Curvy Female Models Are The Most Beautiful Plus Size Models

Today we will look at the best curvy female models out there. Since plus size models are gaining popularity in the fashion world, we are surprised by their astonishing beauty.

For many years, Ashley Graham has been the queen of plus-size modeling. She is credited with setting trends for other models to follow and inspiring curvy women in the industry and elsewhere with her glamorous style and dedication to fitness.

From Barbie Ferriera to Kate Wasley, curvy female models thrive in the fashion industry. These trailblazing women – including Tara Lynn and Nadia Aboulhosn – prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, forever changing our perception of the modeling world.

Embrace your curves. For too long, society has pushed unrealistic ideals and standards regarding what defines beauty. We want you to know that there is nothing wrong with being a plus-size model – some of the world’s most stunning models are proud ambassadors for promoting body positivity. Step into confidence this season as we feature our newest collection designed perfectly for women of every size.

Who Are Curvy Female Models?

Curvy female models celebrate body diversity by embracing their curves and encouraging others to feel empowered regardless of size. Through modeling clothing, they foster inclusivity and show that beauty has no limits.

How Can You Become a Plus-Size Model, aka Curvy Female Models?

You don’t need to be the perfect model for a magazine cover – it’s perfectly okay if you are proud and confident in your body type. Don’t forget that everyone is unique, so recognize how wonderfully individualized each person truly is.

Aspiring plus size models will find plenty of success when taking the necessary steps to pursue their dreams. With self-ownership and productivity, this guide can provide all the essential information to achieve those aspirations.

What Size Do Curvy Female Models Have?

Curvy female models stand apart from conventional divisions focusing on good body proportions. Models in this category are expressive and confident, not just measurements – they size 12 or above.

Make sure your waist is slightly more tailored than your shoulders for a flattering shape, but be bold and make exceptions if the desired look calls for an alternate style.

What is the weight of plus-sized models?

Fashion World has identified the ideal requirements for plus-size models, sizes 12 and above. The average weight range is 161–205 lbs., with a chest size of 41–45 inches – providing an attainable standard for aspiring women in this field to aim towards.

Is Plus Size Considered Obese?

The phrase “plus-size” has been subject to varied interpretations. Some view it as a polite way of saying “fat”, while others believe that for someone to be considered obese, their extra weight must reach a certain threshold on the scales.

Top Curvy Female Models of the Word

Accomplished and passionate curvy female models, whose beautiful careers are soaring to new heights each day, headline the fashion world.

From Naomi Shimada in Japan to Jill Kortleve from The Netherlands – let’s explore some inspiring elites who have made their mark on the industry.

Here is a list of the best curvy female models:

Kate Wasley

Australia’s Kate Wasley is making waves in the modeling industry. Not only is she a stunning curvy female model, but she is an influential figure fighting against body shaming and promoting self-love. She continues to capture everyone’s hearts with her captivating beauty and inspiring message of embracing all shapes and sizes.

This inspirational woman is taking a stand against body-shaming and promoting self-love with her positive campaign, anybody.

Through social media, she encourages everyone to embrace their differences and build confidence in themselves regardless of society’s opinion.

An unfortunate yet compelling occurrence inspired Kate’s journey during high school. She faced criticism and taunting from a teacher due to her weight, which catalyzed what would later become an incredible story of resilience and purposeful ambition.

Drawn to the spotlight, Kate made a bold and courageous decision. She chose not to cower in fear but instead embrace her plus-size identity and challenge herself on every stage.

Through hard work and determination, she achieved success as an iconic model for people worldwide – inspiring confidence worldwide through the courage of one’s own heart.

With a noteworthy four-year career as an international model, she has made her mark touring the globe and even gracing Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

Body Specifications

Kate Wesley is a stunning beauty with captivating blue eyes and blonde hair. Her voluptuous figure boasts mesmerizing measurements of 44″, 25″, and 48″.

Barbie Ferriera

Barbie Ferreira has long been an icon for those who love the classic Malibu Barbie. Hailing from Queens, New York, she’s made her mark in the fashion world by appearing in campaigns like American Apparel. This young model is undeniably a beacon of positivity and inspiration to many.

