How To Get Moon Stone Legends Arceus?

How To Get Moon Stone Legends Arceus?

How to obtain Moon Stone legends Arceus? In this game, the player takes control of either Calem (Player 1) or Serena (Player 2) and can choose from 10 starter Pokémon. The player will journey through the regions of Sinnoh and Johto, as well as Kanto, to complete the storyline, which is set prior to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In addition to this, there are side quests (in the form of legendaries), various minigames, multiplayer with other players across the world, and a new battle system known as ‘Rotation Battle, ‘ which allows players to battle at any time they wish and a standard battle system known as ‘Triple Battle.’The Moon Stone is unique in Pokémon Legends: Arcanine. It evolves Arcanine into Pinsir if held after evolving Clefairy.

How to get it?

  • The Moon Stone legends Arceus can only be obtained through Ursaluna. Once you have found an orange signal, follow it to a dig site. You will see a group of people digging; if you are quick enough, you can get there before they finish. The fastest way to do so is to enter the area where the Moon Stone was initially found (it should show up on your minimap). Once you reach the dig site, wait until the diggers are done, then walk into the hole and grab the Moon Stone. After that, leave the site and return to the village to get back out.
  • Once all 12 players have caught a Clefairy, they will get an item request on their boards. Next, they will receive a message stating that they have caught one and what type it is (i.e. “Clefairy”). After that, they will receive another message saying they have received a Moon Stone reward. These rewards can be collected from the Space-Time Distortion in the Fabled Spring area of Coronet Highlands. Players may also find new items by doing certain things, such as catching a Clefairy or finding a space-time distortion.

Essential about the game

The game follows the main character, who is sent into the past via an invention called the Pokedex Machine. The player must explore various locations in Japan to find and capture new Pokémon, which can then be added to the player’s collection. The game features four gameplay modes: Field Research, Battle Tower, Gym Battles, and the Wild Area. Each mode offers a unique experience, such as capturing rare Pokémon, battling others, or exploring a vast wilderness filled with wild Pokémon. The game also features multiple ways to battle, including single battles between two opponents, multiplayer matches, and team battles against rival trainers.

Other ways to get Moon Stone

Players should keep an ear out for Space-Time Distorties while playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They will have many rare items and strong Pokémon to collect or catch. In addition, evolutions stones can be found on the ground inside those distortions, so make sure you check for moonstones. There is also a tiny chance that wild Clefice and Clefabes will hold a moonstone, so catching them can yield a moonstone as a reward.

Furthermore, last but not least, using the Ride Pokémon Ursaluna can help users find buried treasures around the world map, and there is a possibility for Moon Stone legends Arceus to be discovered. However, there is no guaranteed spot to find them, so users must frequently utilize Ursaluna’s tracking skills.


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