Genshin Wishes Quest: How To Unlock?

Genshin Wishes Quest: How To Unlock?

Genshin Wishes Quest is one of the new event quests involving exploration, finding specific items in each labyrinth, and ultimately returning them to the “Shipwright.” However, to do so, you have to get past four other NPCs first. Of course, you can quickly fail this Quest since these four enemies have leaders with high health and defense stats. So what can you do then? Well, there are two different ways to get past them, so read below.

This game is so interesting because it has a quest system with events and dungeons that lead to new events, making the game more exciting. In this guide, I will show you how to get the best items for Genshin Impact to succeed in your Wishes Quest and complete it. I assume you have already played some Genshin Impact and started your Labyrinth Warriors pre-quest. If not, I will assume that you have played at least one of its chapters so that you know what floors exist and what good equipment and powerful skills are.

The Wishes Quest…

To complete Genshin Wishes Quest, you must go through all four labyrinths (1-4) and return the “Wishes” to Cure Genshin. It is also a challenging mission; you must do this within a week, or you will fail the Quest. However, grinding these labyrinths can be accessible if you have already completed some quests. Make sure that your maximum level is at least 67. Some bosses are pretty tricky and will wipe out your health quickly if you still get used to grinding these labyrinths.

But don’t worry, because there are also many sides of these mazes that you can easily access from nearby towns and cities. The easiest way to get through these labyrinths is by using skills. Sure, you need a good support team of healers that can heal your whole party at the same time. But with this method, you won’t need any potions since skills can regenerate health over time. Therefore, the more damage you receive, the faster it will recover. Also, remember to repair your equipment once in a while so that you can buy new ones when your current set breaks down (you will know when something is about to happen).

How to complete it?

The Genshin Wishes Quest requires you to defeat four bosses in each maze. These four bosses are “Brute,” “Magician,” “Fighter,” and “Spirit.” When you reach the 4th boss level, you will have to fight the leader of this group.

This is the most difficult of all four because their defense stats are very high, and they have several skills that can quickly attack you from afar. So make sure to bring many anti-fire damage protection skills just in case any of your party members come into contact with a fire source (even if it is just for a second). If you want to complete this Quest quickly, ensure that you have enough skills and items available so that no one dies during a fight.

Make sure your health is at least 50% before proceeding to the fourth level. A pathway behind the first-level boss will go northeast and southwest. Keep going until you reach an ambush, and the group leader will appear as soon as he spots you (he can’t see through walls). After that, use skills like slow time and keep attacking him until he dies.

What do you need to do?

Once you reach level 4, make sure you bring along a lot of health potions and still go by the main pathway to avoid the group’s leader. Also, ensure that your leader has high magic resistance to survive the boss’s skills. When you are ready, attack the boss and keep moving around him while attacking. Avoid getting hit too much because this will only bring down your health faster than usual (you can’t use skills during this fight). Keep attacking him until his HP is down to at least 50%, then keep moving around the maze until he recovers some health.


Wrapping up the article: Genshin Wishes Quest. You might understand the two ways you can complete this new event quest. This is a relatively easy quest, and it can be completed within a day or two, depending on how many health potions you have. It is simple and doesn’t require much work besides defeating the boss. But if you want to feel more accomplished, you can always change the order to kill the four bosses.

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