Barbie Ferriera, an influential teen and sought-after model for lingerie brands, has achieved exceptional success in the industry. Her impressive portfolio includes the following:

  • Projects with such esteemed names as Me & You.
  • Appearing on the sets of T magazine.
  • Self Magazine.
  • Seventeen.

Such recognition validates her tireless work ethic that seeks self-love over anything else.

Body Specifications

Possessing a curvy figure of 40-36-48, her 5’8 frame proudly carries an impressive 98kg with captivating cinnamon-brown eyes and chocolate-hued hair.

Tara Lynn

At thirty-nine, Tara Lynn has become a shining example of redefining beauty and fitness standards. Starting her modeling career late at twenty-eight years old did not impede this inspiring woman from building an outstanding clothing size business that exemplifies inclusivity.

Her success is confirmed by numerous campaigns with Lane Bryant, proving that anyone can defy trends when they overcome preconceptions and push themselves toward their dreams.

Body Specifications

She is attractive with stunning light brown tresses and gorgeous sea-green eyes. Her body ratios are balanced at 38-34-47, which perfectly compliments her 98 Kg frame.

Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Kai Shockley is a London-born model discovered by world-renowned Pat McGrath to lead her beauty line. She spent most of her childhood in California, originating from April 12 when she burst onto the scene as one of today’s top curvy female models and Fam influencers who continues to inspire many with every new fashion trend set.

She has made her mark in the fashion world, gracing a Vogue cover and appearing for iconic brands like Fendi beauty, Glossier, and H&M. Her online presence is no different – she inspires thousands of Instagram followers to love themselves while living their best New Yorker lives.

Body Specifications

Standing tall at 5.7 feet, her 85 kg frame showcases her Aries sign with beautiful Dark Brown eyes.

Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine is a shining star in the Plus Size fashion industry. From commencing her modeling journey at just 16, she has made impressive progress. She proudly showcases her talents with IMG Models while representing Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as their esteemed representative models.

Body Specifications

Standing tall at 5′ 9″, Candice Huffine is a sight to behold with her dark eyes and flowing locks.

Her amazing 42″ bust size has created an inspiring legacy that keeps fans in awe of all she does. With 92 Kg., she embodies the type of grace, beauty, and strength many aspire for.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia is a multi-talented fashionista from Orlando, Florida, who combines her passions for blogging and modeling with expert design skills. Her strong sense of style has truly made waves in the industry!

Nadia has successfully used her influence on major youth-centric platforms such as Teen Vogue and Buzzfeed to raise awareness of positive self-image.

Through this, she encourages everyone to accept themselves for the wonderful person that they are, reminding us all that we already have everything within ourselves needed to be perfect just the way we are.

Body Specifics:

  • Height: 5.9ft
  •  Weight: 73 kg
  •  Eye color: Brown
  •  Hair color: Black

Tess Holliday

As a curvy female model, Tess Holiday has been making waves in the fashion industry. Born in July, this Mississippi native is now based out of Los Angeles, where she works as a Fashion blogger and makeup artist. Her growth journey inspires many seeking pride and courage from her example.

Body Specifics:

Tess is an impressive 5’6 tall and voluptuous figure, with her abundant curves measuring in at a 52″ bust, 49″ hips, and 59 “… all topped off by those unmistakable dark brown eyes. Her body weight of 127 Kg adds to the full package while she wears a shoe size eight and a bra size 52B.

Ashley Alexiss

Ashley Alexis is an American model who has captivated audiences around the world. Born in Boston on November 25, 1990, she began her modeling career at a young age. She worked for local and international magazines to gain recognition as one of America’s most successful models.

Going beyond her incredible beauty, however, Ashley is known for starting Cleavage For Cure: A nonprofit campaign raising money for cancer research with hopes of finding a cure.

She is a powerhouse of talent, combining communication and business administration expertise. She has found her niche in leading campaigns for cancer support with passion and determination – an achievement we hold in the highest regard.

Body Specifications

Ashley exemplifies grace and excellence – her 5’4″ stature holds a striking 65 kg bodyweight, ensuring she meets all BMI requirements.

