, blackberry tart, half-ripped cheese and slabs of butter. 

hobbit meal times

At one point, Frodo describes a pleasant summer and plentiful autumn in the Shire, where trees are heavy with apples, combs overflow with honey, and corn grows tall and abundant.

We know about Farmer Maggot’s farm, including the turnip field. At his youngest age, Frodo is known to have taken mushrooms from Farmer Maggot’s property without permission.

As Bilbo is en route towards the Misty Mountains, he recalls the times he picked blackberries in the Shire.

Sam shows his skills throughout the journey and discusses using carrots and onions in his cooking. He prepares delicious fish, chips and rabbit stew for Gollum, asking Gollum to find some bay leaves, thyme, and sage. Additionally, Sam reveals that he always carries a small saltbox with him to enhance his dishes perfectly.

Eating like Hobbit’s

hobbit meal times

Indeed, Tolkien’s imagination shines brightly in his creation of dragons and Ringwraiths, but when it comes to food, he stuck to what he knew. His descriptions of food induce a sense of comfort and familiarity, often reflecting dishes one would expect to find on an English table.

One of the exceptions is the food made by the Elves, Lembas Bread. Elves, being immortal and otherworldly beings, are depicted as more down-to-earth.

What are Elevenses and Second Breakfast?

The second Breakfast is a double, smaller Breakfast consumed by hobbits a few hours after their main morning meal, around 9 a.m. Elevenses is yet another light meal that hobbits consume after the second Breakfast but before lunch and is taken at around 11 a.m.


A love for food and comfort characterizes hobbit meal times. The hobbits enjoy multiple meals throughout the day – starting with breakfast, then a smaller second breakfast around 9 a.m., and then elevenses at 11 a.m. These habits reflect the hobbits’ way of life, where they enjoy simple, wholesome, and comforting dishes.


What are the hobbits meal times?

Breakfast – 7 a.m.

Second Breakfast – 9 a.m.

Refreshments – 11 a.m.

Lunch – 1 p.m.

Afternoon Tea – 3 p.m.

Dinner – 6 p.m.

Supper – 9 p.m.

How many meals do hobbits eat in a day?

They typically consume seven meals throughout the day – Breakfast, second Breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. 

Why do hobbits eat 7 meals throughout the day?

Due to their smaller size, hobbits in Tolkien’s world must consume a substantial amount of food to ensure their survival rather than for mere comfort.

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