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Chainsaw Man Characters

Chainsaw Man Characters – Hey folks! Do you know about the Chainsaw man? It is one of the best comics out there. The Chainsaw Man anime premiered, and fans are going insane. So, in this article, we will discuss the strongest Chainsaw Man characters.

The concept of Chainsaw Man is very unique, and its art style is hypnotic. The Chainsaw Man has been animated by MAPPA, the best animation studio, which has provided us with Banana Fish, Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan

This upcoming series is based on a guy, Denji, who converts into The Chainsaw Devil. We have our leading character, but many others have different powers and abilities and are as crucial as Denji. 

Through this article, you will get to know who are the most solid and vigorous characters in this forthcoming series – The Chainsaw Man.

So, without wasting further time, let’s quickly dive into this–

#25 Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama

Type – Waitress/Devil Hunter 

Best Move – An Unknown Devil Contract, means she is in a contract alongside an unknown powerful devil, making her a complete mystery. 

Kobeni Higashiyama was an experimental squad member under Makima and, along with this, a Public Safety Devil Hunter. She is an attractive girl with a slim body and short hair. She has capabilities, but still, we can see her getting scared by the devil and frightened while fighting them. 

However, sometimes she can be very vicious. Apart from her unknown devil contract, her skills are psychotic. She quit as a devil hunter after the Darkness Devil arc.


  • Driving 
  • Agility 
  • Unknown Devil contract 

#24 Nakamura 


Type – Devil Hunter 

Best Move – Fox Devil Contract, a Fox devil will have to fight by his side and follow his orders. 

In this comic, Nakamura is the side character who is a devil hunter

When Denji was disclosed, and executioners were behind him in the international assassination arc, Makima designated Nakamura as his bodyguard. He has a fox devil contract, meaning he could call out the devil by saying “Kon” and pointing his hands towards the enemy. 


  • Fox Devil contract 

#23 Kusakabe


Type – Devil Hunter 

Best move – Petrification, through which he can convert his opponent into stone, and they cannot go normal again. 

Kusakabe is another bodyguard of Denji, just like Nakamura in the international assassination arc. 

A Public Safety Devil Hunter – Kusakabe, has a rude personality and is always up for any battle. He is in a contract with the stone devil, and he can call out to him anytime during the war. 


  • Petrification 
  • Stone Devil contract 

#22 Prinz


Type – Devil 

Best move – Summoning, means that she can summon anyone at any time by opening a zip present on her body. 

Prinz – Spider devil, and a devil of Public Safety Devil Hunter, along with this a special division 4 member, having all the spider’s characteristics, including eight sharp legs that can easily cut humans into pieces.  

She always remains in her human form, which enables her to live among humans easily. She has a friendly nature but can kill any human without hesitation or regret. 

Prinz is a young woman with a zip on her face. Besides all this, she also has numerous abilities. One ability is summoning, which means that by opening a zip present on her body, she can summon Makima at any time. Another ability is that she is immortal, which means she can again revive in hell after dying. 


  • Revival 
  • Contract creation 
  • Blood consumption 
  • Spider-like features 

#21 Beam


Type – Devil 

Best move – Shark Transformation, which means he can take the form of a shark devil who is ten times stronger. 

Beam is also a devil of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and a special Division 4 member. He can also convert into his human form, and at that time, he is muscular and tall, but his eyes become invisible. 

When he converts into the form of a devil, he looks exactly like a shark and has multiple eyes. But after the complete transformation, he gets fins that work just like his legs. 

Beam and Denji are perfect fun and share a great time in the comic. Beam is also immortal and is always there for Denji to protect him. 


  • Revival 
  • Intangibility 
  • Blood consumption 

#20 Galgali 


Type – Fiend/Devil 

Best move – Shapeshifting, which means that he can boost the power of any part of his body. 

Galgali is a devil of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and a special Division 4 member. 

If you need to know what a fiend is? Then let us tell you – when a devil acquires someone’s body, they become Fiend. Fiends are half human and half devil. 

