How to Watch 1883 in Canada – A Complete Guide

Paramount Plus’ 1883 is an enthralling western drama prequel to the celebrated Yellowstone series. Written by acclaimed creator Taylor Sheridan, viewers need not have seen Yellowstone to enjoy all that 1883 has to offer – a captivating story of the Dutton family and their struggles in Montana’s sweeping landscape. Now you must be wondering how to watch 1883 in Canada. Don’t stress we are here for you; we have covered a complete guide in this article.

The Duttons embarked on an enthralling journey, leaving their Tennessee home’s comfort and settling in Montana’s Yellowstone Ranch.

On route to their destination, they experienced exciting exploits across Texas and Oregon; a defining chapter in the family’s history ensuring that life at Yellowstone would be equally as thrilling.

Love Yellowstone but can’t make the trip to America? Have no fear; We’ve got you covered, Canadian friends: read on for tips about where and how to watch all the Dutton drama from 1883.

Keep reading the article to know How to Watch 1883 in Canada.

Top Ways To Watch 1883 In Canada

Paramount Plus

use paramount plus to watch 1883 in canada

Paramount Plus, the U.S.-based subscription service company, founded in 2014 as CBS All Access and recently renamed in 2021, is a powerhouse for entertainment incorporating 1883 on its platform.

Offering a variety of content from their parent organization CBS Corporation, Paramount Plus has plenty to provide users eager for streaming services.

Get ready to explore the world with this revolutionary platform. It has much international content and multiple languages for users across many countries, such as Danish, Finnish, Norwegian & Spanish.

Those in Canada can also access it easily by using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Paramount Plus offers a comprehensive streaming experience, with content from CBS and Warner Bros. catalogs plus exclusive original shows and movies.

Tune in for live sports coverage, cartoons from the 90s, or your favorite TV series – all at your fingertips.

Paramount Plus subscription plans:

  • Monthly subscription for $4.99 a month with ads.
  • Annual subscription for $49.99 a year with ads
  • Monthly subscription for $9.99 a month (ads free)
  • Yearly Subscription for 99.99 a year. (ads free)

Paramount Plus is a must-have streaming service for traditional and modern media fans.

From the iconic Star Trek franchise to Beavis & Butthead’s reboot, there’s plenty of content to explore with exciting soccer and football offerings too.

Paramount Plus is the ultimate destination for 1883 fans. In Canada, viewing requires a virtual private network (VPN), which we’ll discuss later.

Amazon Prime

use amazon prime to watch 1883 in Canada

Jeff Bezos pioneered a retail revolution: beginning humbly in a garage, he launched Amazon in 1994 and unveiled an unprecedented subscription service 11 years later that included discounts on streaming services, groceries, toys, and games, as well as other household items.

Amazon Prime offers a vast selection of exclusive content, including shows from Freeform and Channel 4, and MTV originals. Movie fans can enjoy titles from renowned distributors like A24 and Sony.

With an Amazon Prime account, enjoy unparalleled advantages that will ensure you don’t miss out on any fun.

From exclusive deals during ‘Prime Day’ and free two-day shipping to discounts on groceries at Whole Foods and a vast library for streaming enjoyable content – all this is yours with just one yearly fee.

Amazon Prime Video is experiencing unprecedented growth, now boasting a massive 200 million subscribers and counting.

With an array of exciting content like Thursday Night Football and the original series 1883 available for streaming in Ultra HD quality, as well as over 150k titles to rent or buy from their library – it’s no wonder why Amazon has become such a popular choice among streamers.

Amazon Prime payment plans:

  • A one-time fee of $139 for annual subscription.
  • A monthly fee of $8.99 for subscription.

Take advantage of the amazing 30-day free trial for new members. Unlock a world of entertainment with Amazon Prime, including 1883 titles only accessible via VPN.


use vpn to watch 1883 in Canada

With VPNs, you can cross geographic boundaries to access content from around the globe.

Forget about being in Canada for CBC’s 1883; tap into a virtual private network, no matter your physical location or IP address – voilà. A world of entertainment awaits at your fingertips.

With a VPN, your online identity is safeguarded from malicious forces. Its encryption protocols and data leak protection shields you from hackers who seek to gain access to sensitive information by any means necessary.

Furthermore, with an integrated no-log policy in effect, the privacy of your activity remains uncompromised while browsing the web securely.

Here is a list of three VPNs to check out.

  • CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost, founded in 2011 by Robert Knapp, is one of today’s most acclaimed VPNs.

Boasting seven simultaneous connections and utilizing renowned security protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard to guarantee a safe user experience free of data leaks or identity theft – it’s no wonder CyberGhost has become synonymous with quality internet protection.

CyberGhost is committed to protecting your data with a strict no-log policy. Forget about worrying over credit card details, passwords, and addresses–all of this sensitive information remains securely confidential when you browse online with CyberGhost.

Interested in trying a VPN for yourself? CyberGhost is the perfect starting point with their generous one-week free trial that doesn’t require you to provide your credit card details.

Not only does this make it risk and hassle-free, but it also offers blazing speeds of 548 megabits per second – so no more worries about lagging or buffering.

CyberGhost subscription plans:

  • Get a Monthly subscription for $12.99.
  • For yearly, pay $4.29 per month.
  • Get two-year subscription, with just $3.25 per month.
  • Get a three-year subscription, with just $2.29 per month with three months of free survive.

