How Can You Get Silver Scarab Elden Ring? Know All About It!

How Can You Get Silver Scarab Elden Ring?

A Silver Scarab Elden ring is a type of talisman found by people in Elden Ring. The Silver Scarab is one of three types of talismans in the game, and it boosts a player’s Item Discovery by 75. It makes it excellent towards the beginning or end of your playthrough when you need to find more loot to get stronger. Players can equip themself or their party members, though the higher level and stat bonuses are reserved for players with the corresponding Talisman Mastery ability from the main skill tree. People can find these talismans in many different places, each with a different kind of effect.

Silver Scarab will generally boost your chances of finding better loot in Elden Ring. It is the most common effect in Elden Ring but could be more helpful. Silver Scarab can also increase stats like HP and stamina, which has more uses than just carrying more items. It can also damage enemies if you upgrade it enough with your skill points, making this valuable equipment for building variety.

Key Knowledge

Silver Scarab Elden ring is a kind of Item, and you can use Silver Scarab to boost different stats. Silver Scarab is a type of talisman, and it can be found in Elden Ring. Silver Scarab has three different stats: HP, Stamina, and Str. If you have applied many skill points each time on those stats, this Item will significantly increase the Str. It is also helpful if you want to find more items in Elden Ring. You can use it as your weapon or apply it to someone else at your party.

Elden Ring has three talismans: Health Talisman, Stamina Talisman, and Strength Talisman. If you want to get skills, you can get them from the Skill Master. This is very useful because if you have the skill points and equip a different talisman, you may get an increase in your stats. If you want to get the full power of this Item, let me tell you how to do it. You can upgrade it with more skill points daily as well. This quest is relatively easy. It requires only one activation daily, and this quest does not come by itself.

Item Usage

The use of a Silver Scarab Elden ring depends on what there is; if there’s a lot of loot, one might spend more time using them. On the other hand, if there is not a lot of loot, one may not be able to find much use for them, but it is still worth having them on hand in case you find the right piece of gear. The following will be listed regarding your build’s general usefulness.

Upgrading this piece of equipment will raise your Item Discovery by 75. Valid at the beginning/end of your playthrough and as part of your build variety. Being fairly common, it is also reasonably cheap to buy (all things considered). When used, the quality won’t give you any additional bonuses, but the stats are always good.

The first year of this usually gives you a 33% chance to receive an extra item (50% per year, but only if there is at least one item in the stash). This wears off at the later stages of the game, and you receive a mere 2.5% chance to gain an extra item. Stat bonuses are gained instead. For example, if there is a weapon with +15 Strength and +25 Stamina, then using Silver Scrap on that weapon would give a bonus of +5 Strength and +5 Stamina while wearing it. If they had both +15 in both stats when it was equipped, then getting the Silver Scrap would raise it by 25 points instead of 5.

What about the Silver Scarab Elden Ring Talisman?

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing video game in The Elder Scrolls. Bandai Namco studios, including FromSoftware and others, are developing it. Elden Ring’s story will take place after the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and before those of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as it follows a world known as Irhok’Zin.

How to get it?

The Silver Scarab talisman is a challenging quest to get. However, with proper knowledge, it is possible to complete it. It requires two talismans found in the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, and you need to activate them in the GrandLift of Rold.

The Silver Scarab Talisman is located in a chest at the top of Haligtree Forest on the left and right side of the road; however, there are two around each tree. You must then go through several puzzles and collect four talismans that resemble a bird’s legs, one next to each Silver Scarab Talisman. People can find the Silver Scarab and the talismans on the left and right side of the road; however, there are two around each Haligtree Forest tree. The puzzles can be solved in any order and are listed below.

Progressing to Shadowglade Approach, a cave next to Haligtree Forest. When you walk past them, there will be two crates stacked up with a “clang” sound. Use your Rope on one of the crates (not both at once) to pull it out just like a lever, where you’ll need to step away from it to open a path through the cave’s wall.

What about Grand Lift of Rold?

Grand Lift of Rold is a quest for Elden Ring, where you need to find two Haligtree Secret Medallions and go back to the GrandLift of Rold. This is a challenging quest because it requires two different secret medallions. One is a secret medallion in Grand Lift of Rold, while the other is in a cave called Haligtree Forest. To activate these medallions, you need to use your Rope on those medallions. You can do this by standing next to the medallion and pressing the use button on your controller/keyboard, which performs “Interact.” Do these while holding the rope weapon in your hand.


Silver Scarab can help complete certain quests and explore dungeons. It is also used by many players in the game, making it popular amongst players. Silver Scarab is a handy item to help you find more items in Elden Ring, but the quest is challenging. So, you can quickly get this quest by applying the information mentioned above.

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