Galgali doesn’t remember his past, but he obeys Makima, as she saved him. He wears a mask to hide his facial features, but the moment he removes it, he becomes more muscular and taller with four hollow eyes. 

With the help of shapeshifting ability, he can change any body part and boost more power and muscle.  


  • Blood consumption 
  • Revival 
  • Shapeshifting 
  • Hand-to-hand combat 

#19 Himeno 


Type – Devil hunter 

Best move – Ghost Arm; because of the ghost devil contract, Himeno can call out for the ghost devil arm for using it in combat. 

Himeno is a devil of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and a special squad member led by Makima. 

She is an enchanting woman with short hair and a patch on her right eye. She can handle all situations without hurry, is very calm and cares for other devil hunters as she does not want to lose them. If anyone is not in a good mood or feeling low, she comforts them and even offers a French kiss, just like she did to Denji.

But she is vicious as well. She has a ghost devil contract and several abilities that can defeat many devils and people. 


  • Ghost Devil Contract 

#18 Akane Sawatari 

Akane Sawatari

Type – Former Devil Hunter 

Best move – Controlling Katana Man, which means Katana Man has to fight for her and obey her. 

Akane is an opponent and a Civil Devil Hunter. One day, she turns evil and starts destroying everything. 

She is a beautiful young woman with snake-like eyes because of her snake devil contract. She replaced the heart of Katana man with Katana Devil and made him a Fiend. She gets frightened when because of Makima, her subordinates’ lives are in peril. 

When the Katana man conquered Denji, she tried to acquire Denji’s heart, but some Devil Hunters saved him. 


  • Snake Devil Contract 

#17 Cosmo 


Type – Fiend 

Best move – Blood Consumption, which means that when she consumes any devil or human blood, she gets stronger. 

Cosmo is a Fiend who loves Quanxi – a Fiend (we have mentioned above what a fiend is?).

Her pupils are heart-shaped and lack a part of her head; because of that, pieces of her brain are noticeable, which makes her appearance deadly even though she is gorgeous. 

She is Quanxi’s girlfriend and, therefore, obeys all his commands. 

She has been seen repeating one word, “Halloween”; besides, she understands and explains everything to her master with a straight face and deep tone. 


  • Revival 
  • Total understanding 
  • Blood consumption 

#16 Typhoon Devil 

Typhoon Devil

Type – Devil 

Best move – Storm Creation, which means he can summon typhoons/storms.

Typhoon Devil was introduced at the time of Bomb Girl Arc. He has a unique appearance which means his head looks just like a baby, his brain is noticeable, and a typhoon surrounds his entire body.  

He is scared of Reze and therefore obeys her, and when he attacks her unknowingly, he apologises to her. He likes to frighten his enemy – in the beginning, he plays with him and kills him. 


  • Blood consumption 
  • Storm creation 
  • Contract formation 
  • Revival 

#15 Eternity Devil 

Eternity Devil

Type – Devil 

Best move – Time Stop, which means he has the ability to trap anyone in one place, makes us think that he has stopped time itself. 

In the Eternity Devil Arc, Eternity Devil is the primary opponent. His appearance is pretty puzzling. His soul is made of flesh that looks precisely like 8, having eyes and a mouth on both sides and two mugs in the middle. 

He has several abilities. He can trap anyone in one place for a lifetime by stopping time. He can make a contract with any devil if he thinks he will benefit from it.

He likes to frighten his enemy by playing with him and, after that, kills him. He easily trapped the Special Division Four Hunters when they came to kill him. 


  • Contract creation 
  • Blood consumption 
  • Revival 
  • Time stop 
  • Pocket Reality Creation 
  • Avatar Creation 

#14 Angel Devil 

Angel Devil

Type – Devil Hunter/Devil 

Best move – Thousand Years, which means that he has the ability to restore a thousand years of life for creating a weapon that can assassinate anyone. 

Angel Devil is a devil of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and a special division four member. 

Though he belongs to hell, he is a half-angel and half-devil and is more inclined towards his angel.