From the 71″ hip size to the 36″ bust width, Ashley knows exactly how to show off any look with those hazel brown eyes and long blonde hair captivating everyone’s attention.

Georgia Pratt

October 1990 marked the birth of Georgia, a passionate model set to conquer Fashion. Her days at catholic school ignited her ambitious fire, eventually propelling it into an illustrious career in showbiz; she is now revered as one of the industry’s most successful designers.

Body Specifications

Pratt is a statuesque beauty with captivating Bluish-green eyes. Her measurements are:

  • An impressive 105cm bust.
  • 85 cm waist.
  • 109 cm hips – the perfect balance of curves and confidence that leads to 11-size shoes adorning her feet.

Robin Lawley

Robin Lawley is a designer and model who’s made strides in the fashion industry since she was sixteen. As an Australian plus-size pioneer, her influence has reached many areas of the world as her career continues to ascend.

She made history by becoming the first model for Mango’s plus-size line, Violeta. Her career rode high as she graced magazine covers of renowned publications like French Elle and Vogue Italia.

Body Specifications

Mango plus size’s first representative is a vision of beauty, with captivating blue eyes and brown hair. She towers 1.89m tall while maintaining her confident 89kg weight – setting the bar high for others to follow.

Ashley Graham

Ashley has become a standout in the modeling industry for being an icon of body positivity and self-love. She is a living example that societal standards shouldn’t limit one’s confidence but rather should rise above them.

On October 30, 1987, a unique talent emerged – an expert designer and bodybuilder with the perfect plus-size frame. Her remarkable beauty has been featured gracing magazine covers including Cosmopolitan, SELF, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated, as well as celebrated by Vogue, Elle Bust & Glamour.

Body Specifications

Ashley exudes elegance with her hourglass figure of 38-29-45, complemented by a size 16 dress and shoe size 10. She looks stunning.

Iskra Lawrence is one of the Most Popular Curvy Female Models.

Iskra is one of the most popular models on social media, boasting over 4.6 million followers. Her Instagram account keeps her fans in the loop with stylish outfit posts and inspiring messages about self-love and consistency. Going beyond a pretty face, she is using her platform to promote body positivity awareness globally.

She is considered one of the most influential figures in Fashion, having represented international platforms such as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

For me, social media is the most damaging place where images are made to look ‘real and candid,’ but in reality, 100 pics were taken and then they were photoshopped or FaceTuned,

– Iskra wrote on Instagram

Body Specifications

Iskra has a stunning figure, with measurements of 38-29-43, complemented by her blonde hair and blue eyes. Standing at 5’9″ tall and weighing 88 kg, she wears size 12 clothing with shoe size 9.

Denise Bidot

Denise is a powerhouse of plus-size Fashion and modeling, having made her mark on the industry through the popular reality television show Curvy Girls and collaborations with major clothing brands such as Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Zizzi Clothing.

Body Specifications

At 5’11”, Denise Bidot commands a statuesque presence. She is stunningly proportioned, with curves of 107 cm at the Bust, 81 cm at her waist, and 114cm around her hips. Her shoe size 9 punctuates an ensemble complete with 38D brasserie perfection – all topped off by a weight of 93 kg.

Jessica Leahy

Jessica, an Australian curvy female model renowned for her curvy figure, captivated the public eye when she bravely persevered through a training assault. She is now regarded as one of the top models in this field and also has gone on to found Womankind, driving awareness toward the empowerment of diverse body figures all around the globe.

Body Specifications

At 32 years of age, Jessica stands tall at 5’9 ft – a beacon of ambitious youth.

Lexi Placourakis

Lexi Placourakis is a remarkable curvy female model inspiring confidence and body positivity for women everywhere. She follows in the footsteps of trailblazers like Olivia Wilson and Tabriaa Majors, both born on September 1988. Her support empowers Plus Size women to feel comfortable with their appearance no matter what.

Body Specifications

Lexi is a statuesque beauty with deep Brown hair and mesmerizing Greyish Blue eyes, standing 1.7 meters tall.

