Did Walter Dog Passed Away? Unveiling The Truth

Walter Dog

Walter Dog: Recall that viral meme featuring an image of a dog facing the front. Social media is a wondrous realm where unexpected trolls or the sudden popularity of your post can go viral. Let’s take the example of Walter the dog. In the year 2018, Walter’s owner uploaded a picture on the Twitter platform, along with the caption: “When you unintentionally activate the front camera.” How was the image depicted? It featured a photograph of a dog’s face. Please refer to the picture provided below.

Walter Aka Nelson
Walter Aka Nelson

Are you interested in clicking a picture resembling it? Just open the front camera on your phone, hold it casually and take the photo. Observe the results. Now, without any further delay, let’s get into this article–

Who is Walter Dog?

Walter Aka Nelson

The widely popular viral meme featuring a dog staring at a front camera became a viral sensation under the name “Walter The Dog.” However, the actual name of the dog is “Nelson.” This particular dog is a Bull Terrier whose date of birth is July 15, 2017, making it 3 years old. 

How did the name Walter acquire him?

All credit goes to the creators of social media who made it all possible. When Nelson’s picture went viral, another viral meme appeared under the name Walter Clement. Within a week, the subsequent image trended across various social media platforms. 

Walter has a deep fondness for Monster trucks and Fire trucks. 

We are all aware of the fact that rumours target celebrities constantly, that too of varieties, the worst is the death rumour. Can you visualize coming across news of someone still breathing and living, right in front of your eyes? The world of social media has both favourable and unfavourable aspects. The emotional state of Victoria (Nelson’s owner) upon reading these rumours is beyond my imagination.

When everything went beyond the limit, Victoria came out and resolved the rumour. 

What made people think Walter was Dead?

Walter Aka Nelson

A few months back, the website “CelebritiesDeath.com”, uploaded an article regarding how the bull terrier died and got several gunshots. The title of that post was” The Pana Walter, The Dog That People Use His Face to Make a Staring Meme Has Passed Away.”

So, people began accepting this as the truth. As the article became popular, fans conveyed their sympathies through messages, Instagram and Twitter posts. All this made people question how such a cute pup met such a gruesome death.

Victoria brought the matter to Instagram and unveiled that Walter the Dog is perfectly safe and sound. It was nothing but just a false rumour or a mistake on the part of the website. 

The breed of the Walter dog that tragically died in the incident was named Billy.

The similar looks of the two dogs are the reason behind all this mix-up. 

How did Victoria Resolve the Rumours?

Walter Aka Nelson

Victoria brought the matter to Instagram and uploaded photos claiming – this was nothing but a false rumour. She further added that–

I don’t know of the origins of this image, but I am pleased to convey that Nelson is safe and sound. The injured canine in the veterinary photographs is named Billy, who received gunshots while shielding his owner during the course of an armed robbery, but now Billy has completely recovered. Billy should not be exploited as a hoax to propagate sadness. Instead, he deserves admiration for his awesomeness and bravery. If any unfortunate event ever happens to Nelson, authentic updates will be posted through his official social media accounts present here and on Twitter, under the handle @PupperNelson. Other than this, all the information you see online should be treated as a false rumour. 

Though Nelson’s account lacks official confirmation, he has over 300k followers on Instagram. As a result, it didn’t require much time to clear the rumour and reassure people that their beloved dog, Walter, aka Nelson, is safe and sound.

Walter Aka Nelson

Moreover, you shouldn’t miss the humorous update where Walter was seated on the ground and gazing at the camera. The hilarious part was the presence of a note message alongside, claiming, “12:00 AM, Monday’, June 15, 2020. I EXIST,” with the caption “Evidence of my existence. Have a good night”. 

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