He hates humans so much that he believes they deserve a horrifying death. He is also seen seeking forgiveness from some humans, which can be due to his half-angel side. 

On the one hand, he doesn’t like to get dominated, but on the other, he is Makima’s dog because she was the one who located him.

He has the most unique set of abilities. Firstly, he can soak up the lifespan of anyone so that he could get a physical touch. Secondly, he is a weapon creator, meaning he can defeat anybody with only a single hit by a weapon he manifests. 


  • Weapon creation 
  • Blood consumption 
  • Swordsmanship 
  • Life-Force absorption 
  • Revival 
  • Contract creation 

#13 Katana Man 

Katana Man

Type – Hybrid

Best move – Sword-Draw Dash, which means after focusing on his weapon and taking a perfect posture, he can run so fast that none can see it. 

Samurai Sword, aka Katana Man, was a human before Akane Sawatari switched his heart with that of Katana Devil. 

He became a devil because he wanted to seek vengeance on Denji as he killed Katana’sKatana’s grandfather – the chief of a criminal group known as “Yakuza”. Therefore, he made a team with Akane to seek his vengeance. 

As he is a hybrid, he can handle both his devil and human form. His human form is – a tall man with short black hair, and his devil form is – his face looks exactly like a demon without any skin and swords coming out from both hands. The best part is that he has one more blade that appears on his forehead. 

He only cares about his revenge and will slaughter everyone who gets in the middle of this without blinking. 

Sometimes, he is so fast that it looks like teleportation. He is also an extraordinary swordsman, and his swords are so sharp that they can easily cut any human into halves. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that he is a hybrid, which means that once he dies, he cannot be revived.  


  • Swordsmanship 
  • Enhanced strength
  • Sword draw dash
  • Hybrid Transformation 
  • Blood consumption 

#12 Hirofumi Yoshida 

 Hirofumi Yoshida 

Type – Private Devil Hunter 

Best move – Ink, which means creating a smokescreen so intensely dark that no one can see through anything and making the opponent temporarily blind, leading to a surprise attack. 

He is a private devil hunter, not part of the devil hunter organisation. He only gets hired for specific jobs. 

He is very handsome with dark eyes and black hair and wears casual primary outfits like jeans and jackets. Near his lips, he has a beauty mark and eight piercings on his ears. 

Makima hired Hirofumi as Denji’s bodyguard as his identity was disclosed, and his life was in peril. While killing you mercilessly, he will always be seen smiling. 


  • Ink 
  • Tentacle summoning 
  • Octopus devil contract 
  • Hand to Hand combat 

#11 Reze


Type – Hybrid 

Best move – Explosive Propulsion, which means Reze can create explosives with water, land, sky or anything, and they will blow up whenever she wants. 

She is the primary opponent of Bomb Girl Arc, and as she is a hybrid – she is half devil and half human. 

She is a charming and cute girl with green eyes, black hair and more than half of the time; she is blushing. Reze has to remove the grande pin from her neck to transform into the devil form. Her head looks precisely like an atom bomb, and she looks terrific. 

In this comic, we see that she likes Denji and is attracted to him, but later it is revealed that it was all a part of her plan. The fact worth mentioning is that she hates killing innocent people. 


  • Hybrid Transformation
  • Explosive Skin
  • Enhanced Speed/Strength
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat 
  • Blood Consumption
  • Augmented Durability
  • Torpedo Transformation
  • Explosive Propulsion 

#10 Kishibe


Type – Devil Hunter 

Best move – Claw Summoning, this is a technique that is used to call out the claw devil’s hand.

In special division four, Kishibe is one of the strongest devil hunters. Makima appreciates him as he thinks he is worthy of becoming the special division four captain. He is 50 but still so strong that he can put anyone on their knees. 

He wears a hat and long coat, smokes a ton and has ear piercings. He has contracts with three devils – knowing that all three are very powerful and ruthless, he didn’t even bother to ask the price. 

Later in the series, we see him training Power and Denji. 


