How to Make a Balloon Garland and Arch: 6 Easy Steps (Complete Guide)

balloon garland

If you want to know how to make a balloon garland you are on the right page. Make your celebration truly unforgettable with a unique and stylish party decoration that will elevate the atmosphere to one of luxury.

Glam up your next special occasion and make it a night to remember with an eye-catching balloon garland. From dazzling birthday parties to intimate dinner gatherings, this type of decoration provides the perfect atmosphere for any celebration.

If you’ve ever admired a beautiful balloon garland on Instagram and Pinterest, but thought it was out of reach due to its cost or skill level required – think again. You can easily create your amazing decor with the right knowledge.

Unfortunately, that isn’t correct.

Transform your next party into a celebration fit for the ‘gram with an Insta-ready balloon garland. Requires minimal effort and little more than an hour of time & minimum investment – no prior craft skills required.

Hosting a special event? Make it unforgettable by adding balloon garland. We’ve got you covered with an easy-to-follow guide that contains must-have supplies, straightforward steps, and pro tips. With our help, your party will be the talk of the town.

Unleash your creativity and bring a personal touch to a unique home decor project – all it takes is some simple reading.

Examples of Balloon Garlands we have created

Supplies You Need to Make A Balloon Garland

pink and silver balloon garland
  • Balloon garland kit

Everything you need to make a stunning balloon garland is right here. Our all-inclusive kits come complete with balloons, glue strips, tying tools, and decorating strips – so your next event can be truly unforgettable. Shop our selection today.

  • Best Quality Latex balloons

Create a cohesive décor design with colors that seamlessly integrate your theme.

  • Tool to tie Balloon

With our revolutionary product, creating a masterpiece of 10 or more balloons has never been easier. Take the guesswork out of your projects and learn how to utilize this amazing tool now.

  • Strip to decorate the Balloons

Make planning your next party effortless with balloon strips. This versatile tool is the perfect ‘frame’ for creating creative garlands. Easily assemble and rearrange it to match any decor – you’ll be making dynamic decorations in no time, without having to break out a needle & thread.

  • Glue strips

Give your garland more of an eye-catching look by using a range of latex balloons in various sizes to complete it. Make sure the smaller ones are evenly spaced for maximum impact.

  • Electric balloon pump

Need a helping hand with your balloon decoration project? Electric pumps can make the job easier and help you save precious breath. The perfect accessory for creating large garlands, shop now to get yours.

  • Wall hooks

Give your decor a secure and damage-free foundation. With wall hooks like Command, you can hang balloon garlands safely. Plus, check out our handy step-by-step guide on how to perfectly position the beautiful display on any type of room surface. Shop now.

Making your balloon garland Time – 60 – 90 mins

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How to Make a Balloon Garland – STEPS

pink , white and golden floral balloon garland

Step 1: Start to Inflate the balloons

Give your party decor an extra pop of style with a balloon garland. Vary the size and color to match your event and create a unique look. With our kits, you can have up to 3 different sizes for added dimension – making sure that each strand is perfectly shaped.

Make your next party-planning task a breeze with an electric pump that can quickly inflate all of your balloons. Need extra help? Recruit family and friends to join in the fun. Finally, secure each balloon with either a tying tool or by hand for perfect results every time.

Pro Tip: Complete your colorful garland with small balloons. They’ll boost vibrancy and give an eye-catching fuller look – the perfect decorative finishing touch.

Step 2: Attach the balloons with the balloon decorating strip

Kick your balloon garland up a notch with two stylish options. Why not opt for alternating colors that create visual variety, or go all-in on clusters of the same color to project an air of coordinated sophistication? The choice is yours.

Create a decorative masterpiece with ease. Just find the hole segment on your balloon decorating strip — you’ll notice it has both a big and small opening. Pass the knot through the larger one first, then secure it in place by sliding it along to the smaller hole. And that’s all there is to it.

Leave a bit of extra room on each side when using the balloon decorating strip – it’ll come in handy for securely hanging your festive decorations.

Once you’ve attached the balloons, make sure to keep one aside. We’ll have a special use for it later.

Pro Tip: Design an enchanting balloon garland by exploring your creativity and imagination. Embrace the freedom of personalizing its look with varied colors, sizes, and formations. Let a beautiful masterpiece inspire you to craft one yourself – the possibilities are endless.

Step 3: Plan the garland shape and place the hooks

It’s time to make your party dreams take shape with a DIY balloon garland of whatever design you desire. Get creative and add that personal touch for the perfect festive decoration.

Pencils are an easy and creative way to plan out your hooks’ placement – trace a few different design combinations on the wall, then decide which one you like best.

Pro Tip: Get creative with the shape of your balloon garland. Move outside conventional symmetry and try something new. Let inspiration guide you to a one-of-a-kind design that reflects your style – because no two projects should look exactly alike.

Transform your ordinary walls into an eye-catching statement piece with a festive balloon garland. Anchor the design to its surface by securely affixing hooks right where you want it – no matter how high or wide.

Step 4: Hang the balloon garland

Installing your garland doesn’t have to be a solo job. Invite a friend or family member to join you while hanging sections on the wall – they can help support and steady each section, making set-up easier.

For the best hanging experience, focus on one section at a time. Taking it slow and steady provides control over how each part looks – plus, you can avoid any unwanted knots or tangles.

Pro Tip: Spruce up your balloon decorations with an eye-catching garland. Create a free space on the strip for easy hanging – just hold it firmly and attach it to hooks or nails. Let this captivating decoration take center stage in any celebration.

