How Old Is Flynn Rider In Tangled? Complete Guide

How Old Is Flynn Rider

How Old Is Flynn Rider – Tangled is an animated film by Walt Disney inspired by the fairy tale Rapunzel, The Disney Princess. She has golden-long hair and is prisoned by Mother Gothel in Corona kingdom. 

In Disney’s movie Tangled (2010), Flynn Rider is an adorable villain who wins Rapunzel’s heart. Curious to know more about Flynn? LOL!! Don’t worry as in this article, we will let you know everything about How old is Flynn Rider and who is he?

Let’s dive into that:-

Who is Flynn Rider?

Who is Flynn Rider?

We learnt from the Tangled movie that Flynn has one more name, and later we got to know that he has three names actually. His real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, and he was raised in the orphanage, unaware of the fact that he was the son of King Edmund – Dark Kingdom Rulers. Horace was Flynn’s birth name, but we will get to know this after the actual Tangled movie. 

He was influenced by “The Tales of Flynnigan Rider” book and therefore made up his name. He is undoubtedly the most fascinating and challenging character in the Disney movies.

Flynn is not so beloved because he has facial hair and is famous for his furrowed good looks and unquestionably for the very popular Flynn Rider Anger.

How old is Flynn Rider?

How old is Flynn Rider?

There are no clues regarding how old Flynn Rider is, but we assume that Rapunzel is younger than him. 

There are no indications of his age in Tangled, but the directors stated that Flynn is between 24 and 26 years old. So, we can assume that Flynn should be 24 in Tangled. 

Mother Gothel is more than 1000 years old, and she doesn’t look outstanding; instead can be taken into consideration. 

How old is Rapunzel?

How old is Rapunzel?

We learnt from Tangled that Rapunzel is awaiting her 18th birthday. So, it indicates that she was 17 at the beginning of the movie and turned 18 in the middle of the film. 

Flynn is what years older than Rapunzel?

Flynn is what years older than Rapunzel?

Flynn Rider is 24 years old, and Rapunzel is 18 years old, so let’s do simple math–subtract 18 from 24. Therefore, the age gap between Rapunzel and Flynn is 6 years in the first movie. 

In “Tangled Ever After”, a 6-minute sequel short film, Rapunzel and Flynn get married. This short film was made 2 years after the actual movie. Flynn is 26 or 27 in this sequel, and Rapunzel is 20 or 21. 

There is a belief among people that this age gap is enormous, but at least Rapunzel falls in love as an adult, unlike her younger Disney Princess sisters like Jasmine (15) and Snow White (14). And also, Rapunzel takes her complete time to get married as compared to other Disney Princesses. 


Why is Flynn Rider 26?

In “Tangled Ever After”, Rapunzel and Flynn get married. This short film was made 2 years after the original full-length movie. Therefore, we assume that Flynn is 26 or 27 and Rapunzel is 20 or 21. 

Why do fans love Flynn so much?

Flynn was bold and sacrificial. His rescue of Rapunzel diminished her strength as a character or threatened her capability; it only added to the rich interaction. Flynn Rider was a solid male character paired with a strong female character, and the result was the best Disney princess movie anyone had seen.

Who is the youngest Disney Princess?

Snow White is the most notable of all while being the youngest princess at 14 years old, she’s also the first princess in the first animated feature ever.

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