Top 12 Best Succubus Anime 2023

Succubus Anime

Succubus Anime – Succubus is a female demon that lures men whether it is comedy, adventure or fantasy – Succubus is required in every anime. 

Their powers are lethal or the most humorous. So, which character will dissolve at the attraction of succubi, and what are they going to abandon for these seductive ladies? So, in this article, we will discuss the top 12 best succubus anime. Let’s get started:- 

Best Anime Succubus 

#12 Tomie 


From Junji lto, Tomie Kawakami marks the beginning of her story with her demise. She is a girl from a famous high school having boundless beauty and dies a fearful death resulting in her classmates dissecting her and her body parts. 

It marks the beginning of Tomie’s story as a succubus, having jet black hair who revives even after facing countless ends.

#11 Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar

Astarotte “Lotte” Ygvar
Astarotte Lotte Ygvar

Lotte is a princess succubus in Astarotte Toy who lives in a magical world. She requires men’s lives to regain her magic and to keep the family tree flourishing. 

She requires men only at hand because she cannot stand them. 

One day, her one follower has to visit the human world to take a man for Lotte and returns with an older man (23), Naoya Touhara – also bringing his daughter as he is a single dad. 

#10 Morrigan Aensland Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Morrigan Aensland
Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan from Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge is a succubus demon who is fond of visiting Earth compared to her role as a royal family member, as she considers it very dull. 

She secretly ruled the human realm as an element of the Darkstalkers because it was in dispute with other evil creatures like zombies, werewolves and even vampires. She became infuriated when the robotic race known as Huitzil states that humans must be abolished and, therefore, wants Darkstalkers to battle with Huitzil in order to protect humanity. 

#9 Reika Houjo

Reika Houjo
Reika Houjo

Reika is a succubus with a sweet and sour personality in Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun.

She is the heiress of her father’s kingdom and the student council’s president. She becomes a maid of Shungo Ninomiya and fights against a succubus, Mayu Tsukimura, to win his love.

Shungo Ninomiya is a high schooler, but everything gets transformed when his older sister asks Mayu, along with her brother, to come to their house in order to provide Shungo company when she is away due to work. 

Later, it is revealed that Mayu’s brother is an incubus, and she is a succubus. 

#8 Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse
Maria Naruse

Maria is a succubus servant of Mio, the daughter of the Demon Lord and her sister. She is a silver-haired succubus. They are the stepsisters of Basara Toujou, and therefore, one day, Mio and Maria (in the testimony of the Sister New Devil) ask Basara about their real identities. 

Later, he has to admit that he is the “Ex-Hero” of an enemy of demons. Regardless of this, Basara comes into contact with Mio and takes an oath to protect his sisters. 

Basara grabs the Hero role again in order to combat demons; his deep dark secret starts coming onto the surface, which can endanger his family more as compared to a demon.

#7 Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono
Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu is a joyous and assertive friend of Moka who is envious of her admiration and attempts to seduce Tsukune and other male students in order to enslave them. 

Tsukune is a 15-year-old high school boy accepted only in the school that will admire his poor grades – Youkai Academy. Later, we got to know that Youkai Academy is full of supernatural creatures. 

Vampire follows Tsukune while surrounded by witches, mermaids, Succubus and, of course, vampires, just like the fascinating and most admiring Moka.  

#6 Artemis


Maria, the Virgin Witch’s Succubus, enjoys using her attractiveness and irresistible abilities to manipulate beings. Artemis enjoys mocking Maria for being a virgin and tries her best to make her lose her virginity. 

An extremely powerful witch, “Maria”, resides in France at the time of 100 years of war with England. Heaven prohibits her when she uses magic to bring harmony and will withdraw all her magic if she loses her virginity. 

Regardless of this, she continues to interfere in the combat and becomes Church’s target. 

#5 Succubus 


Succubus is a demon who resides up in a tower and impersonates the goddess in order to protect the Blue Crystal Rod. During Summer, when almost all the powerful creatures occupy the tower, a guardian, “Jill”, is all set to ascend the tower. 

Combating with all the monsters, he is ready to hit the peak of the tower, knowing there he has to battle against the evil lord Drauga.

#4 Mayospell


A highly ranked succubus, having cute green eyes consisting of iris hearts and a short pink heart, is haphazardly selected to get interviewed in Interspecies Reviewers. 

A realm where fellows starting from salamanders to Cyclops, fairies to slime girls, and perverted warriors squad came together in order to create the Yoruno Gloss. With the help of this, they want to inspect the exposure and closeness with every species in order to observe the best of all. 

#3 Sakie Sato

Sakie Sato
Sakie Sato

Sakie is a succubus and a maths teacher aged 24. She likes her job but at the same time is scared that she might lure her male students and pretends that she is very dull. She doesn’t allow anyone to touch her, or else they won’t be able to resist themselves. 

She helps Tetsuo prepare for his Monster Girls Interview. In a community where half-monsters and half-humans can reside with humans and can even go to school. 

At Shibasaki High School, Tetsuo is a biology teacher who is always curious about “Demis” and ready to know more about them. Tetsuo gets to know about three distinct demi-girls with the help of Sakie. 

#2 Len 


Len is a succubus demon who is made with the combination of a dead human girl’s soul and by burning a cat’s body. She has the ability to influence dreams and can transform into a human girl from a black cat. 

Centuries ago, she assisted Magus, after whose demise she was looked after by Arcueid Brunestud. Len and Arcueid were unable to enter into a contract as Arcueid was not human.

#1 Newbie Succubus

Newbie Succubus
Newbie Succubus

Newbie Succubus is a succubus, also known by the name Lolisa. She is the only young person who was engaged at the cafe Succubus. She is hardworking, unsophisticated, shy and wants to continue improving herself. 

While serving under Kazuma Satou, she crosses paths with the primary members of the Konosuba, only to be captured by Aqua instead.

Kazuma, formerly a high school NEET, meets his demise rather pitifully. Upon arriving in the afterlife, he is confronted by a stunning yet insufferably impolite goddess named Aqua, who bursts into laughter upon reading his record.

Aqua presents Kazuma with the choice between fastening his journey to paradise or opting for reincarnation in a fantastical realm, wondering which option Kazuma will select.

Kazuma’s mission involves defeating the Demon King, and for his new journey, he selects the companion of the goddess Aqua.


The succubus anime dig into the complicated world of desire, temptation, and the human experience. Through its captivating characters and attractive storytelling, it explores the complexities of relationships and the blurred lines between good and evil. As viewers, we are reminded that understanding and accepting our desires, fears, and vulnerabilities is essential for personal growth.


Who is the succubus character having pink hair?

Lolisa is the succubus character having dark pink eyes and light pink hair. She has the body of a young girl with no growth, a fact that she is insecure about.

Who is the Succubus that is the youngest?

Newbie Succubus is the youngest employee of the “Succubus” Cafe. Like her employees, she has the magical power to put people to sleep and make them dream as requested.

Who is the succubus character with red horns and pink hair?

Zero Two boasts lengthy, pastel pink locks and a pair of red horns adorning her head. Zero’s eyes are adorned with pinkish-red eyeliner. Her eyes turn to a vivid red hue when her headband is absent. Her physique is slender and athletic, making her the tallest member of the squad and approximately equal in height to Hiro.

Who is the succubus character Mayospell?

A highly ranked succubus, having cute green eyes consisting of iris hearts and a short pink heart, is haphazardly selected to get interviewed in Interspecies Reviewers – a realm where fellows starting from salamanders to Cyclops, fairies to slime girls, and perverted warriors squad came together in order to create the Yoruno Gloss. 

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