A Brief Discussion About Shenhe And Chongyun In Genshin Impact!

Shenhe and Chongyun in Genshin impact!

Is there any relation between Shenhe and Chongyun? Genshin Impact is the 6th game in the “Dark Snow Project.” The game has a multiplayer online mode alongside a single-player mode. The game was announced on December 30, 2018, at the Cyber Game Festival and was effectively released on 2019/03/23. It is the 3rd in the Dark Snow Project series of games. The world of Genshin impact is flooded with darkness and dangers; many creatures live there, and its history is also mysterious. Humans have also created many historical legacies in this dark land, but humans living there are stuck in eternal conflicts for survival.

They have to face various dangers, such as creatures and relics, and their conflicts are often the cause of the destruction of their world. The game is set in dark snow, a world with a unique story. You will find yourself in a varied landscape; in this world, you will meet many different religions, tribes, and large countries, all with their own beliefs, including the guardian god that protects you from the beginning. You can choose one for yourself if you want to believe in what you believe. Throughout the game, your religion will evolve as well.


Shenhe was revealed in the trailer, and the darkness of her face is a distinct match for the darkness of Chongyun’s. The resemblance between the two is too uncanny to miss, so there you go. When we think about it, it’s pretty brilliant that MiHoYo hasn’t put Chongyun on stage for all to see. He was at one point rumored to be an NPC, but when it came down to it, he was an actual character that you could play with.

What about Shenhe and Chongyun?

With these two new developments, the storyline becomes much clearer. Shenhe is Chongyun’s aunt. It means he is Chongyun’s son! Also, the relationship between Shenhe and Chongyuns’s mother (who was described as “his mother” earlier) does not fit anymore. So they must’ve had another child before her. We already knew that Shenhe and Chongyun were twins, so that only leaves one possibility – it must be Shenhe’s daughter who became Chongyun’s mother.

However, one day, Chongyun announced that “some things will happen in the world” and that humans must live in war. Shenhe’s tribe regretted praying for peace and decided to put their faith in Chongyun. At the same time, the Guardian God in Shenhe’s village started acting strangely and transformed into a new form (Chongyun). Eventually, Shenhe decided to live in the human world with her people. Still, just then, she discovered a strange story: two brothers were born as Draken warriors but turned against Draken by another Draken. Their identity was finally revealed as Shenhe and Chongyun.

Is Shenhe Chongyun’s aunt?

After countless hours of careful study and observation, Chongyun has finally revealed the identity of the mysterious ‘Shenhe’ character in the teaser trailer for Genshin no Shoujo: Futari Wa Ever de Aru. This revelation answers many questions for fans who were eagerly waiting to find out what this character was all about. For starters, we can assume that this is Chongyun’s s aunt because she is dressed differently than Chongyun, and her hair color also differs.

We can also assume she’s an NPC, though it remains unclear if she is playable in the game or only a background figure. Of course, this leaves us curious about why she suddenly appeared in the teaser trailer. However, the best part of this reveal for fans is that we meet yet another Genshin no Shoujo family member! In the story of Genshin impact, Shenhe is from a tribe that worships Chongyun, one of the human gods (the same as the Dragon Lord). Shenhe later finds out that she is not just an ordinary warrior in Chongyun’s army – she is related to him.

The official community has already put their speculation on the matter; Genshin impact is an online game where players can join other people’s parties as NPC warriors. Shenhe first appeared in miHoYo’s previous game, “Legend of Dragons,” where she was a specially-designed character who fought alongside players. Unfortunately, she was added to the game at the very last minute, and her design looks similar to that of a dragon.

Aunt Shenhe??

It is one of the unexpected points in Genshin impact. Shenhe is a member of a small tribe that worships Chongyun, who is their god and also the Dragon Lord. This means that she’s related to Chongyun, but it has yet to be shown how they’re related. A few years ago, miHoYo released a game called Legend of Dragons. In this game, a character named Shenhe appeared alongside other characters as NPC warriors (non-playable characters). Shenhe was added to the game at the last minute and played an essential part in the main storyline.

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