Elden Ring: Location Of Bolt Of Gransax!

Location Of Bolt Of Gransax!

We will discuss in this article the location of Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring. It is a Spear-type weapon. Provide lighting damage and can be good physical damage with a decent range. We will take you to the bolt of Gransax in a step-by-step detail guide.

Elden Ring: Bolt of Gransax

The advantage the bolt of Gransax provides is:

  • The bolt of Gransax has great base stat to being.
  • It scales with dexterity and strength meanwhile a low scaling effect. But the great base state makes up for the low scaling effect. 

Stats requirement for The Bolt of Gransax:

  • To wield the weapon, the minimum states require are 20 dexterity and 20 strength.
  • Though 20 strength and 40 dexterity are the recommendations.
  • Level up your rest stats according to your playstyle. 

The advantage of equipping The Bolt of Gransax is:

  • Ability to throw from a distance While charging with lighting. 
  • Legendary armaments with built-in Ancient Lightening Spear Ashes of war.
  • Provide 10% damage to ancient dragon-type.
  • Provide 20% damage to dragon-type.

The Bolt of Gransax is a weapon that primarily scales with dexterity and strength but low scaling effect.

Note: It cannot be infused with magic, consumables, and ashes of war.

How to Get The Bolt of Gransax?

The bolt of Gransax is located in the Royal Capital, Lyndell. It can be easily found in this location. You can easily avoid the weapon. It is not available before you defeat The Black Blade, Maliketh, and progress in crumbling FarmusAzulla. After defeating and completing the above quest, you can find it in Ashen Capital in the Leyndell. Do not let go of the opportunity to obtain The Bolt of Gransax. 

After defeating Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade)

  • Move forward from the ErdtreeSanctuary, when you see an opening to the right side of your current direction. Enter the life which will go downward. 
  • After reaching the bottom, move towards the doorway, and you will encounter stairs, go down and turn left, then move forward. 
  • You will find a broken ledge, jump into it, and you will have access to the ledge platform. Now you have to move a little bit towards the left and then jump down. 
  • After jumping from the ledge, you will reach a bridge-like platform. Start to move forward where you will encounter a shining object. 
  • Equip that shining object because that’s our bolt of Gransax. 


We hope that this information comes to your use and you finally find The bolt of Gransax. You can enjoy your time in-game. Elden Ring is a breath of fresh air in the game industry. With well a built world and unique weapons and bosses to fight. Like Dark souls, Elden Ring is also unforgiving. Stay safe, Elden lord, and enjoy your game. Do you have any more weapons in mind that people usually miss out on? If yes, please let us know. 

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