Slotomania Inner Circle: VIP App, Statuses & More

Slotomania Inner Circle

Slotomania Inner Circle – Are you searching for Slotomania VIP App or Slotomania Inner Circle? You are at the ideal place. In this article, we will discuss everything about Slotomania Inner Circle, Royal Diamond and Black Member Status, Becoming a Slotomania VIP and much more. Let’s get started–

Slotomania is an amazing and the most popular casino app with over 20 million players. The primary reason why this game is so admired is its magnificent VIP program. 

In the rewarding loyalty program, players are required to go through 7 levels in the App. Your chances of acquiring good rewards will increase based on how much you play. 

If you want to acquire amazing bonuses and enjoy free online games, then Slotomania is the perfect choice for you. 

Slotomania VIP App

Slotomania VIP is the most incredible rewards program. It consists of 7 levels which offer players an opportunity to earn exciting benefits. The most distinctive aspect of Slotomania Royal is that this game can be played on over 100 machines. 

Due to its extensive features, it becomes complicated to avoid this game. You receive complimentary access to suitable slot machines, along with numerous themes which will unlock when you move forward in this game. 

Accessing Slotomania VIP App 

If you want to join others in Slotomania online casino games, download this app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Open an account after filling in the necessary details and start playing. Your chances of acquiring numerous bonuses and good rewards will increase on the basis of how much you play this game. It has become increasingly popular because it rewards your loyalty. 

In order to join the Rewards Scheme – Playtika, you are required to play several games. After that, you can access many more VIP games and other new ways to earn more points.

VIP Statuses Of Slotomania Inner Circle 

You will start earning Status Points (SP) when playing in the Slotomania app. After every in-app purchase, you will level up. If you play those selected games, you can earn double & triple SP.

The moment you start earning SP, you will be able to move through the 7 levels. Every level has incredible bonuses and benefits, but its objective is to achieve the benefit of Black Diamond Slotomania. 

Bronze Status 

Bronze Status
Bronze Status

The bronze status marks the beginning of the Slotomania VIP journey. It gives players an opportunity to get daily rewards worth 250 coins. You must only obtain 150 SR points to proceed towards the next level.  

Silver Status 

If you are fond of playing numerous games and using all the gifts, rewards and bonuses, you will set foot on silver status shortly. After reaching here, you will receive double SP on Level Ups and Purchases along with a 15% increase on Mega Bonus. It will also include a more significant daily gift. 

Gold Status 

After gathering 4K SP, your gold-level access will be granted. There are numerous fantastic and excellent benefits, which also include a daily gift worth 100K coins. You must obtain 30K SP points to proceed towards the Platinum Status. 

Platinum Status 

Slotomania Inner Circle VIP Statuses

After reaching platinum status, the rewards start becoming exclusive. You will receive an X40 multiplier on rewards and gifts of fan pages. You will also receive a daily free gift worth 200K coins. You are required to earn 250K SP in order to proceed towards the next stage. 

Diamond Status 

Slotomania VIP Diamond Status daily gift is worth 500K coins. On every in-game purchase, your coin packages are worth more than 7 times. An X100 multiplier on rewards and gifts of fan pages will be rewarded to you, and in order to proceed towards the next level, you have to earn 2M SP.

Royal Diamond Status 

Slotomania Royal Diamond VIP Status is considered the 2nd most exclusive status and the level for which all the players compete because it includes magnificent rewards and benefits. Slotomania Royal Diamond VIP rewards you with 1M+ free daily coins. In order to proceed towards the next level, you have to earn 8M SP. 

Black Diamond Status 

VIP Statuses Of Slotomania Inner Circle 

Slotomania Black Diamond VIP Status is considered the crown achievement in which you will be rewarded with breathtaking bonuses and rewards. This exclusive is for elite members, meaning you must get this in the Slotomania VIP inner circle.


In this article, we will discuss everything about Slotomania Inner Circle, Slotomania Royal, Royal Diamond and Black Member Status, Becoming a Slotomania VIP and much more. We hope you like this article on Slotomania Inner Circle, and if you have any queries related to Slotomania Inner Circle, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section. Thank you for reading this post. 


From where to download Slotomania VIP App?

Search Slotomania on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download it for free, as Slotomania VIP App is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

How many levels are there on Slotomania VIP?

There are 7 status levels on Slotomania VIP, which include Bronze Status, Silver Status, Gold Status, Platinum Status, Diamond Status, Royal Diamond Status and Black Diamond Status or Slotomania Inner Circle.

How to become part of Slotomania VIP Inner Circle?

The Slotomania VIP inner circle is the Black Diamond status level and is the highest level of the VIP program. Slotomania keeps this exclusive information a secret. You have to reach this elite status to earn its incredible bonuses and rewards. 

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