Elden Ring Can’t Verify PS Plus – Easy Fix

Elden Ring Can’t Verify PS Plus

The last v1.03 version of Elden Ring made changes and improvements for smoother gaming performance. Numerous issues were fixed, various weapon abilities were nerfed, and the game also received a number of new additions. The ‘Elden Ring Can’t Verify PS Plus’ problem has prevented gamers from logging in and viewing their game data since the introduction of version 1.03.2, but don’t worry; our post regarding how to fix the PlayStation Plus membership issue in Elden Ring has you handled.

‘Could Not Verify PlayStation Plus’ QUICK FIX

Owners of the PlayStation who’ve been having trouble getting into their accounts can try the solutions on our list of potential repairs. Numerous users are looking for solutions to the “Elden Ring Can’t Verify PS Plus” malfunction in the hopes that it will be resolved soon.

Noticed!!!! Avoid updating your system; PS Plus and your console should not be updated yet. The Network is Threatened By a “Could Not Verify PlayStation Plus” error. THIS ERROR CAN NOT BE FIXED. Please wait for just about any improvements from the creators and gamers.

***Players who have not yet upgraded their devices are encouraged to play temporarily offline until they do.***


  • The issue was resolved for some users by repeatedly restarting their Ps. (People are strongly discouraged from doing this because it could make the issue worse and possibly damage the internal components of your device. Be careful when you’re doing so, sir.)
  • You could also try to log out now and log in using your PS + membership.
  • You may view the servers’ state on the PlayStation Network page.
  • Turn on automatic updates for your device.
  • After quitting and reconnecting to the PlayStation main website page, restart your Elden Ring game.
  • Restart your PlayStation once more.
  • If necessary, restart your WiFi router.

If Sony makes another more official statement or repairs the problem, we’ll update this article. Based on whether you have previously run into the problem or not, these choices seem to be your safest bet for the time being. For most players, this shouldn’t be a persistent problem.

I hope this article named Elden Ring Can’t Verify PS Plus is proved helpful to you. I have written every little piece of detail available regarding this re-occurring error, though as the last word of this article, I will advise you not to update your console and game. Wait for an official new update or announcement from sony. Otherwise, you will miss gaming.

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