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KINGS IN THE CORNER : Two to four players can play the enjoyable card game Kings in the Corner Rules. Keep the score low to win the game, and be the initial player to play all of the cards you have in the center to win the round! Below are links to a written description and video instructions for Kings in the Corner card game.

Tutorial for Kings in the Corners


52-card deck, two to four players, and a pen & paper for tracking the score


Seven cards are dealt to each player, one at a time. The centre is where the last deck is positioned. On the deck’s east, west, north, and south sides, a card is turned face up. 

A king turned up throughout the setup is replaced by another card and relocated to a vacant deck corner.


The game’s goal is to be the first participant to play each of their cards towards the middle of the table each round.

Play a game

The first player to play is the one to the dealer’s left. The player draws a card from the middle deck to start each turn. Onto the face-up cards in the center can be played cards

Cards are dealt in descending order with the suit of the opposing color. For instance, a black 2 can be played with a red ace. With each turn, players may play any number of cards. To end their turn, players declare when they are finished. 

The kings begin a new pile on each corner of the middle deck. When the top card of one pile can be played on the bottom card in a different pile, the entire pile can be moved. Any card may be used to fill the empty area created by the move. The round is over when a player discards all of the playing cards in his or her hand.


Players receive ten points and one point at the final moment of the game for each king remaining in their hand. The game has a predetermined number of rounds, say 25. The player having the lowest score after a player scores 25 points or more wins.


Players continue to play even if the middle of the deck runs out without drawing to begin their turn.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How do you play Kings in the Corner?

Ans. Any card in your hand may be played into a free tabbed stall. You draw one card before your turn is through. If your chosen card becomes a king, then you have to play it straight away to a king delay before continuing. The first opponent wins the round to play all of their cards before the next player.

Q2) What number of cards are dealt in Kings Corner?

Ans. Seven cards from the very top of the deck are dealt to each player. The playing field is then covered with a tableau (layout). The remaining cards in the pack are placed face down in the center as the stock, with four cards being laid out crosswise and face up.

Q3) How can I play online Kings in the Corner?

Ans. The top card of the deck is displayed at the beginning of the game. The gaming board is empty at first. The top card from the deck must be continuously positioned on the board. A card can be moved by clicking on it and dragging it or by first selecting the card, then the slot you want to put it in.


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