Everything you should know about Pseudo Legendary Pokemon!

Everything you should know about Pseudo Legendary Pokemon!

The thing that defines pseudo-legendary pokemon is that they have a type of dual typing. Their moves will be super effective against one type but not very effective against another. For example, Salamence is strong against water types like Lapras but weak against Electric Pokemon like Pikachu. Because of this exciting trait, there are relatively few pseudo-legendary pokemon, and they tend to be more valuable than other species of pokemon because they’re so rare.

Some pseudo-legendary Pokemon have strong attacks against one type and weak against another. For example, Tyranitar will only be weak against Fire types, which makes it more valuable than regular Water-type pokemon. On the other hand, Muk will only be weak to Poison types, which makes it more expensive than regular Grass-type Pokemon. There are many pseudo legendary pokemon, and the majority of them are extremely powerful. 

Another essential characteristic of pseudo-legendary pokemon is their high HP. They can survive one or two powerful hits before they die, so they’re considered a significant threat to trainers despite their low stats compared to other species of pokemon. First, let’s discuss all the pseudo-legendary pokemon.  Let’s discuss everything about pseudo legendary pokemon.


Dragonite is athletic and powerful but also one of the easiest pseudo legendary pokemon to defeat. It has a higher defense than most other pokemon and can spew fire that can reach up to 10 miles in length. However, its attacks aren’t powerful against Water or Ground types, so those kinds of attacks will only deal half damage. A good strategy for defeating Dragonite is to use a Water-type pokemon like Vaporeon or Omastar, as well as any attacks that have a high chance of freezing it, like Ice Beam or Ice Punch.


Tyranitar is a stronger pseudo legendary pokemon because it has a higher attack stat than most other pokemon. It can spit fire out of its mouth and is only weak to Water and Ground-type attacks. Rock types like Golem can trounce it with a powerful Stone Edge attack or using Rock Slide on its head to deal damage. But attacking Tyranitar’s head is risky because once it has taken at least one hit from you, it will counter with a powerful Earthquake attack that could kill your pokemon or knock you out of battle.


Salamence will use its powerful dragon breath to burn or freeze you, and it’ll be solid against other types of dragons. It will counter your attacks with Aerial Ace, which has a high chance of making you cringe. But if you’re using Pikachu or a similar pokemon, make sure it has the Static ability so that when Salamence breathes fire at you, your pokemon will paralyze it and inflict some extra damage from the shock.


Metagross has a high defense and is so powerful that it can even defeat Rayquaza. If you’re looking to defeat Metagross, try using Electric or Grass Pokemon and Pokemon with the Psychic ability.


Hydreigon is the most potent pseudo legendary pokemon, so it’s essential to have a counter. It will whip you with its tail, and it can also breathe fire at you and use Earthquake to stun your pokemon. One of the best ways to defeat Hydreigon is to use a Psychic type like Espeon or other attacks with a high chance of freezing it.

Goodra / Hisuian Goodra

Hisuian Goodra is very powerful and can use its elemental abilities to defeat you with a Thunderbolt attack. The trick to defeating this pokemon is to make sure to have some pokemon that resist Electric-type attacks like Jolteon, Jolteon’s best counters are Ice types like Ursaring. However, it would help if you also tried using Water-types such as Vaporeon or Omastar because their moves will be super effective against it.


KommO-O is a super bulky insect pokemon that can use its powerful Horn attack to deal significant damage. It will also counter your attacks with String Shot and Poison Jab. If you’re using a Grass-type pokemon, make sure it has the Guts ability so that Kommo-o’s Horn won’t affect it.


Dragrapott does have a lot of HP, and its attacks can be pretty intense, but it’s not very strong against Water or Ground type pokemon. It can also counter your attacks using its powerful Hydro Pump attack, and if you’re using a fire type, it will burn you as well.

The portion as mentioned above explains everything you should know about pseudo legendary pokemon.

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