Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Location!

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Location!

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game played from a third-person perspective. The game is split into two modes: the overworld, where the player can move between locations and have access to menus, and the battlefield, where battles occur. The game’s story is told through animated cutscenes and dialogue with non-playable characters.

The story follows the player character, Mariko Rei, on her quest to defeat the Seven Gods and prevent the destruction of Teyvat. The crystal chunk location is presented as an open world, allowing the player to explore freely. When playing as Mariko Rei, Genshin Impact uses a third-person perspective.

Unlike point-and-click RPGs, most combat occurs in real-time; the player attacks enemies by tapping on them with the stylus on touch-based platforms or striking them with the right analog stick on consoles. By defeating enemies, players earn experience points (EXP), gold, and items that people can use to purchase new equipment and skills. The player can also find small minions they can befriend; these provide various benefits, such as combat support and item fetching. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the crystal chunk location.

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Location

Crystal Chunk Farm Route

The place Tevyat is wholly equipped with a crystal chunk location. You can find these chunks at almost every place in this territory. However, there are merely two places that are most beneficial when it comes to farming these chunks first is Stormterror’s Layer, and second is Qingyun Peak. Out of these places, the best one is Stormterror’s layer. However, not everyone can farm at this place, as the mandatory adventure rank is 18. You must have an adventure rank below 18 to farm in this place.

How to collect?

The most beneficial way to collect the definitive resource is by using a powerful weapon such as Noelle’s heavy weapon. Another option that experts advise to collect this resource is using Jean’s charged attack. Each shattered ores will drop 1-3 Crystal Chunks after a 72-hour respawn period. 

Qingyun peak is another most known area for the Crystal Chunk Farm. This place is the best place to farm them. Even though it is in a mountain area of the land, it is still accessible to players as there are loads of ways to access this place.

In case you gather the dropped ores, you can farm them. Furthermore, the game allows you to farm the crystal chunks in player mode, and you can team up with other players to do this task efficiently.

Many people prefer sending the team member to the adventurer guild’s resource farm; however, experts have yet to recommend this method as it is less productive and inefficient to collect the shards.


The primary characters use the same stats across all weapons but have a unique secondary weapon and headpiece. Each character also has a special move that people can only use after filling up their “Ember Gauge” (while using their primary weapon). While active, the move allows them to perform an attack that can deal severe physical damage or send nearby enemies flying. The crystal chunk location is important of this game.

The player’s primary goal is to defeat the Seven Gods, sealed in various locations in Teyvat. To defeat them, players must collect items known as “Phases,” which allow them to unlock new areas of Teyvat. The player can also help NPCs to gain new items or equipment during side quests. The player must also complete secondary missions for the main characters, which are tied to the main story.

The game features several different classes of weapons, with each able to be upgraded up to five levels. An in-game shop allows players to purchase weaponry and armor, and players can find various ingredients known as “Platinum” that they can use to craft new items. Players can also create a combination of Platinum, other ingredients, and other materials called “Nanites,” which allow them to upgrade weapons further.

Many weapons also have special skills attached; people can level those skills up by using the selected weapon on enemies repeatedly. It is also possible to obtain weapons by buying them from the in-game shop or defeating enemies in battle. Seven different endings depend on how many main objectives are completed and how many characters survive the plot’s climax. The game also features multiple endings based on player actions; some endings can only be obtained if certain conditions are met or specific actions are taken during quests. The gameplay of “Genshin Impact” was developed by miHoYo and used elements from their previous action RPG, “SkyBladeSword.”

The game featured 3D and 2D cutscenes made using a combination of motion capture, video recording, and photo-realistic techniques. Most of the gameplay was developed using 3D models done by Toybox Interactive; these are then put through a texturing process to make “Genshin Impact” stand out from other games with similar art styles. The soundtrack for “Genshin Impact” utilizes traditional Japanese instruments with synthesizer elements that the player uses to create a unique sound.

The portion as mentioned above explains everything about the crystal chunk location.

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