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Veibae Face Reveal

Veibae Face Reveal – Veibae is an English VTuber who lives in the UK. She makes videos on YouTube and is among the most popular vloggers. After she went viral on social media, her followers were curious to know Veibae face reveal, name, age, and many more. Do you know who Veibae is? 

Veibae is a well-known VTuber in the Japanese VTuber Community. She has more than 630k followers, and her Twitch streams are for 18+ only. She joined VShojo in 2021; before joining, she was an independent VTuber. She left VShojo in April 2023.

Veibae is a Succubus (Demoness) with long, straight white hair, pointy ears, and blue eyes. She has a pair of horns on her head. Currently, she is the Empress of the Sky. Her hairs are hidden; she still has long white hairs, a long white and blue serpent tail and light brownish-goldish eyes.

Pink Jumpsuit was her first outfit. She changed into a schoolgirl outfit of Japanese style and, after that, a maid outfit. She wore a custom black and white outfit at her 2D Debut.

Veibae’s face hasn’t been revealed yet. Let’s know more about it–

Reddit – Veibae Face Reveal

As per the reports, Veibae’s face unfolds in a popular Twitch video. That video also became viral on Reddit. Fans are curious to see the babe’s real face. This video might have been made to get fans to purchase something or any other purpose. 

A Twitter video that showed the baby’s face also received millions of views. But people got upset when the results were the same. 

Veibae’s Net Worth

She is very popular on social media and is among the most popular vloggers. Her net worth is estimated to be $4 million. Her ways of making money are Twitch and YouTube. 

As per the reports, she makes about $2600 monthly from YouTube. Her first YouTube video got over 2 million views within 24 hours. Last year, her monthly income was $25000 from Youtube. 

She also has a Twitch Subscription channel with more than 3.5k followers. If she joins, she can make $16000 monthly.

Facts of Veibae Face’s Reveal

  • She still has to sign up for Instagram.
  • Therefore, she joined VShojo as it works with YouTubers.
  • From Twitch, she makes more than 18.
  • She is over 21 and didn’t mention when she would start.
  • She joined Facebook in 2016, where she has more than 1,70,000 followers.
  • Veibae is 27 years old (not sure) as of 2023. 
  • Her height is 5’6” and she weighs around 55 kg.
  • She has brown eyes and dark-coloured hair.


Fans are obsessed with their favourite personalities and social media stars and are always curious to know every update about them. Fans are curious to know Veibae face reveal. 

She likes her personal life to be kept a secret.

Photos and face-exposed videos on social media platforms are only sometimes real, so you better not trust everything you see. 


Is Veibae face reveal a Demoness (Succubus)?

Veibae is a succubus with long, straight white hair, pointy ears, and blue eyes. She has a pair of horns on her head and a pointed black tail. Pink Jumpsuit was her first outfit. Her horns are dark red in 2D and black in old 3D form.

Veibae came from which country?

She was born in Britain and so had British Citizenship. Her Father is Japanese and her Mother is Polish.

What is the net worth of Veibae?

Her net worth is estimated to be $4 million. 

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