16 Best and Rare Gemstones in the World.

Fond of gemstones? You are lucky because we have compiled a list of the 16 rare gemstones on Earth.

While we may have yet to be aware of all the different types and varieties, you’ve likely heard at least one mention. Some examples include rubies (a rare red gemstone), sapphires (blue gems), select diamonds, or perfect round-shaped natural pearls, which can come in many colors, including white.

What are the rare gemstones in existence? You might be surprised to find out that they’re available for commercial use and at skyrocketing prices.

However, one type of stone has been almost impossible up until now- due to its scarcity and uniqueness. This beautiful rock can fetch a price most would dream about.

Most Rare Gemstones in the World

Gemstones are rare because it is difficult to mine them. For example, you can only find some of the most beautiful gems in Australia and South Africa, which means they’re incredibly unique compared with other stones worldwide.

The 15 Most Rare Gemstones in the World

Now here are the 16 rare gemstones in all of existence. They’re guaranteed to be worth your time and attention- check them out below.

Natural pearls

Natural pearls are now even more valuable than they were in ancient times. With their rarity, you’ll probably find one at an antique store rather than the beach.

Natural pearls are the most beautiful of all gemstones. They have a uniqueness you can’t find in any other kind, and these natural imperfections make them so perfect.

Ammolite is of the rare gemstones

Ammolite is of the rare gemstones

The rare gemstone Ammolite is an organic fossil first found in the United States Rocky Mountains. It can be similar to coral or shell, but it has been derived from sea animals instead of lakes and rivers like most other seashells do.

Ammolite is a rare and valuable gemstone because it has an amazing ability to display countless colors. The limited availability of this stone also makes its price go up as well, depending on how many different hues you can see in one piece.

Tanzanite are blue rare gemstones

Tanzanite are rare gemstones

Tanzanite was first discovered in Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro’s foot. This blue variety of Zoisite is a one-of-a-kind rare gemstone, with only limited quantities available to collectors worldwide today.

With only one source of mines where you can find this gemstone currently, prices are anticipated to continue to rise.

In case those sources dry up too–there’s no way for you (the consumer) ever get your hands on another Tanzaniaite unless some kind soul decides they want nothing more than a beautiful rock.

This makes them an “exclusive’ treasure for those lucky enough not to have already bought what was available when supplies still flooded the market.

Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds are rare gemstones

Well, diamonds themselves hold a significant value as rare gemstones. However, Red Diamonds are considered the most expensive and hardest type of them, a beautiful red color that makes it stand out from other colors such as green or yellow -isn’t found anywhere else but on one’s skin.

And though they may seem like another variation within this brilliant sparkly stone we call “diamond,” these special gems carry an almost mythic weight in society due to Jane Marie, translated by Edward Jump Jr., who wrote about her experiences during colonial possessions for England.”

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone

For those who enjoy a little mystery and magic in their lives, there’s no better way to do so than with an elegant Alexandrite stone.

This rare gemstone can change colors depending on what light source falls onto it – from green during daylight hours into purple-red when exposed to incandescent lights or candles.

The price of an alexandrite gemstone can vary depending on the quality. A high-quality stone will cost more than regular emeralds or sapphires but less if colored like rubies.

In many cases, diamonds are cheaper when compared Side by Side with their counterparts from other stone families, such as amethysts. You might need over $30k just for one carat.

Painite AKA Burma Ruby

Painite is a rare gemstone found in Burma, but it has been seen as far away from its home country to countries such have England and Scotland.

Painites are everywhere because they made their way into the Guinness Book Of World Records when this amazing stone came under consideration for being “The world’s rarest minerals.”

The painite gemstones are rare, with only 24 being found in total. These two were the first to be discovered back when they had just taken up mining for it more than ten years ago.

There are over 1000 Painite gemstones available, but many people need to learn they come from Myanmar. It’s only in recent years, though- the past few decades- that this country has been opening mines and producing these beautiful gems.

Even with all of its wealth (133 million carats annually), it still doesn’t compare to how much diamonds produce yearly: an estimated 1 billion pounds sterling or more than $60 thousand per ounce.


Musgravite is a rare and beautiful gemstone that was unknown until its discovery in 1967. These dark blue stones have been found to exist only within the Musgraves of South Australia, Antarctica (among other places), Madagascar, and Greenland.

