All About Gowry Elden Ring Questline!

All About Gowry Elden Ring Questline!

Gowry Elden ring is a character in Elden Ring. He is a sage who resides in Camelid. After learning about Millicent’s condition, you will be tasked to speak more with Gowry. Gowry could not cure Millicent’s disease as he failed to find the cause of it. He instead looks for other ways to cure her with no success, like asking an Alchemist and researching on the bookshelves within his Shack. You can ask him if he can make any medicine to prevent the spread of the disease, in which he will tell you that it is impossible as he does not have any materials or tools that would be needed for it.

Two years later, he sets the stage for a questline that will involve the characters in the Elden Ring questline and many more. Finally, a new ending is unlocked after completing at least 11 out of 13 archetypes for three characters. The story ends with Millicent finally cured by Gowry, who will then serve as an advisor for other future adventurers and with his mysterious disappearance.

Gowry’s Location

Gowry’s Shack can be found in Gowry’s Shack near Sellia, Town of Sorcery, the first area of Elden Ring. Follow the dirt road from the town’s main gate to get there. Walk down the path, and you will encounter a corpse with a chest. Take note that several enemies are roaming around here. Approach Gowry’s Shack and talk to Gowry. Gowry is saddened by his failure to cure Millicent. However, he thinks that she needs fresh air and sunlight, so he looks outside his Shack for her to explore her surroundings.

Millicent and the Uncurable Scarlet Rot

Find Millicent in Elden Ring and speak with her to continue with this questline. When you approach her, she will ask you to help her escape the town so that she can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. She will then tell you of a disease known as the Scarlet Rot, which she is afflicted with. She describes it as an illness that known healers or magic users could not cure. The disease attacks a person’s nerves and vital organs, thus killing them in excruciating pain.

Gowry Elden ring theorizes that it may be caused by something Millicent ate before becoming ill. He asks you to collect some needed items from Sorcery, Town of Sorcery.

After doing so, return to Millicent and speak with her again. First, she will tell you that she may have eaten something strange before she fell ill. Then, she will request you to collect a sample of the poison she may have ingested by killing certain enemies on the outskirts of town. After collecting a sample, please bring it back to Gowry to continue with the questline.

Commander O’neil and the Unalloyed Gold Needle

Gowry Elden ring needs a tool called the Unalloyed Gold Needle to try and cure Millicent. He asks you to ask Commander O’Neil about the needle, for he is said to be able to get ahold of one. Commander O’neil is located in the Town of Sorcery at his study desk, which people can find on the upper level of the town. After speaking with him, he will tell you that he also needs some materials from the shrine on top of Mount Golgotha before making an Unalloyed Gold Needle for you.

Sellia’s Secret

After obtaining the required materials, could you bring them back to Commander O’Neil? He will then give you an Unalloyed Gold Needle in exchange. Return to Gowry with the needle and tell him that it is ready. He will ask you to deliver the needle to Millicent as he will be busy trying to find a cure for her. Defeating enemies around town can obtain items needed to cure Millicent’s disease, like the Aqua Vitae and Venom of Saragha Trees. Collect a sample of these items with or without killing enemies, then return them to Gowry at his wooden Shack in Camelid.

Millicent’s Renewed Health

Millicents Renewed Health

After collecting the items needed for curing Millicent’s disease, return to Gowry with all of them. He will be overjoyed as he finally finds a cure to cure Millicent of her disease. He will then ask you to deliver the beaker of Aqua Vitae and Venom of Saragha Trees to the old alchemist in Sorcery, Town of Sorcery.


After delivering all the items needed for curing Millicent, he returns to Gowry with her cured health, and he will again apologize for his failure. He will thank you for your help and wish you well on your way out of Elden Ring. After speaking with the Old Alchemist, he will tell you that he needs some time to prepare an antidote for Millicent. You will now be tasked to speak with him after a certain period has passed. After speaking with him again, he will hand you a potion which you need to deliver back to Millicent at Town of Sorcery.

Returning the potion to Millicent will cure her of her sickness. Talk to her again, and she tells you she is fine now but cannot help Gowry as he is too old and weak, thus unable to help determine what caused the Scarlet Rot disease.

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