  • Knife Devil Contract 
  • Claw Devil Contract 
  • Knifemanship
  • Needle Devil Contract
  • Enhanced Strength 
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat 
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Reflex 
  • Enhanced Durability

#9 Aki Hayakawa 

Aki Hayakawa

Type – Devil Hunter 

Best move – Curse, which means he can call out the Curse Devil. 

He is a special squad member and a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Along with this, he is Power and Denji’s guardian. 

He is quite handsome with ear piercings, and it appears that he is cold-hearted but very soft on the inside. He always carries a sword and even weeps when his friends are in difficulty.

Aki wants to seek vengeance from Gun Devil as he murdered Aki’sAki’s family right in front of him. However, Gun Devil became a Fiend as during the Gun Devil Arc; he took over his body. 


  • Future Devil Contract
  • Curse Devil Contract
  • Stab
  • Curse
  • Fox Devil Contract 
  • Precognition
  • Blood Consumption 
  • Summoning 
  • Swordsmanship
  • Bullet Projection 

#8 Quanxi 


Type – Private Devil Hunter 

Best move – Arrow and Bow Arms, which means that at both long and close ranges, from her head, she has the ability to shoot arrows. 

Quanxi is a private hunter and is also called The First Devil Hunter. She is a hybrid, which means she is half devil and half human. 

This girl is not fascinated by boys; she is into chicks. She has a separate room filled with Fiend girls. 

She wears an eye patch on her right eye though she is gorgeous. She came to acquire Denji’s heart when his identity as Chainsaw Man was disclosed. She becomes vicious and untouchable when she is in her devil form. 


  • Hybrid Transformation 
  • Blood consumption 
  • Arrow and Bow Arms
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat 
  • Swordsmanship

#7 Power 


Type – Former Devil/Fiend 

Best move – Blood Manipulation, which means that she can create a weapon using her blood. 

Power is called by the name Blood Devil. She is also a former devil who belongs to hell. She turns into a Fiend after a tragedy. Later, she became a member of a special squad led by Makima and a devil hunter. 

She has horns and strawberry blonde hair in her Fiend form, but in the devil form, she appears just like a human with a whole white body and four hands. 

Her nature is very kind; she often behaves like a child and holds others accountable. Later in the comic, it is visible that she cares for Aki and Denji – her new friends. 


  • Blood Manipulation
  • Blood Transfer
  • Thousand Tera Blood Rain
  • Blood Consumption
  • Revival
  • Power Enchantment

#6 Hell Devil 

Hell Devil

Type – Devil 

Best move – Hell Connection, which means he can send anyone to hell or call up anyone from hell since he is the Hell Devil.

In the series, he is the most potent devil of all. Every devil is scared of him, but his personality is still unknown. 

Until someone makes any sacrifice for him, he cannot come to the world of humans as he belongs to hell. Even Santa Claus offered a perfect doll and three children to call out to Hell Devil in the International Assassination Arc. 

Later in the comic, Kishibe calls out for the Hell Devil and is ordered to assassinate Makima. 


  • Blood Consumption 
  • Revival 
  • Hell Connection 
  • Contract Creation 

#5 Santa Claus 

Santa Claus

Type – Private Devil Hunter 

Best move – Perfect Doll Creation, he has the ability to connect dolls with emotions, and they will work just like humans. 

Santa Claus is the main opponent of the International Assassination Arc. She is a woman having a Doll Devil contract, meaning she might be the fake or actual body. Later, it is revealed that if her doll touches any human, he will become Santa Claus. 

She is a beautiful woman with hypnotic eyes and black hair. In her devil form – her complete body looks exactly like a skeleton, as her legs and hands are made up of doll heads. She is relentless with a large brain. She doesn’t care about anyone and has human dolls spread worldwide. 

The only thing she cares about is acquiring the Chainsaw Heart. 

At night, she becomes even more assertive in her devil form. She can beat any devil or the devil hunters all by herself. 