Step 5: Fill the gapes with the smaller balloons

Give your event the wow factor with this delectable secret – a gorgeous balloon garland.

Create a stunning garland by filling in any gaps with your smallest balloons. The result will be an eye-catching display that is sure to make a statement.

For an extra “wow” factor, incorporate a range of sizes into your garland to give it that complete look. Adding small filler balloons is the ideal way to make all the difference.

Secure any gaps with balloon pieces by using adhesive glue strips. Avoid connecting them with a glue gun, as it can cause unexpected bursts.

Step 6: Decorate the rest of the space

Our dessert table was magnificently framed with a no-sew tulle skirt and topped off elegantly by an impressive balloon arch, exhibiting our desired color scheme.

Pro Tip: Add a personal touch to your next event with an original DIY garland. Whether you want floral pieces, palm fronds, or ribbons – the choice is yours. Bring out the special theme of your party by mixing and matching colorful decorations that coordinate perfectly together on one unique strand. An imaginative way to show off all those creative skills.

Take a moment to reflect on your commitment, hard work, and dedication that have culminated in this masterful creation. Capture the memory with some stunning photos.

With a stunning DIY balloon arch or garland, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any event. It’s easy to incorporate your chosen theme and color scheme – just add an eye-catching dessert table underneath. Plus these decorations are guaranteed to stay in place all week long.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to display your festive garland, we suggest placing it in a creative location like the fireplace mantle or window sill. Your holiday decorations will be sure to shine.

  • Prepare a backdrop for photo booth
  • Near the entryway
  • Surrounding the dining table
  • Near the fireplace ( be careful working with hydrogen and helium balloons near fire)
  • The gift table

Host a party and WOW your guests with stunning balloon decor. Our guide gives you the confidence to create beautiful, eye-catching arches or garlands as an elegant center point for any event.

Balloon garlands are a wonderfully creative way to liven up any occasion. From picking each color to arranging them into beautiful formations; every garland is guaranteed unique and can be done with minimal perfectionism. Let your imagination soar as you add vibrant flair to any event or gathering.

DIY-ing a balloon arch or garland not only adds visual sophistication to your event but also provides an economical return on investment.

Pro tip: Reward yourself after the party with a luxurious spa day, and treat your hard-earned savings like they deserve. You won’t regret it.

Make your next event truly memorable with a balloon garland. Using just a few supplies and minimal effort, you’ll craft something that will leave guests in awe. Your celebration won’t be ordinary—it’s sure to stand out from the rest.

Prepare to amaze your guests with a truly spectacular event.

Get ready for your next celebration. Our blog is here to provide you with creative and unique party ideas that will help make any event extraordinary.

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green, blue balloon garland
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What is the best time to set up my balloon garland? Can I make a balloon garland the night prior?

Create a lasting impression with your balloon garland – they can stay looking great for up to two weeks. To guarantee it’ll look its best, get started the day before you need it; crafting one of these gorgeous creations may take several hours if this is your first time.

When hosting an outdoor bash, ensure your fabulous balloon garland will remain in tip-top shape by keeping it indoors until ready for showtime. Sealing the deal with warm weather ensures its vibrancy and color lasts no longer than a day.

What is the best way to hang a balloon garland?

Transform your wall into a stunning visual spectacle with our easy-to-follow balloon garland tutorial. Learn how to hang yours today and make any room come alive.

What are the best colors combination ideas for balloon garlands?

With balloon garlands, the creative possibilities are endless. Use a color palette website to discover complementary hues for your project’s key shade – ensuring that all colors work together in perfect harmony.

To build on existing ideas, we’ve thought of a few more options to make our project even better.

  • The Peach Palette – Coral pink, Pastel peach, pastel orange, light mustard,
  • Pool Party – Pistachio, light turquoise, Coral pink, turquoise, and marigold
  • Golden New Year’s Eve – Black, two shades of gold, fog grey, and navy,
  • Galaxy – Black, navy, violet, iris, silver
  • Starry Night – Bumblebee yellow, Midnight blue, cerulean blue, pistachio

How to Know how much balloons will be required?

Crafting the perfect balloon arch? Work out your project’s parameters before you start – measure up how much space you’re working with, decide on a cluster size that works for your design and find out exactly how many balloons it takes to cover each foot of ground.

Create a stunning balloon arch or garland with our helpful calculator. Our kits offer the perfect number of balloons for an impressive 16ft long centerpiece in one convenient package.

What balloon sizes is best for making a garland?

Balloon decorations are a fantastic way to add impact and visual appeal, so why not make the most of it? Opt for an impressive combination including 5-inch, 11-inch, and 24-inch balloons for stunning results.

For a stunning display, add variety and contrast to your garlands by incorporating balloons of different sizes. Doing so will give you the perfect show-stopping touch for any celebration.

Invest in designing your balloon garland and witness the transformation of a simple decoration into something striking. The extra effort is sure to pay off with an eye-catching result.

Is is safe to use the balloon garland outdoors?

Hang your balloon garland outdoors with ease. Attaching a few sections of the decor to the fishing wire, ribbon or twine ensures easy installation for an outdoor display that will be sure to impress.

Add a beautiful, festive element to your party by hanging a balloon garland from an eye-catching feature like a tree or cabana. For optimal success in warmer climates, be sure to suspend it on the day of your special event.

Final Words

Now you know how to make a balloon garland. Don’t wait and get the balloon garland making supplies and give it a try.


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