How To Play Yahtzee? Game Play, Rules, Scoring and many more

How to play Yahtzee

How to play Yahtzee – In this Article, we will discuss everything about Yahtzee like how to play Yahtzee, it’s requirements, game play and rules. So, let’s dive into it:


  • 5 Dice
  • 80 Score Cards
  • 1 Yahtzee Dice Cup
  • 10 Bonus Chips


This game is played clockwise. Write the name of each player on the scorecard, order-wise.


After all thirteen rounds, you must roll a dice to see who gets the highest score. 

Game Play

In their turn, each player will have to place in the cup all five dice, then shake it and roll the dice out. Each turn will have, at most, 3 rolls.  

The first roll will be made using all five dice. If the player desires to roll a second and then the third time, he can pick up the dice and roll them again.  

This is the skilful utilisation of the two optional rolls that can be unlucky in the first turn but can be the highest-scoring in the second. After the last roll–a score should be submitted in the appropriate box. 

Each player keeps their score which is to be marked along with the name of the player.

To determine who will go first, everyone has to place all dice in the dice cup and then roll them out. The player who got the highest score will start the game. Then play this game in the clockwise direction continuously. 

Game Turn

After each turn, fill one empty box under your name. 

Your first roll

You have to roll all five dice.

If you get your desired combo, mark that in your scorecard immediately. Otherwise, go with the other roll.

Your second roll

Roll them all. If you hate them, then roll them again. 

In case, you get your desired combo, mark that in your scorecard immediately. Or else, go with the third roll.

Your last roll

If you still need to get your desired combo or want your score to be the highest. 

Re-roll your dice; if you have any keepers, set them aside. This time you must enter a score whether you like it or not.

You are required to enter a zero if your score doesn’t fit in the empty boxes. Scoring a single is much better than entering a zero. 


There are thirteen boxes. The player is required to score in one box after each turn. 

Depending upon his judgement, the player can fill all its boxes.

The scorecard consists of a lower and an upper section.  

Upper Section

Six boxes in the upper section are labelled as 1-6, i.e. Aces, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives and Sixes.  

When a player decides to score in this section, he adds the dice with the same number only and then enters these dice’s total in the required box.  

score sheet

If a player chooses to get his score in this upper section, he will have to enter nine in the “Threes” box. 

He must also score in the “Twos” box two or in the “Fours” box 4. They can also score in the “Aces” box a 0.

Lower Section

In this, you are required to score for numerous combinations. They have to be played as follows:-

  • 3 of a kind 

This box will be filled in when the dice show a minimum of 3 same numbers.

  • 4 of a kind

This box will be filled in when the dice show a minimum of 4 same numbers.

  • Full House

You are required to roll both “a pair” and “3 of a kind”. The score of a full house is 25 points. 

  • Small straight

It includes a sequence of 4 numbers. Any number can be included in the fifth die. The score of a small straight is 30 points. 

  • Large straight 

This includes a sequence of 5 numbers. The score of a large straight is 40 points. 

(In the small straight, you can score a large straight).

  • Chance 

This allows players to score when they don’t score in any boxes. By totalling all the numbers, you are required to mark the score. The score of this combination is 24 points. 

  • Yahtzee 

This is what we call “5 of a kind”. In the “Yahtzee box”, the score of this combination is 50 points. 


  • If your total of the scored points is 63 or more in the upper section, you will receive a bonus of 35 points. 

You can reach up to 63 points by scoring 3 “Aces”, “Twos”, and “Sixes”.

  • You can get a very high score if you get Yahtzee multiple times. 

If you have already filled a 50 in the Yahtzee box, you will receive a bonus of 100 points. 

Joker Rules 

A total of all five dice should be scored in the upper section. 

If that box is already filled, score the following in the lower section.

  • Five dice’s total – 3 of a kind
  • Five dice’s total – 4 of a kind
  • 40 points – large straight 
  • 30 points – small straight 
  • 25 points – full House 
  • Five dice’s total – chance 

If all the lower and upper section boxes are filled, then you are required to enter a zero in any open upper section. 


  • Two of a Kind – 60.19%
  • Three of a Kind – 15.43%
  • Four of a Kind – 1.93%
  • Large Straight – 3.09%
  • Small Straight – 12.35%
  • Full House – 3.86%
  • Yahtzee – 0.08%

End of the Game

The player having the highest total after all 13 rounds will be the winner. 

Anubhi Agarwal

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