Outback Wrangler Star Matt Wright Charged by Northern Territory police over a helicopter crash

Matt Wright, a skilled crocodile wrangler known for his work on television shows in Australia’s Northern Territory region, has been charged by local police regarding the tragic helicopter accident that took the life of one of his colleagues and dear friend.

After a wintry morning in Darwin, the Outback Wrangler had an eager audience as he touched down at the airport. Surrounded by supporters, who pushed past recently arriving reporters and camera crews alike, he made his way to Darwin Police Station promptly after 11:30am local time (1pm AEDT).

Northern Territory Police Service have unveiled charges against a 43-year-old man following the helicopter crash that resulted in the untimely death of Chris “Willow” Wilson, who was tragically dangling from a sling at the time. The incident occured while he had been taking part in an egg collecting mission within West Arnhem Land back in February.

Authorities have brought forth a range of charges against the accused, including attempts to pervert justice through evidence fabrication and destruction as well as illegal intrusion into dwellings. Additionally, false declarations were made with threats issued in an attempt to influence witnesses.

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<strong>An arrest warrant was issued for reality star and crocodile wrangler Matt Wright<br><strong>

A man is due to make an appearance in the Darwin Local Court tomorrow morning, with police citing bail as the reason. The court session will begin at 9:30am sharp.

Facing legal repercussions, he must obey bail conditions which dictate where he lives and who he interacts with.

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On Monday, Northern Territory Police issued a warrant for Wright’s arrest due to an investigation into the chopper crash. On Tuesday morning he and his family took off from Sydney in a flight that has given rise to great anticipation of closure on this case.

Wright’s rep issued a strong denial of any involvement in the controversy, affirming their refusal to be associated with it.

A spokesperson sadly shared the news that a treasured friend had been taken away in an untimely and unfortunate accident.

After the accident, his primary focus was to ensure the wellbeing of those on board. He remained steadfast in making sure that everyone involved could move forward with peace of mind.

To ensure the safety of all personnel, we made sure that our other helicopters and team members would remain secure at the site.

The spokesperson declared that Wright is firmly committed to combating the charges and will not be commenting further on the matter.

Officer Neil Mellon and Pilot Michael Burbidge – both decorated public servants with extensive experience – have been accused of involvement in the devastating helicopter crash.

Two men have been accused of interfering with legal proceedings and are facing a range of serious penalties.

At his court hearing last month, Burbidge was officially barred from engaging in any contact with Wright or several other individuals.

After a thorough investigation, the Air Transport Safety Bureau is closer to uncovering what caused the crash. The bureau has shared information with allies that are helping prosecutors piece together an in-depth narrative of events leading up to and during the unfortunate incident.

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