How To Start A New Game In Pokemon Sword?

How To Start A New Game In Pokemon Sword?

You may have already played through and completed Pokémon Sword and Shield, which has established itself as one of the best Nintendo Switch games available. Or perhaps you just had to put the game on hold due to your hectic schedule before finding some time to play it again. You’ll need to remove your game data if you wish to restart from scratch.

In Sword & Shield, picking a new starting Pokemon and putting together a new squad of animals for your second visit through all of the Galar region can be a great way to get things going. So let’s discuss: How To Start A New Game In Pokemon Sword.

There isn’t much left to accomplish in the videogame after capturing every Pocket Monster, taking down every gym leader, and finishing the end-game challenges, just as in every other mainline Pokemon game.

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, trainers can discover a brand-new area with new creatures to capture, and for some players, restarting the entire game from the restart after a victory can be enjoyable.

Game Restart Procedure

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, gamers must first wipe their stored file in order to begin fresh with a data frame. Since previous Pokemon games were released for portable consoles like the DS, which depended on the game cartridge rather than the device itself for data storage, they frequently contained a set of icons on the main menu to delete the file.

Switch owners must access the Switch menu’s system settings to restore the saved file. By selecting Data Management from the menu, followed by the Save Appropriate column, you can access the information stored for Sword and Shield.

Now that the saved data has been deleted, they can pick up where they left off and continue playing. Players can restart the story, but all previous data will be lost. Players shouldn’t delete the save date from this window unless they want to lose every valuable Pokemon and game experience. Once the information has been deleted, it is impossible to retrieve it because the procedure cannot be reversed.

You’ll probably want to restart Sword and Shield when you finish a playthrough. After successfully deleting your saved data, you can relive the Galar region’s history. Wishing you success in capturing and defeating the Champion of your favorite Pokémon. You might come across monsters that weren’t there the last time you performed.

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