Top 10 Edgar Haircut Ideas for Men for 2023

Today we look deeper at Edgar cut Styles for men’s hair.

The Edger cut is one of the most popular looks making waves in modern fashion. Alternately known as the “Takuache Hairstyle,” it was pioneered by Anthony Reyes, a barber who paid homage to an iconic player named Martinez with its unique design.

With ever-changing trends, it’s no surprise that those from yesteryear inspire today’s hairstyles. For a look that exudes confidence and poise, seek an on-trend style – but don’t forget to cast your eye back in time for an equally stylish throwback.

The ‘Takuache or cuhh Edgar cut’ was initially adopted by a lifestyle of individuals with an appreciation for luxury fashion. This included boots, belts, and trousers that all represented their unique character.

Boasting a dynamic and mature look, the Edgar Cut is quickly becoming the go-to haircut for young men looking to make an impression. Its clean lines give any style an elegant boost while it can further be complemented by a contrasting beard design. For those seeking sophistication in their appearance, Edgar cut may deliver.

It’s important to have a basic understanding of key concepts concerning Edgar cuts before selecting one. Let us take a closer look at the type:

Basic hair cut Terms You Must Know to understand Edgar cut.

Low Fade:

Show off a fresh new style with the low fade. This fashionable look requires hair to be trimmed shorter at the lower edges of your sides, starting just an inch above your ears. Transform into a trendsetter and make heads turn wherever you go.

Mid Fade:

The mid-fade style, situated between a high and low fade, offers you the perfect balance of versatility and sophistication. So if you want an Edgar cut that stands out from the crowd while still maintaining elegance, this is your go-to look.

High Fade:

With a stylish, high fade cut, the gradual curve starts at your forehead and tapers to the back of your head. Create an ombre-like style by playing with different lengths for even more dramatic contrast.

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What Is The Edgar Haircut?

An Edgar haircut is a Mexican style that has become popular worldwide. This short-length cut involves more hair in front with shorter trim on top, fading or undercut along the sides and back. The fringe can be styled partially covering one’s forehead for an attractive look sure to turn heads.

Who Is Edgar?

The Edger cut or Takuache hairstyle is shrouded in mystery. While some credit two-time MLB batting champion Edgar Martinez with popularizing the look after his face was shaved into a fan’s head, others suggest that its true roots can be traced to Mexico. Referred by many as “possum” in Spanish (Takuache) and commonly shortened to Cuh Cut for younger Mexican men interested in pickups, the Edger continues to inspire creative cuts around the world today.

Edgar Cut types

Classic Edgar Cut

Classic Edgar Cut

The short and volumized Caesar Cut is perfect if you’re looking for a classic yet edgy look. Just ask your barber to cut the hair on top in an equal length across the forehead while keeping sides cleanly cropped – many choose bald for that added touch of sharpness.

High Fade Edgar Haircut

High Fade Edgar Haircut

Create a textured look with this classic faded haircut. With expertly cut hair lengths moving from top to bottom, enjoy the neat style and slimming effect of slightly bent front locks around your face. Please put it in the hands of your barber for the best results.

Edgar Line Haircut

Edgar Line Haircut

Get that unique look you’ve been searching for with the stylishly cool Edgar cut. Featuring a distinctive bald line running along both sides, this fresh style stands out from other popular cuts – plus, it’s easy to achieve with just 1.5 – 2 inches of hair length.

Update your look with an edgy and stylish Edgar cut. This classic hairstyle will turn heads, featuring a long top layer for a spiky texture that fades into sharp-edged lines at the back of the head.

Curly Taper Fade Edgar Cut

Curly Taper Fade Edgar Cut

With a sharp fringe and long, voluminous curls cascading down delicately to the sides, the Edgar cut is perfect for those looking to accentuate natural spirals. Feel bolder in your look as you unlock effortless style with this chic tapered fade haircut – just let it all hang loose.

Wavy Edgar Cut

Wavy Edgar Cut

Get ready to accentuate your hair’s natural beauty with the trending Wavy Edgar cut. Wow, onlookers, show off a stylish fringe line that pairs perfectly with wavier or layered styles. For an added boho-chic touch, you can achieve beautiful loose open braids look – all courtesy of one modern trendsetting chop from your barber. Upgrade your style today and experience this versatile Edgar cut for yourself.

Full Fade Edgar Haircut

Full Fade Edgar Haircut

Get a stylish, modern Edgar cut that will give you the sharpest look. Your barber should cut your hair short and even for perfect symmetry. Then there’s the gradient effect with the bald section on the side to achieve an eye-catching profile; why not combine it with a heavy beard for a head-turning yet mature appearance?

Edgar Haircut With Short Spikes

Edgar Haircut With Short Spikes

Add a stylish, edgy touch to your look with an Edgar cut and spiky hairstyle combo. This modernized version of the classic low fade will make any young man stand out. Don’t forget to pair it off with a clean-shaven beard for that perfect finish – you’ll be ready in no time.

Choppy Edgar Cut With Mid Bald Line

Choppy Edgar Cut With Mid Bald Line

Edgar cuts are a timeless classic that can cater to any hair type and length. For those who prefer long locks, ensure the top is left longer with choppy layers. The bottom hair should be trimmed short for an effortlessly cool finished look.

Achieve the perfect bold and striking look with a sharp line across your forehead, expertly drawn by a professional. Then add some sophistication to it by contrasting it with your desired beard style – like an Edgar cut.

Mid Fade With Round Edgar Cut 

Edgar cuts provide a perfectly balanced and contrastive hairstyle to enhance men’s facial features. Having no facial hair? No problem; The Edgar cut still provides an ultra-masculine appearance with its graduated levels at the temple and ear level for maximum aesthetic effect.

Edgar Haircut With Faded Beard

With just the trim of a beard, you can revitalize your look without ever having to touch scissors near your hair. A light and faded Edgar cut paired with a low-maintenance beard is an easy way to give yourself style points. With neatness being key, this no-fuss combination will bring back that lush appeal in big ways. So don’t wait and get an Edgar cut asap.


What is the defining feature of Edgar’s cut?

The Edgar cut boasts a bold, distinct look with its straight, sharp fringe line along the forehead. Adding fades to either side of your head creates an even more daring statement that is sure to turn heads.

How can I Undergo a Messy Edgar Cut?

You can create a unique and dynamic style with an edgy Edgar cut. Keep your front forehead line neat to contrast the spiky top layer, giving you an effortlessly cool look.


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