Is Koodo Good? Everything You Need to Know

Is koodo Good?

When choosing a mobile carrier, it’s crucial to compare each service and option to determine the best fit for your needs. If you are searching for information about Koodo, you’ve come to the right place. But is Koodo good? We will provide an overview of everything related to Koodo below.

Koodo Mobile is a subsidiary of Telus and uses the same reliable network as Telus.

The key distinction between them is that Koodo does not have any binding contracts, allowing for flexible plan changes at any time.

Whew! We are accustomed to mobile carriers with contracts; this sounds like a refreshing change.

Koodo does offer a “Tab” system, which allows customers to purchase a phone at a reduced cost and pay it off over time with a specific term. We will discuss this in more detail later.

Koodo has been operating since 2008 and has a solid understanding of customer preferences and requirements. They offer services across Canada.

Regarding retail presence, Koodo has kiosks in major shopping centers across the country but does not have physical stores.

Customers can also sign up for Koodo services at major retailers such as Best Buy, Costco, and Loblaw. Koodo Mobile has been popular among the younger demographic.

Overview of Koodo’s Coverage and Network

As Koodo operates on the Telus network, they can offer robust coverage throughout Canada.

Telus asserts that it operates Canada’s largest and fastest 4G LTE network, based on independent testing, which seems credible.

Koodo operates on the following networks:

  • HSPA: 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies
  • LTE: 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)
  • LTE Advanced (LTE-a): 2600 MHz and 700 MHz

It’s important to note that if you plan to use your device, it must be compatible with one of the frequencies listed above.

Let’s examine their coverage. As mentioned, Koodo has extensive coverage throughout Canada, with a 4G network available in all provinces and territories.

You can view detailed coverage information through the interactive map on Koodo’s website.

On the website, look for the “Detailed Coverage Map” dropdown.

Overview of Koodo’s Plans and Services

Koodo does not have any binding contracts, which is a major advantage. They have divided their plans into two categories: “Tab” plans, which allow customers to pay off a phone in 24 equal monthly payments, and regular plans, which only provide cellular service.

Although Koodo’s plans may seem complex initially, we have simplified and organized all of them for easy comparison.

It’s straightforward – Koodo offers the same plans for every “Tab” size plan. However, the availability of plans depends on the size of the “Tab” you choose (if any).

As you move up to “Tab Large,” “Tab Extra Large,” and the recently added “Tab Extra Extra Large,” the plans become more expensive.

In the past, we used to publish Koodo’s plans. However, checking the Koodo website for the most up-to-date pricing and promotions is recommended.

Koodo also provides prepaid services.

You can find more information about the prepaid services on Koodo’s website.

Overview of Koodo’s Roaming Services

Koodo now offers the same “Easy Roam” add-ons as Telus, which is a positive development.

If you’re traveling in the US, you can pay $7 daily every 24 hours and use your phone as you would at home.

With Easy Roam, you can make calls to both Canadian and US phone numbers.

If you’re traveling internationally and your destination is on the list of more than 100 countries supported by Easy Roam, you can pay $12 daily and use your phone as you would at home.

Calls to Canada and the country you visit are included in the Easy Roam international plan.

Roaming has never been easier!

It is important to note that you must activate Easy Roam before using it.

If you prefer a pay-per-use option, Koodo also offers it. However, the rates are significantly higher than the Easy Roam option, and it is more cost-effective to use Easy Roam, even for a single day of travel.

For instance, pay-per-use rates in Greece are:

  • Voice: $1.50 per minute
  • Data: $5 per MB
  • Outgoing text: $0.60 each

At $12/day, you can use all the services your plan allows, depending on how you plan to use your phone while traveling.

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Overview of Koodo’s Phone Selection

Koodo offers a diverse selection of phones, including the latest iPhone models and more budget-friendly options.

Their plans allow you to choose how much you want to pay upfront and how much you want to add to your Koodo tab to pay off over 24 months.

For example, it’s an excellent way to pay 50% or so for your device upfront and pay off the remaining balance over 24 months.

It’s important to choose the plan and tab combination that offers the best value for you.

Alternatively, if you already own a phone or wish to purchase a used phone, you can use it with Koodo service as long as it’s compatible.

You can also explore online marketplaces such as Kijiji to find used phones.

Can you explain the Tab feature and how it works?

Koodo allows you to pay for a portion of your phone over 24 months without a fixed-term contract and no additional hidden fees.

