Wedding Dress Rentals in Toronto – A Complete Guide

Make your wedding day look unforgettable without breaking the bank. With a rental dress, you can have all the glamour of a designer gown tailored to fit and flatter – giving you peace of mind on one of life’s most special moments.

Create the perfect look for your special day with our selection of stylish and affordable dresses. From classic white to more ornate designs, we have something sure to make you feel beautiful.

Buying a stunning outfit for your special day doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Consider looking into wedding dress rental options in the area, as some bridal shops offer affordable rates and even allow you to purchase after the wedding if desired.

We have compiled a selection of stylish wedding gown rental options for all the brides-to-be in Toronto. With this guide, you can quickly find your dream dress and answer any queries related to rentability.

Reasons to Rent a Wedding Dress?

If you’re a bride who values quality and wants to save for other wedding-related expenses, consider renting your special day look. It guarantees the perfect fit without breaking the bank and gives you access to designer pieces that otherwise may be out of budget. Make sure to compare wedding dress rental prices – when compared with traditional dress costs, this option can maximize savings up to thousands of dollars, ensuring comfort and convenience on your big day.

Need your wedding dress fast? Consider renting for stress-free convenience. You’ll spend less time shopping to focus on the important things, like celebrating.

Your perfect look is attainable – alteration services, such as hemming and bustling, are conveniently included in the price.

Find the perfect wedding look without breaking your budget by renting a dress tailored to your style. Whether you dream of donning classic elegance or modern chic, there’s a boundless opportunity for wedding dress rental.

Renting a wedding dress is perfect for looking stunning on your special day without breaking the bank. From expansive collections and competitive rates, renters can enjoy an elegant bride-to-be experience that won’t strain their wallets. Don’t miss out – rent today.

Why it is Better to Buy Your Wedding Gown?

For those looking to save on apparel, renting is a great option that won’t break the bank. However, it’s important to be aware of fit restrictions due to alterations not allowed in most rental stores; when buying clothing, you can tailor it more easily for your body shape and personal style.

When choosing the perfect dress for your special event, renting or buying it can be overwhelming. While purchasing a garment allows you to tailor it perfectly to fit your taste and body shape, wedding dress rentals give you access to unique styles that may not otherwise be available – making finding ‘the one’ all the more rewarding.

When selecting a gown for your big day, consider how long you need it. Generally speaking, dress rentals last three days; however, they can extend up to seven days in some areas. If heading out of town before returning home right after the ceremony, purchasing might be more cost-effective than renting and having to send it back earlier than expected.

Capturing a treasured moment in time, many brides are now opting to preserve the memory of their special day by passing down their wedding dress as something old.

What is the Cost to Rent a Wedding Gown in Toronto?

For Toronto fashionistas seeking the perfect gown for their next big event, rental prices can vary greatly depending on factors such as duration of use and type.

Basic options start at just $100, but more elaborate ensembles will range from $1-2K – ensuring that you’ll have a stunning ensemble no matter your budget.

What is Better: To rent or to buy the wedding dress?

When searching for the perfect dress, you’ll likely be presented with costs ranging between $1,000 and an eye-watering five grand. Thankfully, wedding industry experts suggest a savvy way to save – renting.

On average, it looks like dress rentals come in at around one-third of buying price – potentially saving thousands off your final bill.

Invest in a rented dress and save money. Rather than spending your hard-earned cash on an expensive purchase, make the smart choice to rent instead.

Shop for a one-of-a-kind dress and do some good at the same time – The Brides’ Project offers pre-owned gowns starting from just $500, making it an affordable way to support charities.

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Free Wedding Dresses in Toronto.

If you’re looking to save on a wedding dress, borrowing from recently-married friends or renting online are both viable options.

For an even more cost-effective approach, consider buying and reselling the same gown – voila. You’ll have donned your dream look for no extra expense.

Can I Alter a Rented Wedding Dress?

Looking for the perfect wedding gown? Renting can provide a great opportunity to save costs, with many stores offering minor alterations as part of their service. It’s always best to check beforehand, though – while dress rental fees may include these adjustments, they will usually only be carried out following the return policy on that particular item.

What if the dress does not fit?

Shopping in-store or online? Either way, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. Our attentive staff will helpfully take your measurements on site to ensure the dress fits like a dream. Or if ordering online, enter accurate details – no surprises for size.

Be proactive and secure your wedding dress with time to spare. Rent the gown a few days before tying the knot, so you can rest assured that any small issues are taken care of well in advance.

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What to do With a Damaged dress

When renting a dress, most companies require a damage deposit upfront. If the dress is returned without any issues, you’ll get this money back in full, so don’t worry about losing your security payment.

If your dress has sustained considerable damage, you may be liable for the full cost of purchase.

Dry cleaning fee

Returning a soiled dress? That could cost you. If stains or dirt are present, be prepared to pay up to $200 for dry cleaning fees.

Where can I rent a wedding gown in Toronto?

The One Bridal

Let The One Bridal revolutionize your search for the perfect wedding look. Their brilliant selection of dresses and accessories suits every personal style. From classic formal gowns to relaxed, casual pieces, you’ll find just what you need without compromising on quality or elegance.

Contact: (416) 302-1133

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Location: 280 Yorktech Dr #2, Markham, ON L6G 0A6

Best for Bride

Experience the beauty and romance of your dream wedding gown with Bravo Bridals. Our luxurious collection boasts a variety of designer bridal wear from renowned couturiers, featuring exquisite silks, delicate European laces, and intricate hand beading on the finest fabrics. So you can look stunning for your special day. With our diverse selection tailored to all tastes and styles, let us help make discovering that one-of-a-kind dress effortless at Bravo Bridals today.

Contact: (647) 872-7827

Website URL:

Location: 801 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 0A8

Best for Bride

Enjoy the perfect wedding look without breaking your budget. Best for Bride provides top-notch bridal gowns and accessories to make your special day one of a kind—at unbeatable prices.

Contact: (416) 233-3393

Website URL:

Location: 566 Sheppard Ave West, North York

Final Words

When selecting the perfect wedding gown, brides are often presented with a difficult decision. However, considering your style and budget requirements can make this process easier – you may want to rent special occasion dresses for an affordable yet stylish alternative. Not only will you be able to find beautiful options that fit both the theme of your celebration and your flair, but you also have confidence in making such an important choice.


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