Where To Find The Wing Of Astel in Elden Ring?

Where To Find The Wing Of Astel in Elden Ring?

Wing of Astel Elden Ring is a mystical being said to be born from the stars and responsible for shaping the world. Astelresembles dragons with their long necks and tails. Astel is said to live in secret chambers under Mount Astel and inside Mount Astaria, a mountain range in Ultima. The Wing of Astel Elden Ring is found inside a hidden chamber in a room called ‘the great hall’ in an area called ‘the nameless cave.’ The party has to move the chest containing the Wing out of another chest (holding the key) and then into the Wing of Astel before picking up the key again.

The player finds it in a cave where he has to defeat the two bosses on the stage. Also, check out this video about how to find the Wing of Astel Elden Ring. The Wing of Astel can be found at stage 9 in Elden Ring, in a cave where the player will have to fight two bosses to obtain it. It is recommended that you use the Nem’s Blood attack to quickly defeat your opponents and have enough time to find and kill them before they retaliate.


Elden Ring follows the gruesome past of the world, which was once part of a series of powerful rings containing a giant tree called Wing of Astel Elden Ring. The world has been fractured into pieces, and battles are constantly waged by those who claim to use the power of Astel. The story revolves around two key characters: Dural, who was originally an elf, but after being possessed by a mysterious entity, is controlled for most of his life as an evil knight, and Zia, a young girl who serves as his bodyguard.

There are many things in “Elden Ring,” but let’s look at the most important things. There are also many ways to start playing this game, but let’s discuss some. The first thing I would like to discuss is the weapons you can use in this game. There are four different types of weapons: swords, spears, bows, and hammers. Swords are faster than spears and hammers, but they do less damage. Spears have the highest damage output but move slower than swords and hammers.


The game takes on many new features and gameplay systems compared to previous FromSoftware titles. The most notable feature is the “Fate” system, which Christopher Paolini implemented. The Fate system allows players to create and level up several “Fate Skills” skills used in battle. Although they can be trained to use any skill outside of battle, each character has set preferences and skill sets in situations outside of battle.

Wing of Astel Elden Ring

The Wing of Astel Elden Ring is one of the four legendary wings in Elden Ring. The other three are the Wings of Mayenne, Meria, and Theodora. Together, they will act as a key to open the actual gate to the land of Elden Ring. A small stone carving on Astel’s Wall in Mountain Lands shows a young girl with a bird on her back. The word Astel is written under it. The carving indicates that anyone touching them together will receive extensive knowledge about Elden Ring.

How To Find The Wing of Astel Elden Ring?

At the beginning of this game, you should follow your main quest until you have an objective called “A Mysterious Feather.” After that, kill the first wave of the enemy, and then you will get a message in your console saying, “You got a Mysterious Feather.” After that, you can search for Astel’s feathers and solve the riddle. The answer is “A.” After that, go to the room where Astel was and touch them together to receive the Wing’s power. To find this legendary artifact, you must travel through many places: Arenas, Fire-Lands, Mountain-Lands, and Sky-Lands. This location is also referred to as “The Forgotten Tower,” which they have not forgotten anymore.

Wing Of Astel’s Location In Elden Ring!

The Wing of Astel Elden Ring is located in the cave where the player will fight two bosses, one is called Fauz and the other Shaitan. Inside the cave, about 20 steps to the left from where you leave Shaitan’s Caves, there are two chests side by side. One has a key and the other a wing of Astel. To get to this location from Afterlife’s Depths, go up into a small hole on your left until you get to a wooden door. Pass it and immediately turn right into an area with many steps that leads up to a vast room. There will be some spears on your right that you have to jump over while following this path until, at last, you will reach another wooden door.

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