Tabria Majors

Tabria is a passionate trailblazer in the plus-size modeling industry, showing that women of color and those who are “large and big” can be sexy. By defying preconceived notions about beauty standards and inspiring others to embrace their bodies as they are, Tabria left her corporate job behind to pursue her dream career – which has had an incredible effect on countless lives worldwide.

As a powerful role model for current and future generations, Tabria continues leading by example with every move she makes.

Body Specifications

Tabria brings poise and presence wherever she goes, standing at a statuesque 1.77m with the elegant curves of 98kg atop her frame. Her stunning brown hair cascades down her shoulders like liquid honey and is perfectly offset by beautiful chestnut eyes that sparkle in admiration all around her.

Anita Marshall

Anita Marshall was determined to make her dreams a reality – no matter the odds. Despite facing challenges as a curvy female model, she never gave up. She used social media accounts to kickstart her journey from a Boston makeup artist to a successful international model.

Body specifics:

Height 5’11, Bust, bra, and waist are 42″, 36 G’, and 31″.

Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda is a renowned Brazilian curvy female model born on July 31, 1980. She has become an icon in the industry and grown to have over 2 million followers due to her blog, shedding light on her experiences as a plus-size woman and inspiring countless people worldwide with her mission of eradicating body shaming from this planet.

Body Specifications

Fluvia is a statuesque beauty, standing at an impressive 5.9 feet tall and flaunting measurements of 109 cm bust to 122 cm hip – all on the frame of a size eight dress and 11 shoes. Weighing in at 82 Kg, this elegant form brings glamour wherever she goes.

Melissa Masi

The prolific Guatemalan Tennis player, Melissa (born in 1990), is a force to be reckoned with. She has achieved remarkable success in her career, obtaining an impressive Fed Cup record of 9-5 back in 2008 – solidifying her place as one of the elite players within the sport.

Body Specifications

Melissa is a statuesque beauty, standing at an impressive 5’10” tall. Her measurements are perfectly balanced – her Bust, waist, and hips measure in at 112cm, 94cm, and 124 cm, respectively, providing the perfect hourglass silhouette from every angle. And to complete this stunning aesthetic package, she wears size ten shoes with clothes size 14 fitted for perfection.

Miranda Walz

Miranda is a stunning curvy female model with an impressive appetite for the literary arts. Born in Washington and starting her career before she was old enough to drive, Miranda loves to strike a pose while engaging with words on paper or screen -Bookworm beauty, indeed.

Body Specifications

Miranda’s unique combination of eye and hair color is accentuated by her shoe size 8.5 to create a stunning look.

Inga Eiriksdottir

Inga Eiriksdottir has soared from her roots in Iceland to modeling success. With an athletic background and active lifestyle, including yoga and Pilates, she is devoted to a healthy physique and dedicates much of her time as a body advocate. She motivates young people everywhere with important messages focusing on self-worth outside traditional beauty standards.

Body Specifications

Inga stands tall and proud, with blue eyes complementing her light blonde hair. She carries an impressive 85 kg on her frame with dignity.

Bishamber Das, One of the Asian Curvy Female Models

Proudly representing her ancestral roots, Bishamber Das – a UK-based Asian girl – is breaking boundaries within the fashion industry. From being featured in ads for apparel giants Your Clothing and Nubian Skin to inspiring others to embrace their identities regardless of size or background, she has become an empowering figure who continues to challenge traditional standards and redefine beauty today.

Body Specifications

Bishamber is a striking example of Greek goddess beauty, with her shimmering bronze skin and jet-black hair. Weighing in at 110 kg and standing 5ft 8 inches tall, she embodies strength, grace, and power.

Philomena Kwao

As one of the first African curvy female models to be a brand ambassador with Torrid, Philomena Kwao is taking New York City by storm. From her dazzling eyes and flawless complexion to her perfect face cut, she’s redefining beauty standards for millions worldwide. Since moving from London in 2013, this powerful lady has inspired many aspiring models hoping to make their mark on Fashion.

Philomena Kwao’s credentials are phenomenal, having been featured in renowned magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan UK. She has also worked for prestigious brands, including Nordstrom, Lane Bryant, and Evans- earning her a place among some of the world’s most celebrated style icons. And if that wasn’t enough, Pride magazine recently recognized her.

