Explained: How to Spectate In Fortnite? (Chapter 3, 2022)

Explained: How to Spectate In Fortnite? (Chapter 3, 2022)

Fortnite Battle Royale is a third-person shooter with mixed reality-based gameplay and anthropomorphic animal avatars. Players are dropped onto an island with limited supplies while they travel across the map searching for weapons and building fortifications. When the player is killed, they respawn at a random location on the map. Many people wonder about the question of how to spectate in Fortnite, as the feature was removed from the game recently.

Fortnite Creative is a free-to-play sandbox-building game in which players collaborate to build forts, towers, and other structures outdoors. Fortnite Save the World is a cooperative multiplayer game mode that allows up to four players to work together to defend critical points on the map. Many people ask the question of how to spectate in fortnite; let’s get a complete answer to this question.


The game takes place in an open world. Unlike most shooters, players are not restricted to a small area but can move freely across the map and return to previously visited locations. The game features periodic updates with new features, weapons, and clothing items. Some new updates include new guns, increased item rarity, and frustration-based challenges that reward players with loot when they die in the season finale. Battle Royale is free of charge. However, it incorporates micro transactions. A Battle Royale-only mode was added at launch, requiring no additional downloads or purchases.


In Fortnite Creative mode, players can build structures in an open-world environment using basic materials found in the environment, such as wood, bricks, and stone. They can harvest vegetation to gather building materials but are vulnerable to the terrain, which can collapse or flood the area. Players can then deconstruct their structures by pressing “E” on a structure or by selecting a deconstruction option from their inventory menu. Some structures have a visible health bar that decreases when damaged but regenerates over time. In Fortnite Survival mode, players must collect resources such as food and wood while they defend their home base against waves of zombies and other enemies.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been the most popular of the three game modes since its release, with one player earning $50,000 for winning a single game. The popularity of Battle Royale led to Epic Games developing a standalone mode for console and personal computers based on the same gameplay.

Spectator mode

Spectator mode allows users to join a live in-progress match as an observer. The feature was added to the game on March 15, 2018. The players can spectate one player or team in the match, view a bird’s eye view from that specific player or team’s perspective, and switch between players and teams. Additionally, when spectating a player, the user can see their hitbox, view from their perspective, and follow them as they move around. Players can also use this mode to watch current matches of all other modes in real-time with some additional commentary from the official “Fortnite” Twitch streamers.

Why was the spectate feature removed?

The official “Fortnite” Twitter page revealed that the spectator feature was removed from the game due to security and privacy concerns. Epic Games determined that spectate mode could allow a malicious user to access information such as private communication and IP addresses.

Fortnite Battle Royale was well-received at launch and had over 10 million players in its first month, establishing it as a significant competitor to other battle royal games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. In addition, the game earned $1 billion in revenue for Epic Games within ten months after it launched in June 2018. However, there has yet to be an announcement from Epic regarding this change.

But we can only speculate that they made this decision because of how rampant stream sniping is in Fortnite. Some low-tier players will stream snipe high-tier players and have the ability to watch them through spectating. Experts think this is a massive problem for the “Fortnite” community and could cause many people to abandon the game because they genuinely don’t enjoy watching others play, even if that person is a pro. You might wonder how to spectate in fortnite; the good news is that feature of spectating is back in the game.

Public opinion

Many people criticized Epic Games for removing the spectate feature from Fortnite. The main reason developers removed it was that users could stream and snipe other players, which ruins the game for all other players who are watching. The removal of spectating is a massive hit to the “Fortnite” community and is causing many streamers/ YouTubers to stop playing Fortnite because they don’t want to be stream sniped.

People are also upset that they should have been notified before the feature was removed, mainly because it was a big part of Fortnite. In addition, some people in the community have stated that they have been spectating players for over a month and that they no longer exist on the list, meaning that Epic Games still needs to save their spectated games. It causes users to lose games from their match history that they want to replay or watch again later.

Another issue for the community is that other new games are battling Royale. They don’t even have spectator mode, but Fortnite does. It is a massive issue for the community. It would destroy their chances of playing in high-tier matches because people would be spectating them and ruining their chances of winning against a pro. Many people complain that Epic Games is ruining “Fortnite” by removing the spectator feature and that Epic Games should have communicated with players before making such a significant change to the game.

How can I spectate my friend’s match in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2?

Epic seems to have removed the “Watch Game” feature unless you are in your friend’s lobby. It is a massive issue for many people because they used to be able to spectate their friend’s matches without joining a lobby. This feature was replaced with the “spectator” mode, which only allows you to view other players after joining a lobby. It means that your friend must invite you into their lobby for you to spectate them. With the new update, users are not able to spectate players who are playing solo or duo.

Many other bugs were reported with the new spectator mode update, including audio issues such as missing sounds on some weapons, no sound when picking up items, and no sound when moving while shooting and firing guns. In addition, to prevent stream sniping, the developers of Fortnite have added a delay in the gameplay for spectators, so if you ever want to watch the game, you have to wait for at least 30 seconds. 

The portion mentioned above explains everything you should know about the question of how to spectate in Fortnite.

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