We are proud to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on every plan. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with our service, let us know, and we’ll gladly refund your purchase.

  • Surfshark

In 2018, Vytautas Kaziukonis launched a Netherlands-based VPN service with impressive security features. Their services provided users with data leak detection, prevention, and personal search protection, all designed to protect personal information from malicious threats or illegal online activities.

Furthermore, the company established its secure network for keeping IP addresses confidential – ensuring your identity remains safe when browsing the web.

Surfshark will take your streaming experience to new heights with its lightning-fast connection of 2×10 gigabits per second—far faster than the competition.

Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted video playback up to 1883 for an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Surfshark’s lightning-fast speed and expansive server selection make it a perfect partner to leverage the power of Paramount Plus.

Boasting over 3,000 servers, users can access their favorite content without lag or delays from anywhere worldwide.

Surfshark subscription plans:

  • For one month pay $12.95.
  •  Get an annual plan with $3.99 a month.
  •  Get a 2-year subscription, for $2.49 a month for 24 months.

Unlock a world of entertainment with 1883. Download our app now and explore exclusive content available on Google Play and the App store.

  1. Express VPN

Peter Burckhardt and Dan Pomerantz established a British Virgin Island-based VPN in 2009, giving users unparalleled access to the web with unbeatable speed.

This service guarantees optimal security for its customers and takes identity protection to the next level.

Advanced cyber security measures ensure your data’s safety, providing peace of mind as you use connected devices such as cell phones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

With Express VPN, you can experience lightning-fast download speeds at a maximum of 475 megabits per second – up to 135 times faster than the average connection.

Express VPN has something to offer all users, with lightning-fast speeds that are unbeaten by many.

Not the fastest out there, but well worth subscribing for. It lags and buffers far less than Surfshark doing this a service to be noticed.

Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime offer a more costly alternative with an array of superior features such as fast connections, robust security protocols, data leak protection assurance & IP address masking; this makes it an ideal option for online streaming.

Payment plans:

  • For monthly service, pay $12.95.
  • Get a 6 month plan for $9.99 per month.
  • Get an annual subscription for just $8.32 per month.

Enjoy the security of a 30-day money-back guarantee with this server, giving you one month to explore its features and decide if it’s an ideal fit for your streaming needs.

Experience 1883 with an unmatched level of convenience and ease – download our app today from Google Play or App Store.

How To Watch 1883 On Paramount Plus with a VPN

  1. Get connected to the digital world securely and easily. Download your favorite VPN from either Google Play or App Store, then sign up for an account. Existing users can log in with their credentials – it’s that simple. Enjoy safe browsing now.
  2.  Ready for launch – unveil the home page and experience a world of possibilities.
  3.  Get ready to explore the American landscape. To do so, navigate your device’s settings and select the United States. Then, the press continue on the subsequent page – you’ll be one step closer to crossing this great nation off your bucket list.
  4.  Now available in the U.S., you can access Paramount Plus once you configure your geographic location. Enjoy.
  5.  Get ready to jump into the thrilling world of Paramount Plus. To kick off your journey, close out any other apps and head over to download their iconic blue-backed icon with white lettering from an app store. Enjoy exploring all that this streaming service has in store for you.
  6.  Introduce your audience to an exciting new world of experiences with the app launch.
  7.  Gain access to endless entertainment with Paramount Plus. Log in using your existing credentials, or create an account quickly and easily – enter your email address and choose a secure password.
  8.  Once you have successfully logged in, discover the hidden gem of The Dutton family’s storied past. Locate the search bar at the top of your screen (the icon may appear as a magnifying glass) and type in 1883 for an enchanting journey through time.

How To Watch 1883 On Amazon Prime With a VPN

  1. Get ready to experience secure and private browsing with a few simple steps. Download your favorite VPN directly from the app store or Google Play, sign up for an account if needed, then log in and enjoy.
  2.  Release the first page of your brand-new internet presence. Let’s make a great impression.
  3.  Choose the United States on the screen to configure your device for a country-specific experience. Ensure you select “Continue” afterward and get ready for an enhanced user journey.
  4.  Get ready for a new level of convenience—with The U.S. version of Amazon Prime now available in your area. You can easily access an array of services.
  5.  Access Amazon Prime Video by closing out of your VPN app and navigating over to the light blue, white-lettered icon with a curved arrow. If you don’t already have it downloaded, find “Prime Video” in your store and install it.
  6.  Introducing the newest app – ready for take-off. Join us now to unlock exclusive features and exciting functionality.
  7.  Unlock the world of Amazon Prime with your existing credentials, or create a new account to experience all it has to offer. Make sure you have an email address and password for access.
  8.  Logging in? Look at the top of your screen – you’ll find a magnifying glass or search bar icon ready to be clicked. Take an exciting journey through history by typing 1883 into this tool and see what secrets it reveals.
  9.  Unravel the captivating story of The Dutton family, a rich saga full of timeless tales that will keep you entertained.

Final Words

With Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime, Canadians now have two options for accessing the 1883 streaming platform – but which one will you pick? Make your selection today to start navigating this media universe. Now you know How to Watch 1883 in Canada, so don’t wait up and start watching.

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