Why Is Gojo Anime Different From Other Anime Characters?

Why Is Gojo Anime Different From Other Anime Characters?

Gojo Satoru is a nature-based force as anybody who has crossed into Jujutsu Kaisen land should already be aware of. I also meant to blame people who are smothering him in real life, not only in his cartoon world (I see you, girls).

Gojo Anime Satoru, one of the sexiest and most powerful shonen protagonists, has made a name for himself among the anime fanbase. You might not be aware of this, but Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen defies the cliche of the overpowering supporting character in anime.

How does a powerful character behave in other Shonen Gojo Anime?

The problem is that Gojo Satoru has vastly superior strength. But he’s not the first, by any means. The trope of the overpowering character has been used before in anime. The shonen genre has produced a number of likable but arrogantly powerful bastards.

Netero from Hunter x Hunter engaged in open combat with a chimaera created by a god. We have Beerus, a real God of Destruction from Dragonball Super.

Another character you females drool over is Levi from Attack on Titan. All Strong from My Hero Academia is one of the few who perform it differently (i.e., without overconfidence).

Why are the arrogant Shonen overpowered, Anime protagonists?

Hunter x Hunter’s Netero is a powerful anime hero. Chairman of the Hunter Association, Netero (Courtesy of Madhouse studios)

But aside from him, all the other overpowered assistance characters have this egoistic quality. This may seem like a generality, but it may have something to do with overpowered characters being aware of it. They are presented in a style that exudes strength and an air of “I’ve conquered everything I wanted to” confidence. Netero from HxH is the most suitable analogy for this.

However, to mistake their brashness for inexperience would be an exaggeration. The personality is often written with his ego as his demise in mind. Such a personality typically appears to be the antagonist and not really the supporter.

Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen is not the bad guy, ladies; he is a fantastic help. It frequently happens that an “Overpowered Support Character’s” ego is merely a technique for him to criticize the enormous barrier that stands between him and his attacker. Gojo Satoru is not an exception to this wall.

Gojo Satoru’s function in the Jujutsu Kaisen Storyline!

The same may be true for other supporting figures who follow the current path, such as Levi Ackerman or All Might. These two instances both included outstanding performances that saved the main character from certain death. But eventually, either the hero outperforms them or they are rendered nearly lifeless. The drawback of being the powerful Mentor

Being somewhat powerful has its drawbacks because the protagonist’s personal growth requires that you die at some point. Even though this is harsh, it is how most anime normally handles things. For Gojo san, killing might be overstating the case. It’s still true that Gojo Anime is expected to be subjugated at some point so that Itadori can defeat even him.

Gojo is arrogant and makes a big show of it immediately. How?

Compared to all might in his worn-out state, Studio Bones provided this image of All Might in a worn-out state.

All Might’s power only lasts as long as no other characters are left in the story to challenge All For One’s might. All Might had used all his lifeline fighting the famed lord of all villains.

Deku is encouraged to develop and get better by this. The story shifts from completely depending on the support characters to the point where it’s appropriate for the lead to emerge at that point, which is the ultimate basis of the overpowered guy losing his shit. In some ways, the Overpowered character in the average Shonen anime is no anymore Overpowered.

How does Gojo Satoru of Jujutsu Kaisen differ from other powerful Shonen cartoon characters?

Gojo Satoru stands out in that the Gege Akutami has spared no expense in demonstrating that Gojo is a badass from the beginning. Every author enjoys showing off their overly strong glorified cameo, but no one does everything, just like Gege with Gojo.

Gojo hasn’t really had to have his limitations stretched.

The personality of Kakashi Hatake is well-written. Kakashi immediately demonstrated what it took to be a great Shinobi, but he never gave off the impression of being an impenetrable wall. Even in his battle with Zabuza, he stood to lose a lot. His eyes were worn out, his body had been cut, and blood had flowed.

Although various Shonen has stretched their strong anime personalities, there always seems to be a vulnerability that may be used against them. Following his battle with All For One, All Might was first seen while he was approaching the end of his prime. Although Levi was portrayed as the greatest warrior in human history, he was never unstoppable. If things went bad, a Giant giant could still destroy him. Never was Kakashi Hatake the greatest shinobi. Kishimoto may have shown Itachi this way, but Itachi is not the protagonist’s secondary cast member.

(This is contested later in the series, but we are discussing the opening idea.)

Reaching The Conclusion

The flex in the narrative was intended to be Gojo Satoru. He is so completely outclassed that he is regarded as a deity in the Jujutsu community. Satoru san controls a planet infused with curse energy since he was born with both Limitless and The Eyes. It has always been hard to defeat Satoru, even afterward in the comic.

However, he, too falls into the same traps that the overpowered protagonist does. He doesn’t die, so don’t be alarmed (or does he?). However, Jujutsu Kaisen is ultimately a shonen world and must engage in shonen activities. I hope this article on Gojo anime was helpful. Happy watching!

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