The Gemological Institute of America only recognizes eight specimens as pure and large enough to be cut.

While there are only eight known musgravites on this planet, they’re both pure and large enough for cutting.


You can only find the rare Larimar gemstones near the mountain range of the Dominican Republic. These silicate minerals have a variety of colors, including white or light-blue shades to deep blues that change color depending on how much water they’ve seen through time.

When the 1970s came and went, it wasn’t until 1978 that Miguel Méndez rediscovered Larimar. He named this beautiful gemstone after his daughter -Larissa- who lives in often sunny St Thomas Island (also known as Tigua). It’s a shame there are only two sources for these stones, one on our shores.


Richard Taaffe, a jeweler from Ireland, found this rare gemstone and named it after himself.

Well, similar to spinel, which can also be called “Spinell,”; the two stones look very different, but they both come with unique qualities that make them worth checking out if you’re looking for something special in your jewelry box or wish list.

The rarest gem on Earth is Taaffeite, which has only been found in Sri Lanka. Taaffeites are considered one of the most rare gemstones out there.

Additionally, this small number of stones from China or Tanzania also made their way onto the market due to natural occurrences rather than a human activity which amplifies how exclusive these precious gems truly are.


image 39

The rarest and most expensive variety of jade is called “jaded.” It has a green hue found in many ancient Chinese, Mayan, and Maori legends.

The variety of colors found in jadeite is as diverse and unique as the gemstone itself.

Some rarer hues include blue-green, lavender-pink, or purple shades that their subtle differences from white can identify through these lighter pastels until they reach deep purples near black at their grassroots foundation with hints upon suggestions beneath them if you’re skilled enough for discovery.

Red Beryl is one of the rare gemstones

image 40

The rare red beryl has many names, including Bixbite and Red Emerald.

It’s sometimes called a scarlet gem because it contains trace amounts of manganese which causes the color in this jewel stone to turn deep rosy inaugural shades similar to those seen on old English timelines when people would use blood oranges for juicing instead of their standard oranges had been shipped from Spain during Columbus’ voyage across the ocean blue.

The rarest of the three types is red beryl, but it’s also one that many people are unaware of. This crystal can only be found at sites in Utah and Mexico, where there is about 150kg for every million diamonds or crystals- making them 8 thousand times more difficult to mine than diamond ore.

Black Opal

image 41

The Lightning Ridge mine in New South Wales is the only place to find black opals. They’re rare and beautiful, with each stone’s unique color scheme resembling an abstract work of art.

The rarest of all gems, black opals, are now being discovered in new places. You found one such deposit to have an Aurora Australis stone worth over 763k USD. This 180-carat beauty was valued at AUS 1 million dollars (in 2005).

Black: The most expensive Black Opal gemstone ever sold for around 758 thousand US Dollars back when it went up during the 1980s; but today, you can find these specialties online with prices ranging between 50 cents – 5 figures depending upon their size and quality.


image 42

This rare mineral was first found in Madagascar by French mineralogist Alfred Lacroix over 100 years ago. It is now only produced where he could find its finest quality – mostly blue-green crystals with those amazing specks of gold throughout them.

The name Grandidierite honors the explorer who discovered it, but there’s more than just his memory at stake here. We’re keeping an eye out for similar rare gemstones around other parts of Earth, too, so that they can get their naming rights.


image 43

You can only find the rare Benitoite gemstones near California’s SanBenito River. These deep-blue colored gems reflect stunning fire-like light dispersion, which is more attractive than many diamonds, and are usually available in small sizes.


image 44

Poudretteite is a beautiful, light-pink-colored gemstone found in Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, during the 1960s. It’s also interesting to note how one of these stones had been cut for display at The Smithsonian Museum before 2000.


image 45

The rare gemstone Jeremejevite was first found in Siberia’s Lake Baikal over 200 years ago. These extremely stunning stones have been confirmed to exist not only on Earth but also within Namibia’s Desert Glass Formation, where they are mined as well, with very limited quantities coming out every year or so depending upon how much pressure rocks need put onto them before becoming transparent enough for people see through.

So these are the rare gemstones that attracts us a lot but are difficult to find.


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