Where To Find Horsetail Locations in Genshin Impact?

Horsetail Locations: Genshin Impact

In the open and vast world of Teyvat, the place where the open-world action RPG game Genshin Impact takes place, farming different limited time-based resources are one of the main content offered by the game. One of these materials is Horsetail which is limited by time; once you have collected the item you have to wait for 24-48 hours for it to respawn. You have to follow these lines carefully if you do not want to miss out on any major location of Horsetail in Genshin Impact and become a hindrance to your progress.

Use of Horsetail in Genshin Impact!

One of the primary uses of Horsetail in Genshin is to craft “Fake fly bait,” which is used to catch fish like Golden Koi and Pufferfish to collect them and craft one of the free and powerful weapons, “The Catch.” As of now, no character requires Horsetail as its level-up material. It is used in events sometimes.

Horsetail Locations: Overview!

Horsetails are commonly found in Dihuan Marsh and are also present in patches of Silvergrass and Wetlands. Most of the Horsetails are present in Silvergrass. Three easy to get Horsetails are present in Guili Plains. Use the nearest waypoint and move towards the bridge north. Detail guide is below.

Detail Location


Use the waypoint, which is towards the north of Stone Gate. Travel to the edges of the water towards the north of the waypoint. You will find one Horsetail; it’s better to take no chances because of limited these resources are.   


Teleport yourself to the same waypoint and jump down into the Silvergrass; one horsetail will be there; collect it.


Move towards the edges of the water through silver grass, and you will find four horsetails.


Keep moving forward from your previous location toward the stone bridge until you find two more Horsetails.


Head towards the parallel of your current location, and you will find a patch of Silvergrass and two Horsetail in that patch.


Move to the right in Silvergrass from your current location until you encounter an NPC. You will find a Horsetail.


Swim your way across the lake from your last location, and you will find two horsetails near the Silvergrass.


Go back toward the stone bridge from your current location, and you will find one Horsetail growing beside it.



First, you have to go to another side of the bridge and swim towards the Silvergrass, where you should find two of the next Horsetail. Secondly, you need to follow the Silvergrass to find one Horsetail which is again hiding in the Silvergrass.


Cross the water again to get instantly three Horsetail.


Teleport towards the “Statue of the Seven” in Dihua Marsh to get an instant Horsetail near the statue.


From the “Statue of the Seven,” move towards the south and search the Silvergrass area; you will find Horsetail near the water.


Move to the end of the bridge and look for the Silvergrass to get an idea; it’s near Hilichurl camp. You will find one there and then move towards the north, and you will find another Horsetail near the Hilichurl camp.

The last two in this area, one is glowing near the path, and then move back towards the bridge and you will find one more Horsetail Location near the silver grass.


Teleport yourself to the waypoint near Guili Plains. Head towards the north and look for the wooden bridge. Look for the Silvergrass, and you will find one Horsetail hiding in Silvergrass. Move to the other side of the bridge to find the last two Horsetails. They are near each other.

29 Horsetail is present in the world of Teyvat, mentioned above. The other way to farm Horsetail is to buy them from BuBu pharmacy or grow them in your Serenitea Pot.

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