How To Find Body Scanner Fortnite? Know All About It!

Body Scanner Fortnite

It’s crucial to remember that just one body scanner needs to be located and used in needed to finalize the operation. Nevertheless, there are eight distinct places on the battle royale battlefield, most of which are connected to the newest IO strongholds.

Its first step is to talk to Doctor Slone, who might explain the current predicament and stress the significance of figuring out who is still faithful to IO, irrespective of whether that includes visitors.

Body Scanner Fortnite destinations!

Believer Beachwell at a cabin by the facility’s entryway.
Peaceful gardenin the cabin close to the huge parabolic antenna.
Steamy Stackswell at a cabin by the facility’s entryway.
The filthy Dock areais the structure close to the radar station.
Crying forestthe structure close to the gasoline tank.
The slurpy lakeis the structure close to the radar station.
Chilly Meadowsis the structure close to the radar station.

The issue is that those Body Scanner Fortnites aren’t readily apparent. Although you could be tempted to believe they are located within the bases, they were really found within installations that are open to the general public. The area with the work desk will be where you’ll locate the backscatter scanners.

Last week, Epic asked individuals to stand on a Body Scanner Fortnite as part of one of the new challenges for Fortnite season 7. Why is that difficult to do? Let’s not spend a lot of time trying to figure out why we are here; after all, we are all here for the additional XP. I suppose it may have something to do with the continuing alien invasion plot. Look out for our guidance on where to discover the graffiti-covered building you’ll need to locate to finish yesterday’s second assignment if you want to fill up that gauge much more.


Fortunately, there are numerous venues where you may go to find a body scanner, making this a simple task. For the sake of this article, let’s choose the easiest course of action.

Go to the tiny guard tower in the IO outpost’s northwest corner. In the center is a brushed nickel circle that serves as the body scanner. As soon as you enter the body scanner, a brief shimmering motion will start, and you’ll receive a message that the task has been fully performed.

What To Do?

Finding someone by using a Body Scanner Fortnite is usually quite easy when you’ve finished the first steps. Despite there being seven of them, merely one is necessary to finish the task.

The only downside is that it requires a couple of minutes to complete, so you’ll need to keep yourselves awake while it works.

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