All About Fortnite FN GG Impostors Trials & Free Reward!

All about Fortnite FN GG Impostors Trials & Free Reward!

FN GG Impostors Trials is a new game mode announced by Epic Games this week. A series of seven challenges will be available to players following the launch of Fortnite Update 4.1 on May 29. Completing these trials will unlock a cosmetic reward worth 25,000 V-Bucks, which can be used to purchase in-game items like outfits and emotes. The update will also introduce a new Heavy Sniper weapon and the end of the Hunting Party limited-time event.

There have been no details about the patch outside of the small teasers Epic has released. It’s still being determined if people will add other limited-time modes or if there will be any other changes to the game. The game was released as a standalone title in July 2012. Following its widespread popularity, Epic later supported it as an early access title for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One from July 25 to November 2017.

How to join?

Players can receive the reward from the Impostor Trial by visiting the official website of the trial. The site was launched on August 25 and ended on September 5. Then they get their account with the FN GG Impostors Trials game on it. First, they will have to put the code given to them. Then, they must follow the treasure map, which leads them to a chest. Inside this chest is their free reward which can be a particular glider, pickaxe, or emotes. Players must do the daily challenges to unlock the chests during the specific time frame. If a player wants to complete this trial, they must go to any of the trials in the mode and then play through it. After doing all of them and going through one after another, they would be rewarded with their free reward, a unique glider, pickaxe, or emote. The game mode is based on seven different trials you can try.

How to claim?

To claim it, users will have to go on the official website on August 25 till September 5; they will have to follow the treasure map, and then they will be rewarded with their free trial reward, which is an extraordinary glider, pickaxe or emotes depending on what they want.

Getting Started and Earning Prizes!

Once signed up, all players can open the Treasure Map by completing daily challenges throughout Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale by playing through those trials within those days and completing them to unlock a free reward.

Trials gameplay is an event in FN GG Impostors Trials where players can complete seven different daily challenges and get special rewards as prizes for doing it.


The trials are an excellent way to level up your FN GG Impostors Trials account. You must complete the challenges to get the rare initial reward, such as “The Tomatohead” pickaxe, which is now available in stores. The other rewards include unique gliders and pickaxes that people can use in-game as well. Having more of them will make your character look more unique and professional. People think this game mode is a good boost for all players who have played Fortnite for years and have tons of skins.

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