Telus International Review: How To Earn, Apply & More

Telus International Review

What is Telus International? 

Telus International Review – It’s an innovative website that provides compensation for completing online tasks in distinct languages. These tasks cover transcription, a variety of AI jobs, video recording, translation and more. The primary purpose of composing this article is to let you know everything about Telus International Review and demonstrate how one can earn a few bucks.

It’s so fresh that you won’t be able to locate the accurate signup link through a Google search. They guide you towards their main website rather than the one designed for freelancers.

How To Apply?

Access your account and go through the job section.

Each instance shows no available positions. Don’t get confused; kindly access your news feed and select “Project and Tasks with Lionbridge”.

In the upcoming window, please select this link–

Lionbridge has the possession of TELUS, and it appears that they are going to reallocate jobs to their correct section. 

In the upcoming window, you can pick the job that matches your needs. They have hundreds of options available.

Open your chosen job type and select “Apply Now”. A tab will unfold. 

Register your account, and an email including a link will be sent to you for submitting additional details.

You are required to enter some job-related details, such as a resume and basic information like date of birth, country, nationality, and other particulars. Fill out all these and submit them.

What happens next?

  • Typically, it requires 5 to 7 business days in order to review your application.
  • They will direct you towards the recruitment procedure when you agree to all the terms and conditions. 
  • You will be sent another email containing test details within the upcoming 2-3 business days. They also organize webinars in order to address your queries.
  • It gives you about 5 days so that you can prepare for your exam. 
  • Once you pass the test, you can expect to be on board in the upcoming 3-4 days.

The entire process will take around 25 days, and successfully clearing the test is quite challenging. Their compensation ranges from $5 to $20 per hour, about 15 to 20/hours of monthly work. Hence, dedicating your efforts is worth it.

Even if there is no interest of yours in this entire recruitment process, go ahead, register and leave. This could lead to opportunities for receiving a few tasks like selfie video collection or translation.

How much can you generate?

They refrain from compensating with pennies, which most websites practice out there.

Their compensation ranges from $5 to $20 per hour, around 15 to 20/hours of monthly work. It also depends on your geographical location; advanced countries receive higher remuneration. I examined this for India, and the majority of jobs pay less than $5 per hour.

Periodically, they send assignments via email that yield considerably better. I was rewarded $15 for half an hour of work.

They don’t charge any fees for membership or job applications.

How to withdraw?

There is no provision for initiating withdrawals or any minimum withdrawal threshold.

You are required to complete the assigned tasks before the deadline, upon which you will get paid to your chosen payment method within 2-3 weeks (post the deadline).

The administrative team requires some time to scrutinize and process your completed work.

Your payment might experience some delay. Nevertheless, the website is indeed legitimate and will surely remunerate you for your efforts.

Is Telus International Legitimate?

Undoubtedly, Telus International is legitimate. Furthermore, Lionbridge is a prestigious reputed brand with a multitude of documented payment evidence accessible on the internet.

However, I conducted a few assessments that will provide a more precise understanding.

  • The domain is very old and reliable.
  • TELUS employs a valid SSL certificate, and it has been marked safe by Chrome.
  • Their team responds instantly. 
  • A 100/100 rating was given to it by a scam detector.

Questioning TELUS is unnecessary. You just have to make sure that your responses are limited to the email that is registered under the domains or Fraudsters often attempt to take advantage of the credibility of esteemed online websites.

Telus International Review

TELUS is a recent addition, yet there are no online reviews that have surfaced. While resembling Lionbridge, I checked Lionbridge’s reviews. 

Despite my efforts, I failed to gather sufficient data, and the maximum reviews belong to their staff. But I located some comments on other platforms, and here is a Summary–


  • It’s a reputable firm, and I find this company better than the rest.
  • The compensation is consistent and reasonable, and you have the opportunity to opt for tasks as per your preference. The maximum weekly hours is fixed at 20 hours.
  • In terms of remuneration, I find this company better than the rest. So, if you’re in need of money, I recommend you try this at least once. Their payment structure is quite generous.
  • I successfully cleared all the exams, commenced my work, and got paid for my initial month.


  • My suggestion to individuals who want to work with Lionbridge is to take note of technical issues, inadequate training, disorganized user interfaces, and an unreliable income source.
  • They cannot be relied upon when it comes to tasks and have a tendency to stop working without any prior notification.
  • A fraudulent enterprise is paying for lawyers and promotional experts while exploiting ethical slavery methods for sincere employees.
  • I invested many hours into completing an assignment on Optical Character Recognition, only to discover that I would not be receiving any compensation for my work.

While Lionbridge (TELUS International) is a robust reputed company, it’s essential to acknowledge its negative reviews. It’s crucial not to ignore these comments when initially evaluating potential earnings.

Pros and Cons


  • Sometimes, you get simple tasks that offer generous compensation for minimal work.
  • It is a legitimate and well-known company, so there’s no need to worry about fraud.
  • Offers remuneration ranging from $5 to $20/hour.
  • Free to join and open to everyone.
  • Abundant tasks are available, and customer support is friendly.


  • The examination is quite complex and with a success rate of less than 50%.
  • Their recruitment procedure takes a significant amount of time, 20 to 25 days.
  • People have raised their concerns regarding technical glitches, poor interface, and inadequate training. 
  • Failing the test results in wasting a significant amount of time.
  • A personal computer is needed; a smartphone will not do this thing.

Customer Service 

The customer support is fantastic; they usually reply within a few hours. In order to contact them, you should log in to your account and navigate to the support section. 

Select “Support team”, and they will guide you towards your mailbox, where you can forward them an email and include screenshots if required. 


The primary purpose of composing this Telus International Review was to illustrate how effortlessly I got paid and demonstrate how one can earn a few bucks. If the process of applying and passing the test doesn’t attract your interest, then skip it. This procedure is quite time-consuming, and if it doesn’t captivate your attention, you might get disqualified. I recommend you all sign up and leave. In order to receive tasks, the website must have your email address. Kindly provide your email.

Anubhi Agarwal

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