John Mellencamp Net Worth 2023: Career, Spouse and many more

John Mellencamp Net Worth

John Mellencamp Net Worth – John Mellencamp is an Indiana-born American singer, guitarist, and songwriter and is a well-known name in the music industry because of his outstanding rock music. So, are you all excited to know everything about John Mellencamp net worth? Let’s dive into that:

This well-known singer has provided us with many hits, some of them are “Cherry Bomb”, “Hurts So Good”, and “Paper In Fire”. His personal life always aroused the interest of his fans. 

Apart from his career, John’s love life is very eventful. He had married a time thrice, but they all ended up with divorce and numerous unsuccessful relationships. After his divorce from his third wife, he dated supermodel Christie Brinkley, actress Meg Ryan and skincare expert Jamie Shergill. In 2020, John and Jamie started dating, and in 2021 Jan, they had already parted ways. 

Now, fans are curious to know whether John will walk down the aisle as John has five children with Elaine Irwin, Victoria Granucci and Priscilla Esterline, which reminds him of everything he has done.

Fast Facts:

First Name John 
Last NameMellencamp 
Gender Male
Profession Singer, Musician, Film Director, Actor and Painter
Religion Christianity 
University Vincennes University 
Educational Qualification N/A
Date of Birth October 7, 1951
Age 71
Height 5’6”
Weight 68 kgs
Nationality American 
Place of Birth Seymour, Indiana, United States
Marital Status Divorced 
Father’s NameRichard Mellencamp
Mother’s NameMarilyn Lowe
Net worth $35 million
Monthly Income $0.2 Million+
Yearly Income $3 Million+

John Mellencamp’s Spouse and Children

John has been married thrice–first, with Priscilla Esterline, Second, with Victoria Granucci and thirdly, with Elaine Irwin. He is a father to five children–Hud and Speck, two sons with Eline, Justice and Teddi; two daughters with Victoria and one more daughter, Michelle, with Priscilla. 

Priscilla Esterline

Date of BirthSometime in 1954
Occupation Unknown 
Number of Children with JohnOne daughter (Michelle)
Marriage Duration1969-1981

At a time when everyone less knew John Mellencamp, he married Priscilla. She was known as the famous singer’s first wife; apart from this, no one knew anything about her. The couple eloped as they were in a relationship, and she got pregnant with his child; therefore, they got married at a very young age. In 1970, their child was born. 

In 1969, the couple got married, but destiny had other plans for them, so they parted ways for unclear reasons. Although, there were rumours that it was related to John’s growing fame and career as he was more concerned for his career than his marriage. Some research shows that in 2012, she passed away. 

John’s only child with Priscilla – Michelle Mellencamp

Age 52
Occupation Unknown 
Date of BirthDecember 4, 1970
michelle mellencamp

John’s first and only child with Priscilla is their first daughter, Michelle Mellencamp. Apart from being the first child of the well-known singer, we had no other information about Michelle. In numerous reports, Michelle was called Michelle Peach as she gave birth to Elexis Peach, John’s first grandchild. 

Victoria Granucci

Occupation Former Actress
Age 64
Date of BirthNovember 26, 1958
Number of Children with JohnTwo daughters (Justice and Teddi)
Marriage Duration 1981-1989
John Mellencamp and Victoria Granucci
John Mellencamp and Victoria Granucci

The year in which his marriage with Priscilla collapsed, there began his subsequent marriage with Victoria Granucci. Right after graduation, Victoria started her career in the industry and became very popular after working in Showbiz. However, she gained recognition when it was rumoured that her romantic partner was John. 

Victoria worked with John in several music videos and gathered attention and popularity after featuring in “Jack and Diane”, Famer’s hit music video. 

In 1981, the couple got married, and by the end of 1985, they were parents to Justice and Teddi, their two adorable daughters. Four days after John became a grandfather, Victoria filed an appeal to end their marriage. In 1994, John confessed that he was not faithful to her, and before that, the reason behind their divorce remained a secret. 

John and Victoria’s children

Teddi Mellencamp

Occupation Accountability Coach and Actress 
Age 42
Date of BirthJuly 1, 1981
Teddi Mellencamp & Edwin Arroyave
Teddi Mellencamp Edwin Arroyave

Teddi is the first daughter of John and Victoria. She is John’s most famous child as she has built her career as an actress in the industry. She has done several TV series, but the most popular were “Next Level” (2019), “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (2010) and “Flipping Out” (2007). 

Apart from being an actress, she is also an accountability coach. In 2011, Teddi tied the knot with Edwin Arroyave, Founder and CEO of Skyline Security Management. They have three children named Slate Arroyave, Dove Mellencamp Arroyave and Cruz Arroyave. 

Justice Mellencamp

Occupation Unknown 
Age 38
Date of Birth1985 (approx.)
Justice mellencamp

Justice is the second daughter of John and Victoria. She is unlike John and Teddi, as Justice chooses to live a private life. Nobody knows what she does for a living. In 2014, she tied the knot with Michael Moore.

 As per the data, the couple is in South Carolina and is already parents to two children. 