Using the iPhone X as an example:

  • Tab Extra Extra Large Plan: $0 upfront and $40/month for 24 months
  • Tab Extra Large Plan: $300 upfront and $30/month for 24 months
  • Tab Large Plan: $500 upfront and $20/month for 24 months
  • Tab Medium Plan: $650 upfront and $15/month for 24 months

Please note that the per-month amount is in addition to the cost of your monthly plan.

The maximum amount you can add to your tab varies depending on the plan type:

  • Tab Small: Maximum of $240
  • Tab Medium: Maximum of $360
  • Tab Large: Maximum of $480
  • Tax Extra Large: Maximum of $720
  • Tab Extra Extra Large: Maximum of $960

It’s important to remember that you should choose the payment option and plan that suits your needs and provides the best value for your money.

It’s worth noting that Koodo also allows you to bring your unlocked phone to take advantage of their rate plans without incurring additional tab costs on your monthly bill.

Freedom Mobile has adopted a similar approach where a monthly tab is used to pay off the cost of the device.


Choose a plan from No Tab, Tab Small, or Tab Medium for the best value, as they are the most affordable options, not just because of their tab sizes.

The plans available under Tab Large and Tab Extra Large are the same as No Tab, Tab Small, and Tab Medium, but they come at an additional cost of $25 per month.

For instance, the 7 GB Unlimited Canada Talk & Text plan available under Tab Medium is priced at $75, while it is $100 per month under Tab Large and Tab Extra Large.

To maximize your budget, opt for a larger upfront payment for your phone and choose a smaller tab, which will also result in a more affordable plan.

Save $30 by ordering your SIM card online and connecting online, as the connection fee is waived when ordering online.

Are there any drawbacks?

Koodo promotes a self-serve model and may charge fees for assistance from customer service representatives over the phone. However, the quality of customer service is still high, and you can access answers to your questions anytime.

Keep in mind that if you’re not comfortable with self-serve carriers and making changes online, the cost savings on plans may be offset by fees for assistance. Make sure it aligns with your preferences before signing up.

Alternative Mobile Service Providers


The char boasts fast data speeds, up to 3G, making it a solid option for those seeking a dependable and quick connection. It’s suitable for internet browsing, streaming music or videos, and staying in touch with loved ones.

Public Mobile

Public Mobile is a relatively new and affordable wireless carrier in Canada. It offers 3G speeds of up to 3mbps, which is sufficient for most users’ needs, including streaming high-quality audio.

Public Mobile may not be as well-known as some of the larger carriers, but its low prices will likely attract many new customers.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Canada is a reliable cell phone service provider that offers various plans with talk, text, and data options. It also provides a diverse selection of phones to choose from that.

The carrier uses the Sprint network, one of the most extensive in the country, guaranteeing adequate coverage in most areas.

Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile, a subsidiary of Bell Canada, runs on the Bell network, making it a reliable option in Canada. The carrier offers low rates, strong coverage, and the flexibility to use your phone.

Lucky Mobile is a prepaid service that is contract-free and eliminates any unexpected charges. You can purchase Lucky Mobile SIM cards at many convenience stores or order online.

Freedom Mobile

As a new player in the market and facing competition from the major carriers, Freedom Mobile is using competitive pricing to attract more subscribers.

That should be interpreted as something other than reflecting the network’s quality, as the company actively invests in network improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Koodo

Is Prepaid Service Available with Koodo?

Koodo does indeed offer prepaid plans that do not require a credit check.

Can I use my Device with Koodo?

You can use Koodo’s rate plans with an unlocked device you own.

Contacting Koodo Customer Service?

To reach Koodo Mobile customer service, you can call 1-866-995-6636 during the following hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM-9 PM, and Saturday-Sunday 9 AM-7 PM. For customers in Atlantic provinces, the hours are Monday-Friday, 10 AM-10 PM, and Saturday-Sunday, 10 AM-8 PM.

Remember that some requests may come with additional fees, and it may be more cost-effective to use their self-serve portal before making a call. Review the details before deciding on the best course of action.

Comparing Telus and Koodo: which one is the better choice?

Telus and Koodo are reputable phone companies, but they have distinct advantages. Telus boasts a robust network, while Koodo offers more affordable plans. Ultimately, your best choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

Koodo’s reputation for good customer service?

Koodo has received high praise for its customer service in Canada based on surveys and has been recognized with awards. Customers have reported that Koodo is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. If you need help with your phone or account, you can trust that Koodo will provide top-notch support. With Koodo, you can be assured that you are receiving quality customer service.

We have provided you everything now you can decide is koodo good for you or not.


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