Where to Watch The Latest Season Of Animal Kingdom In Canada

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Animal Kingdom is a popular American drama series that many Canadian viewers enjoy. If you are a fan of the show or want to see all the buzz, there are various options for watching season five of Animal Kingdom in Canada.

To watch season five of Animal Kingdom in Canada, you have several options, including streaming services and basic cable. The following section will explore three ways to access this show in Canada.

Where to Stream Animal Kingdom Season 5 in Canada

Streaming Services That Feature Animal Kingdom

Even though Animal Kingdom is not available on the same streaming service in the United States, some Canadian streaming services offer the show. You can watch Animal Kingdom in Canada using the following services:

Netflix: Animal Kingdom is not available on Netflix in the United States, but it can be streamed on Canadian Netflix.

Amazon Prime: Using Amazon Prime Video, you can access episodes of Animal Kingdom up to season five in Canada. However, season six is currently unavailable on Amazon Prime in Canada.

Google Play Movies is another option for accessing Animal Kingdom in Canada. You can purchase individual seasons of the show through this platform, making it a convenient choice if you want to avoid committing to a streaming service.

TNT is a good option for watching Animal Kingdom in Canada, as it allows you to stream episodes of the show and watch live broadcasts.

The CTV Go app is not a widely used option for streaming Animal Kingdom in Canada, as it only provides access to CTV dramas. However, this could be a good option if you are a drama series fan.

Streaming services are currently popular for media consumption because they allow users to watch their favorite shows at any time rather than wait for a specific airing time.

Many streaming services offer on-demand access to various shows, so you can usually find the programs you want to watch. However, choosing a streaming service that offers multiple shows you are interested in may be more cost-effective than just one.

Cable TV: How to Watch

Animal Kingdom season five can be watched using one of the streaming services mentioned previously or through basic cable on CTV. CTV airs all six seasons of the show, with season five being the penultimate season.

Many Canadian residents have difficulty determining where they can watch the show in its entirety.”

What is the Plot of Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom is a crime drama television show inspired by a film about a family who turns to crime to support their lifestyle. This show deals with serious themes and may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to such topics. It is recommended to be cautious when considering watching this show.”

This show follows the story of a family who runs a criminal enterprise and carries out various heists together.”

Animal Kingdom aired from 2015 to 2021 and was popular throughout its run. While some reviewers have noted that the show can be predictable at times, a common theme among crime dramas, many viewers have found the show engaging due to its well-developed characters and heavy themes. “

The show is popular because it balances difficult topics with comedic relief, making it enjoyable for viewers.”

The success of the show can be attributed to the skillful balance of comedy and serious themes by the director. The portrayal of career criminals also adds to the show’s appeal and has contributed to its positive reviews.”

Where Can I Watch Animal Kingdom on Cable in Canada?

If you have basic cable and live in Canada, you can watch Animal Kingdom on a few different channels without purchasing a subscription to its streaming service.

Some people prefer cable over purchasing multiple streaming services to access various shows, so they are hesitant to cancel their cable subscriptions.

If you are in Canada, you can watch Animal Kingdom on the CTV drama channel with basic cable. In the United States, the show is available on TNT.

Both TNT and CTV are popular options for watching Animal Kingdom. TNT offers a variety of live shows, while CTV has a selection of other drama programs that may interest viewers who enjoy Animal Kingdom. If you enjoy the show, you will likely enjoy other programs on CTV.

How Many Seasons Are There Of Animal Kingdom?

Since its premiere in 2015, Animal Kingdom has aired six seasons, with a new episode released every week while the seasons were active. The show received positive feedback from viewers and maintained its popularity throughout its run. It concluded after airing all six seasons.

It is important to check which seasons of Animal Kingdom are available on a streaming service before signing up, as some only offer the first four seasons. However, many streaming services offer all six seasons and can also be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Downloading the seasons of Animal Kingdom from the Google Play store is a good option for those who want to binge-watch the show without committing to a monthly subscription to a streaming service. That is especially appealing to those who do not watch TV frequently and want to avoid paying for a streaming service they will not use regularly.

