Madness Ore Skyrim: How To Find It?

Madness Ore Skyrim

In the Shivering Islands, a bendable brown material called Madness Ore that is speckled with bright gold streaks is derived from natural sources. The Saints & Seducers Creators included it in the video game. Armour and weaponry of the highest caliber are made using it. The actual Madness Ore is extremely uncommon, yet it periodically appears in the inventories of Khajiit caravan merchants once they get Ri’saad’s notice about his newer products.

Where Can I Find Madness Ore Skyrim?

  • If you advance through the Saints and Seducers questline much further, you can buy this ore via Khajiit merchants. Once they get a message from Ri’saad informing them that he’s carrying advanced materials, players can buy M.O. straight from his wagon. After every two days, Ri’saad’s inventory is refreshed. So bypassing the opportunity to make additional purchases is a viable plan.
  • Additionally, dungeon boss treasures, which are located everywhere throughout Skyrim, might contain ore. Dungeon monsters are among the most difficult enemies in the sport, and defeating them most often results in a treasure.
  • In just a few areas in Skyrim might indeed be discovered Madness Ore, among the hardest manufacturing resources to acquire. Players are allowed to visit dungeons while looking for Madness Ore Skyrim; these can be anything from caverns to palaces.

What To Do And How To Use It?

By default, users are unable to employ madness ore Skyrim or madness ingots. To discover the methods of Madness creation, they need to finish a series of quests.

  • Once Thoron has been defeated, start this task by gathering the Memorandum on Amber + Madness Ore, which could be found close to the formidable Skyrim monster.
  • This letter launches a search for Evethra, the arcane blacksmith skilled in creating Madness Ore Skyrim.
  • The secret can be found by reading Evethra’s notebook after the player has defeated Evethra and finished the quest.

Madness weaponry is better than Dragonbone weaponry in Skyrim. Like Daedric armor, madness armor offers more defense at the penalty of added weight.


Interactive action role-playing computer game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was created by Bethesda Gaming Companies and released via Bethesda Softworks. After The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion from 2007, it is the 5th largest entry in The Elder Scrolls franchise. It was made available on October 12, 2012, for Windows Vista, Ps 2, and X – box 360.

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