  • Doll Devil Contract 
  • Perfect Doll Creation 
  • Curse Devil Contract
  • Curse
  • Hell Devil Contract 
  • Darkness Devil Contract
  • Mind Transfer 
  • Doll Creation
  • Teleportation 

#4 Gun Devil 

Gun Devil

Type – Devil 

Best move – Bullet Projection, meaning he can shoot limitless bullets through the guns present in him. 

He is the most dreaded devil in the world of the Chainsaw Man. In 26 seconds, he assassinated around 58,000 people, including the family of Aki Hayakawa, when Gun Devil was first seen in Japan.  

Along with Japan, Gun Devil visited many countries and murdered around 1.2 million people in under 5 minutes. 

He has a range of abilities, but the most crucial capability is that he can revive from a piece of his body. 


  • Bullet Projection 
  • Bullet Flesh
  • Contract Creation 
  • Blood Consumption
  • Passive Regeneration

#3 Darkness Devil 

Darkness Devil

Type – Devil 

Best move – Death-Stare, just by staring, he can kill anybody and can cause damage to anyone. 

In the series, he was not revealed entirely but has never died. The other devils are very scared of him. His body comprises different human parts, so his appearance can scare anyone. He has longhorns which make him appear just like a Demon King, his legs comprising two human bodies. 

In the International Arc, he was first introduced and offered a small part of his body to Santa Claus. He even conquered Beam, Quanxi and Denji without even moving. 


  • Sword of Darkness
  • Revival
  • Contract Creation 
  • Superhuman strength/speed
  • Limb Removal 
  • Blood Consumption 
  • Death-Stare
  • Darkness Manipulation

#2 Makima 


Type – Devil Hunter & Devil 

Best move – Controlling Others, she can influence others, enabling them to follow her orders without making any contracts. 

Makima is the primary opponent, a high-ranking official and the strongest devil hunter, but she is known as Control Devil. 

She is the most beautiful in the whole series. She is a 20-year-old with yellow eyes, having numerous red rings and red hair. 

She is quite influential; she makes everyone follow her orders and even makes Denji her dog. All she wants is to take control over the Chainsaw Devil, as she wants a realm where no person is afraid of death. 

Don’tDon’t you think of annoying her, as she has the ability to kill anyone while sitting in any part of the world. 


  • Control Devil Ability 
  • Unknowability 
  • Revival 
  • Contract Creation 
  • Blood Consumption 

#1 Denji 


Type – Hybrid/Devil Hunter 

Best move – Chain Entanglement, he has the ability to wrap chainsaws around his enemy’s body after removing it from his hand. 

Denji is our lead character, and his life is very twisty. His father was in debt to Yakuza and after his death, Denji started to reimburse this debt by working for Yakuza as a personal devil hunter. 

Pochita, a devil that belongs to hell, became friends with Denji and helped him. When Yakuza cheated them both and tried to assassinate them, Pochita became the heart of Denji and he became the Chainsaw Man. 

He is an elementary boy and only wants good food, a house and everyday life. In the comic, he joined a Public Safety Organisation because of Makima, as she assured him to provide him with everything he wanted. He stays with Power and Aki, but his life turns into a living hell as things around him change quickly. 


  • Chainsaw Manifestation
  • Chainsaw Retraction
  • Revival
  • Hybrid Transformation
  • Devil Transformation 
  • Chain Entanglement


This concludes our list of the most powerful Chainsaw Man characters, but some characters deserve some special attention and recognition:-

  • Long 
  • Bat Devil 
  • Tsugihagi
  • Curse Devil 
  • Future Devil 

What are your thoughts on our list? Do you have any personal favourites among them?


Who are the Chainsaw Man main characters?

The Chainsaw Man’s main characters include:-

Makima, Denji, Himeno, Pochita, Aki Hayakawa and Kobeni Higashiyama.

Who is the female character in the series?

There are four major female characters: Himeno, Kobeni, Power and Makima. 

Who is Makima?

Makima is the primary opponent, a high-ranking official and strongest devil hunter, popularly known as Control Devil. She is quite influential. She made everyone follow her orders and even made Denji her dog. All she wants is to take control over the Chainsaw Devil, as she wants a realm where no person is afraid of death. 

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