Is the Animal Kingdom Based on a Real Story?

Animal Kingdom is a TV show based on an Australian movie inspired by the true story of the Pettengill family, known as one of the most notorious criminal families in the world. However, the events depicted in the show are not based on the real-life experiences of the Pettengill family.

The Pettengill family was involved in drug trafficking, armed robberies, and illegal arms dealing. They were convicted of various crimes, including murder and sexual offenses, and many family members spent time in prison. The family’s involvement in the criminal industry led to their notoriety as one of the world’s most prolific criminal families.

The Animal Kingdom movie and TV show were inspired by a real-life family of ten children and two adults involved in crime. This family has significantly impacted popular culture, inspiring numerous movies, books, and TV shows.

The Melbourne gangland killings and Walsh Street police shootings are two of the most well-known crimes associated with the real-life family that inspired Animal Kingdom. After the death of one of the key members, Victor Pierce, the family’s criminal activity slowed down because he was considered one of their most skilled members.

How Does the Animal Kingdom TV Show Differ from the Movie?

The Animal Kingdom movie is about the Pettengill family of career criminals, and it was turned into a TV show. However, the TV show is not based on the Pettengill family and instead features fictional crimes. The TV show was created based on the movie, which is its predecessor.

Many of the crimes depicted in the movie, Animal Kingdom, were inspired by the crimes committed by the Pettengill family. This family was notorious for their shocking crimes, and they had a significant influence on various media outlets. They were a dominant force in the Melbourne criminal underworld during the 1970s and 1980s.

The concept of an entire family working together to commit crimes for financial gain is shocking and intriguing, which is why the movie Animal Kingdom was made.

A significant distinction between the TV show and the movie is that the movie is set in the same city where the Pettengill family held sway in reality.”

On the other hand, the TV show is set in the United States and has a wide following among American and Canadian viewers. The fact that the TV show is set in the US rather than Melbourne is another fictionalized element that sets it apart from the movie.”

Therefore, if you want to watch a more grounded reality show about this criminal family, the Animal Kingdom movie would be the better choice. On the other hand, the TV show would be a more suitable option if you are looking for a purely fictional crime drama.”

The TV show shares only one similarity with real life: it centers on a family of professional criminals. However, the TV show is not necessarily based on the crimes committed by the actual Melbourne family.”

Who is the Target Audience for Animal Kingdom?

It is important to know that Animal Kingdom is inappropriate for children. The TV show deals with sexual and criminal themes that children may not be able to comprehend without parental guidance.”

Based on the name of the TV show, you might initially think it is similar to Animal Planet and would provide educational content for your children. However, this is not the case; the show is a drama program.”

“Parents must monitor their children’s shows to ensure they consume appropriate media. However, if your children are mature enough to understand the heavy themes presented in Animal Kingdom, it can be an enjoyable show to watch together. For example, many teenagers can understand and enjoy crime dramas.”

If you are sensitive to sexual themes or drug-related crimes, you may want to avoid this show as it features many such themes. On the other hand, if you are interested in a drama about a family working together to commit crimes for financial gain, this drama may be well-suited for you.”

It is essential to understand that the situations depicted in the show are purely fictional and should not be emulated in real life. If you are concerned about the show’s influence on your or your family’s behavior, it may be best to avoid it altogether.”

Are There Plans for Additional Episodes of Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom concluded with season six, and there are no plans for additional episodes. Season six was the show’s final season and ended with a strong season finale. While the crime drama was popular, it is difficult to argue that the show should continue after it has wrapped up in such a definitive manner.”

It is also uncommon for a TV show to end as smoothly as Animal Kingdom did, as most shows tend to end when they lose viewership. “

However, people remained interested in this crime drama from the beginning and never lost interest. The fact that the creators chose to end the show with a strong conclusion rather than dragging it out until viewership declined demonstrates the show’s strong direction.”


Animal Kingdom is a well-liked crime drama, and it is available for streaming in Canada through Amazon Prime, the CTV drama channel, or Canadian Netflix. These options will allow you to watch season five of Animal Kingdom and see what all the hype is about.”


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