Where Are The Helicopters In Fortnite, Season 2?

Where Are The Helicopters In Fortnite, Season 2?

The players then need to scavenge for weapons and traps, upgrade their defenses, and fight off other players to become the last person or squad of player(s) standing. “Fortnite Battle Pass” allows players who pre-purchase the “Battle Pass,” which is a digital season pass costing $9.99, to access several items they can use while playing the game, such as skins and emotes. Skins are cosmetic items that can be equipped on the Battle Pass characters and include gliders, pickaxes, back bling (equipment), taunts, and emotes. Emotes are dynamic dances that are unlocked by leveling up the battle pass.


Vehicles were the best way to traverse the area until Fortnite had their vehicles nerfed. Now, vehicles are a lot easier to use, but they have many disadvantages compared to when they were still the best way to travel. Vehicles have been nerfed due to their reduced spawn rate, which can make things annoying for players who like dashing around with their vehicles. There was an update where all players could pick up more than one vehicle at a time and use additional wheels, making them better than before with speed and maneuverability. However, some cars still need to come in handy for most players.

A few players find vehicles hard to control and not worth the effort it takes to maintain them. Vehicles are no longer your best bet when moving around the map. Instead, you should use the resources you have on your back, especially if you have been saving up for a long time. They can change the outcome of a battle, given that they are in good condition. In the case of vehicles, their durability is less than their original state before the update.

Logjam Lumberyard Helicopter Location

Logjam Lumberyard is one of the central locations where you can find helicopters. The most important part about this location is that it is not easily accessible. You will have to descend upon the log jam below the mountain yourself and then climb up again to reach the helicopter pad. It doesn’t get easier than that.

In just a few minutes, you will have all the resources you need, including ammo if you have gone hunting. However, new players would find it challenging to gather all these resources before they lose their helicopters and die, which could set them back in a game with very few chances of getting out alive.

Command Cavern Helicopter Location

Where are the helicopters in Fortnite chapter 3, season 2? Command cavern is a location at the top of a mountain where you can find helicopters. They are quite common in this area, and their durability is pretty good. Many players have found them very useful in moving from one place to another, given that the location is at a high altitude. However, it can be hard for you to travel around, especially during the early phase of a game.

The map above shows an example of how you can use this helicopter to move around better, especially if you are planning to stay there for a long time. Then, you will be fine making your way to the enemy team’s base while hiding behind mountains, trees, or rocks.

Greasy Grove Helicopter Location

Greasy Grove is one of the top combat zones in the game. It is a critical location, especially early on, because it gives you access to many resources like wood and stone. Where are the helicopters in Fortnite chapter 3, season 2? The main aim at Greasy Grove is to get a vehicle and then use it to your advantage while moving around the place. Several places in this location can be used as an ideal landing pad if you are planning on hiding out with your vehicle.

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