All About Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff Wife of Barron Hilton

Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff

Today we talk about a model, fashion writer, American socialite, and real estate broker Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff.

For those of you who are die-hard fashionistas and enjoy finer things in life, many socialites have come and gone over the years.

Tessa Gräfin Von Walderdorff is a socialite, real estate broker, and model who has dabbled in DJing over the years. Yes, this multitalented lady does have fans from all over the world.

Her lineage qualified her to be royalty, but that was not all. She also gained membership in two more royal families through marriage -the German Walderdorff family and the Hilton family. Tessa Gräfin Von Walderdorff married Barron Hilton, the younger brother of Paris Hilton.

Tessa Gräfin Von Walderdorff Early Life

Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff was born in New York City on 20th Feb. 1994. Her mother is an artist, while his father is a renowned photographer and an artist. His father is from Germany, and her mother’s side is of Danish, French, and German-Swiss heritage.

Much of her childhood was spent in an 18th-century castle called Schloss Höfling, located close to Bavaria, which the family was leasing. In addition, she became fluent in English, Dutch, and French at a young age before becoming more widely known for her performance on stage.


The young Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff was always impeccably dressed, with an eye for fashion that could be seen in every detail of her clothing. Her smarts weren’t just evident in what she put into clothes either; Tessa knew how important it is to keep up-to-date knowledge when conversing across borders or even within your own country’s walls.

Tessa’s career began in New York Fashion Week as a production assistant, and she also worked for two companies: Donna Karan and Holly Li Productions.

The daughter of German counts, Tessa Walderdorff, has made it her life’s work to improve relations between Germany and its former enemies. In 2014 she started working as an intern at Laird+ Productions, where MDC Partners had set up shop just two years prior; this is when they offered their services to help ease labor conflict through entertainment.

Her love of German music and classical piano lessons as a child led to her involvement in an acting film debut with the 2017 short Rosewood: The Best Version Of Yourself. She is also an accomplished DJ that produces original tracks on demand for clients around town.

Personal Life

Growing up in a prestigious family meant she had a challenging life. The opposite is true, as this young lady also got her real estate license and works at one of Canada’s most well-established companies – Hyland Development Corporation, founded by her father-in-law Richard Hilton (the CEO).

In 2016 Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff met Barron Hilton II at a restaurant. The younger brother of Nicky and Paris, he was just as charming in person. After getting together, a fast-paced romance lasted for about one year before he popped the question during their stroll through Central Park–and she said yes.

Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff’s Children

In 2020, Milou Alizée Hilton was born to Baron Hilton and Tessa. The couple chose the sentimental route by naming their first daughter after the spot in St. Barths where they first met, Pointe Milou. In an interview, they went into additional detail about it: ‘Her middle name, Alizée, means “trade winds” in French.

The island’s winds brought us together, and then a few years later, it brought us Milou. She is a gift from the island.’ Tessa and Barron say.

Even though they were popular, the couple enjoyed a private life while expecting their first child. Then in 2022, they made an unexpected announcement that they were going to be parents again. It came as a shock to both of them.

They said: “It wasn’t planned, but we’ve realized that the best things in life never are.” In a surprising move, they also said: “We have decided to wait until the baby’s birth to discover the gender.”


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