Body Specifications

Philomena is a statuesque beauty. Her frame is 5’10” with an alluring physique of 40-54-38 and 80 kilos.

Olivia Campbell

Olivia Campbell is using Instagram to revolutionize the modeling world. Through her @CurvyCampbell handle, she’s daring to challenge norms that suggest only ultra-slim bodies should be celebrated – a brave and admirable stand for diversity in beauty.

Hailing from across the pond, Olivia has made a name for herself in mainstream media as an inspirational curvy model. With her sizzling posts on Instagram that have raised eyebrows worldwide and earned 150k followers, she is proving to be an influential force advocating self-love through bold action.

She’s working with some of the biggest names in modeling – Bridge, MSA, and DE Curve. She is also renowned for her incredible covers in top magazines and sports illustrations worldwide.

Body Specifications

Olivia is a statuesque beauty possessing an impressive figure of 36-40-52. Standing at 5ft 11in tall, she carries her height with confidence and grace.

Jocelyn Corona

Jocelyn is a classic beauty with tan skin, sparkly eyes, and full lips. At 16, she started her journey as an international professional model – proof that true grace comes from within.

Jocelyn achieved remarkable success in her modeling journey, culminating with a coveted spot on Chromat’s FW15 catwalk after only six months in the industry. In 2015 she made history as part of The Be Body campaign, which challenged antiquated body standards and stereotypes. Jocelyn also worked alongside prominent designers such as The Blonds and Rebecca Minkoff before making waves when featured in Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit 2018 issue.

Body Specifications

Blessed with gorgeous brown locks and a statuesque frame, this beauty stands at an enviable 5’10”, her body in perfect proportion (41.5″ bust, 33″ waist, and 47 “hips).

Precious Lee

Precious Lee is a remarkable trailblazer whose courage and strength are unparalleled. In recent years she has firmly established herself as an inspirational figure for Southern Black women who identify with the ‘curve-model’ movement. Her angelic face and lionheartedness have made her a true beacon of hope in this flourishing industry.

She is blazing a pioneering trail for curvy models, having been one of the few featured by some of Fashion’s biggest names, such as Versace, Fendi x Skims, and Moschino. Not only that – she uses her platform to fight for equality and justice in standing up for black women everywhere.

Body Specifications

Precious stands confidently at a statuesque 5’10” with her Bust of 36″, Hips measuring 46″, and bra size as Cup DD.

Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady is paving the way for self-love and body acceptance in Fashion: a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, this inspiring woman proves that beauty isn’t limited to any size or shape. Through her courageous bikini photoshoots, Hunter encourages women of all sizes to embrace their curves confidently.

Hunter, a curvy model, experienced her struggle with weight loss. However, she eventually found self-assurance in who she was and began an impressive career at 16. She has since been featured alongside some of the most renowned names in the industry.

Body Specifications

Hunter is a statuesque beauty, standing tall at 5 ft. 11 inches while boasting an enviable figure consisting of 45-38-52 inch measurements and weighing 108 kilograms. Her blond hair adds the perfect finishing touch to her alluring look.

Brielle Anyea Cunningham

Brielle Anyea Cunningham is a prominent American black model and Top American plus-size fashionista aiming to make her mark in the industry.

She’s been featured by esteemed labels such as Asos Curve, Ashley Stevens, and Fabletics and has worked with popular online publications like Popsugar, MetDaan & Daily Venus Diva. Her monumental achievements include being part of Vogue’s acclaimed “Women Rule” cover from 2017 – an iconic accomplishment demonstrating her sheer ambition.

Body Specifications

Despite no public records of Brielle Anyea Cunningham’s body measurements, she continues to be applauded for her beauty and physique.

Final Words

Ignite your inner joy and discover self-acceptance. The key to achieving ultimate happiness is recognizing that wellness doesn’t always come in one size fits all. Curvy female models demonstrate how beauty comes in many shapes by inspiring others to look past superficial standards of perfection—embrace your unique features because they make up who you truly are.

I hope you liked the list of the best curvy female models. Please let us know in the comments.


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