Horizon Forbidden West 7 Digit Code!

Horizon Forbidden West 7 Digit Code!

Several doors in Horizon Forbidden West 7-digit code need a unique code to open. There are a few of them all around the place. In the primary plot, many of them are found. The remainder may be found in Relic Ruins, while some are acquired in story missions. Typically, a textual or voice file is intended to fix them, but if you don’t need to waste time looking for the solution, we have listed all of the game’s door passwords below for your convenience. Move along!

Horizon Forbidden West 7 Digit Code And Location!

  • The Dart (Relic Ruins) 1705
  • Restless Wealds 2204
  • No Man’s Land (Relic Ruins) 1923
  • Level 9 in Isle of Spires (Relic Ruins)
  • Level 7 – 2109 Isle of Spires (Relic Ruins)
  • Isle of Spires Level 6 210910
  • Ornaments Code:
  • Forbidden Inheritance (Latopolis) 102023 Death’s Gates (Latopolis) 7482
  • 402625 (2nd Door)
  • Graveyard of Echoes (Distress Signal) 237 Dunehollow 739135
  • Secret Room of the Spine Break 2054
  • Base 9626118

You’ll use the Shield Wing to fly into a small room with a hidden door on the right halfway through the task, on the northeast side of the map. You can find this Datapoint on a table adjacent to an Ancient Storage Safe by entering the open door right out front of the barred one and turning left.

The Location of the Secret Room!

We must proceed to the deserted area of our premises to access the secret room (near the servers, where you have your Beta room and where we entered the first time). Inside, you’ll notice a red circle surrounding a security door. To access the window where you can enter the code, turn to your left.

The Location of All Forbidden Legacy Door Codes!

The Forbidden Legacy Side Quest requires the following seven passwords to open the doors:

  • Code for its 1st Locked Door: 102025
  • Code for 2nd Locked Door: 402628

The required reading is “Forbidden Legacy.” Location of Side Quest: Isle of Spires

In the course of the “Forbidden Legacy” Side Quest, this Unique trait is obtained. It’s on a desk to the left of the doorway, inside the Atbay Head office, after you leap through the opening.

The Spinebreak Door Protocol: How to Decipher It?

2054, The Spinebreaker Prerequisite: The starting point for the “Breaking Even” Side Quest is Camp Was nowhere, which is located on the southeast edge of the Steelsands. The Spinebreak is discovered during this mission.

You will enter the Western tunnels of The Spinebreak for the Side Quest. It’s down the hall, to your left in the shadowy corner, once you encounter Lunda.

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You can find this Datapoint inside Latopolis, the place you go to as part of the “Death’s Door” Main Quest.

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