Betty Whites Favorite Drink Vodka & Limoncello Cocktail – Secret to Long Life

Betty White was a beloved icon of the silver screen, gathering legions of adoring fans at every age. Betty Whites’s favorite drink is the secret to a long and healthy life; that’s what people believe. From her classic role on The Golden Girls to more recent appearances in films such as The Proposal and Saturday Night Live, it’s easy to see why this star continues inspiring generations with her wit and charm.

Betty White has some favorite foods, such as vodka with lemon, hot dogs, red licorice, and french fries.

Betty White Personal Life

As she recently celebrated her 97th birthday, television icon Betty White has revealed the secret to a long and healthy life – with an unexpected twist. Rather than conventional health tips involving kale or turmeric shots, her advice was “vodka and hot dogs.”

Betty White leads an active lifestyle; the only ingredient for her favorite food combo is vodka and hot dogs. But don’t expect Betty’s culinary skills to come into play, as she prefers interacting with her pet in the kitchen rather than cooking something delicious.

The actress and comedian truly believe that, in moderation, wine can be beneficial! She took it upon herself to make a video where she humorously suggested doctors’ advice of ‘drinking a glass of wine a day – before clinking an oversized glass as if saying: “Cheers!” Her lighthearted attitude is admirable.

With a life of remarkable accomplishments and fond memories, she has concluded that luck is on her side. She proudly proclaims herself as ‘the luckiest old broad on two feet with absolute assurance – free from any regrets.

Betty reflects on her career with heartfelt gratitude, noting that it has been an unexpected and wonderful privilege. She expresses her joy at being part of the television business – unless you’re a “real bad egg,” she adds, laughing!

Betty Whites Favorite Drink Was Vodka & Limoncello Cocktail 

betty white posing with her favorite drink vodka limoncello

French fries and hot dogs were some of her favorite foods, and Vodka & Limoncello cocktail was Betty Whites favorite drink she considered a secret to living long.

Betty Whites Favorite Drink Recipe

Cuisine Type: American/Italian

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Serving size: 2

Ingredients for Betty Whites favorite drink, vodka and Limoncello:

  • 1/2 cup vodka
  •  1/2 cup limoncello
  •  Ice cubes or crushed ice
  •  Lemon, for garnish


  • Shake the vodka and limoncello by mixing them into a drink mixer.
  •  Serve into the glasses.
  •  Add ice (optional)
  •  On the top, garnish with a thin slice of lemon.

I hope you like this Betty Whites favorite drink recipe. 


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