Why You Must Know About Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo?

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo is one of those people in this world who are an inspiration and extremely exceptional.

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo is not only the director of Champagne Pommery, but he’s also previously owned Hotel Particulier in Paris, which served as a function hall for many events.

When he had an accident, a young immigrant named Abdel came into his life, and the two have changed ever since.

Who is Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo?

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo is the second son of the French Duke, Pozzo Di Borgo, and his mother’s name is Marquis de Vogue.

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After graduating from school, Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo decided to start work in the champagne industry. He became a manager at Moet and Chandon, where he ran production lines and shipped bottles all over Europe for export customers.

He got paralyzed in an accident in 1993. in 1996 he mourned his wife as she passed of cancer. Due to all of these troubles in his life, he tried to commit suicide with an oxygen tube, but he couldn’t succeed.

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How Abdel came into Philippe’s Life

His story is so inspirational that it was adapted into a movie called The Intouchables or Un Touchable in the UK.

The film is based on this French aristocrat’s life and his Moroccan attendant Abdel Salou.

Philippe was a high-level executive in his early thirties when he had an accident that left him unable to care for himself. He needed someone else who could take over most of the tasks involved with looking after this healthy man so as not to burden themselves or lose hope. Still, there were many candidates due to Philippe’s social standing and wealth — yet out of all these potential assistants came one very interesting discovery: A street hustler named Abdel who used prison cells as homes.

When Abdel went to the job interview in an attempt to keep his French Visa, he wasn’t expecting anything special. But after only one meeting with this 42-year-old millionaire businessman from Morocco. The two became inseparable, and it’s been said that their movie together became one of France’s most popular feel-good movies ever made.

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When Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo took a liking to Abdel, he realized that the man didn’t think of him as someone who needed his help. It seemed like there were no feelings – just irreverent jokes and an altogether cheeky personality that made life enjoyable again for this old dog.

The two had a blast together, just as friends would. One example of this is when Abdel installed an engine onto Philippe’s wheelchair so that they could race together.

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