Arceus Request 29: Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Arceus Request 29

After completing Arezu’s Precarious Situation narrative mission, gamers can continue The Search for Bitter Flowers by conversing with Shinon in Jubilife Town. This demand is for Petilil, the “Pokémon with 3 replicates” mentioned in the briefing room. It’s not hard to find a Petilil in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and this article will tell you where and how to search.

Petilil Place

Explore the Cottonsedge Plains on the eastern edge of the Crimson Mirelands if you’re engaged in the Bitter Herbs Proposal. To access this location, players must travel up and around Lake Valor after leaving the Diamond Village while mounted on their Pokemon Legends: Arceus horses. Even though this route might seem complicated, it really should make it simple for just about any player who has completed the Hunt for Bittersweet Herbs to get to the Cottonsedge Prairie.

Once they come, spectators will see a lot of Petilils wandering through the cotton; they must capture one and give it to Anise in Pokemon legendaries: Arceus’s Jubilife Town.

Following their engagement with that individual and flipping over the Pokemon with a number of leaves, gamers will be rewarded with a brief scene during which their search for Bitter Leaf will be marked as successful. Instructors will now also get their presents, which comprise six Hopo fruits and five excellent treatments.

Petilil Place

Petilils may also be found at the Holm of Paths on the southern border of the Scarlet Mirelands if you want; Cottonsedge Plains does not represent the only location where they can be found. The use of a special horse makes it simple for players to get there, although it’s doubtful that every player will have acquired it by this game’s halfway point. Use the Wyrdeer to jump throughout the river valley of the Holm of Tests by locating a narrow place.

A player ought to be able to finish this demand quickly. No matter where they decide to capture their Pokemon with 3 replicates, this applies. The storyline missions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus request 29, and the show’s many challenges can then be completed by fans.  I hope this article on Arceus request 29 was helpful.

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