Elaine Irwin 

Occupation Model 
Age 53
Date of Birth August 26, 1969
Number of John’s children Two sons (Speck and Hud)
Marriage duration 1992-2011
Elaine Irwin

John Mellencamp’s third wife was Elaine Irwin, a supermodel. In 1991, she met John when she was the face of Almay Cosmetics. They quickly became lovers after Elaine got a contract to get featured on John’s album “Whenever We Wanted”. 

After just two and a half months of dating, they got engaged and married in September 1992. The couple were parents to two sons, but in 2011, they ended their marriage as John claimed the relationship was irretrievably broken. Data shows that they had chosen to share the custody of their sons. 

The couple wanted to move on, so in 2011, they officially ended their marriage. At the end of 2011, data claimed they were in serious relationships with their new lovers. 

John and Elaine’s two sons

Speck Mellencamp

Occupation Oil painter 
Age 28
Date of Birth1995 (approx.)
Speck Mellencamp
Speck Mellencamp

Speck is the first son of John and his third wife, Elaine. He wanted to be an oil painter – an artist. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a B.A. in Oil painting. 

Speck is the Executive Director of the Southern Indiana Centre for Arts in Seymour. 

In 2018, Speck and his brother fought at a restaurant in Indiana. Because of that, he was put behind bars and charged with public intoxication and law enforcement. He felt guilty and was delivered a six months trial sentence along with community service of 25 hours. 

Hud Mellencamp

Occupation Undetermined 
Age 29
Date of Birth April 27, 1994

Hud is the second son of John and his third wife, Elaine. Hud studied at Duke University. In Junior Olympic State Boxing, he was the Indiana champion of the Golden Gloves Division two times. So, he is pretty athletic. 

John Mellencamp Net Worth

You all are very curious to know John Mellencamp net worth, so here we go–

John Mellencamp was born on October 7 1952, and as a child, he was very fond of music. 


He was so passionate about music that, at 14, he formed his band named “Crepe Soul”. He graduated from Vincennes University and opted to devote all his time to the industry as a musician. 

Initially, he worked very hard to get noticed among all the singers and debuted his album “Chestnut Tree Incident”. He dropped a couple of studio albums but received only moderate success. But in 1982, his album “American Fool” was a mega-hit, making him a superstar. 

His album “American Fool” kick-started numerous financial successes for him. Because of that, he is a multi-millionaire, and therefore, we can say that John Mellencamp net worth is currently estimated at $35 million. 


Apart from singing, John is a versatile entertainer and prospered as an actor. All his efforts have only made him richer. He has also been seen as a standard actor in projects like Roadies, Lone Star State of Mind, Falling From Grace, After Image, Madison and Top of the Pops. Acting has also contributed significantly to John Mellencamp net worth.

Soundtrack Artist

Apart from acting and singing, he is also a musician, making it possible for John to make money in the industry through various other means, including soundtrack performer. John has provided numerous soundtracks for popular movies and shows. Some of them include “Criminal Minds”, “Lucifer”, “Young Sheldon”, “Fresh off the Boat”, “Billions”, “Stranger Things”, and many more. 

As a soundtrack artist, John has more than 60 credits. 

YouTube Channel

Various singers have grabbed the opportunity of uploading videos on YouTube to get richer. Why would John miss out on this? Therefore, in 2007, John created his YouTube channel, and currently, he has more than 170k subscribers with more than 186 million views.

An estimate based on 186+ million views suggests that John earned at least $558,000 from this channel.


Being a singer, soundtrack artist, actor, and YouTuber wasn’t enough for John, so he also started painting. After some time, he also started making a living from this. 

John’s art prints are sold for $3500 each, and lithographs for $1500 each. As John has a huge fan following, he claimed that for purchasing his art prints and lithographs, he gets a lot of requests from his fans and other people. This has contributed significantly to John Mellencamp net worth. 

He owns two homes, one in Daufuskie Island, South Carolina and the other in Bloomington, Indiana. For a Plaza construction, John once donated $50,000, and therefore, he is a public-spirited person. 

List of Sources of Income

  • Earnings from Concert Tours 
  • Acting Paychecks 
  • Income generated from Record Sales
  • Income from providing Soundtracks 
  • Income from his YouTube channel 
  • Income from selling framed art prints and lithographs

John Mellencamp net worth growth

John Mellencamp Net Worth in 2023$35 Million
John Mellencamp Net Worth in 2022$32 Million
John Mellencamp Net Worth in 2021$29 Million
John Mellencamp Net Worth in 2020$26 Million
John Mellencamp Net Worth in 2019$23 Million
John Mellencamp Net Worth in 2018$20 Million


John Mellencamp is an Indiana-born American singer, guitarist, and songwriter and is a well-known name in the music industry because of his outstanding rock music. Now, you all know everything about John Mellencamp net worth and all about its sources. This is all the information that we have gathered from our thorough research. We hope you like our article. Thank you for reading. 


What is John Mellencamp net worth?

John Mellencamp net worth is currently estimated at $35 million. 

How old is John?

John Mellencamp is 71 years old. 

Who is John’s wife?

John Mellencamp was married to Elaine Irwin (1992–2011), Victoria Granucci (1981–1989), and Priscilla Esterline (1970–1981).

What is John’s yearly income?

John’s yearly income is $3 million+


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