Best Two Layer Braids That Will Make You Attractive

African layer braids allow people to get creative in their hairstyling like never before. The layer braid is quickly becoming a favorite among men and women, inspiring the fashion industry with its unique beauty.

Refresh your look with 24 different two-layer braided styles. With our simple instructions, you can create an attention-grabbing hairstyle without worrying about investing in any special tools or devices.

What Are Layered Braids?

Cataanda James, Mane Choice brand educator and renowned hairstylist, unveils a radical new style that fuses the best of both worlds: braids with layers.

Enjoy unique face-framing cuts which drape playfully in luscious locks extending past your shoulders – an effortless elegance.

Braids are a timeless hairstyle, and now they offer even more possibilities.

With creative styling tools like curling rods or rollers, braided hair can be flipped out to create volume and movement that mimics the layered looks of decades past – from Farrah Fawcett’s sultry style to retro ’60s ponytails.

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Why are Layer Braids Getting Popular?

Social media users take a blast from the past with their hair styling as they recreate the ’90s and Y2K looks in modern-day twists. #LayeredBraids on TikTok has garnered over 26 million views of creators sharing their versions – making this classic cut popular again.

According to James, these styles were made iconic by celebrities way back then but now receive an updated 2022 reboot for that signature look.

Brandy has been elevating the layered look since her days as a Moesha icon in the ’90s and early 2000s. We proudly declare her to be at the forefront of protective hairstyles during that era – earning a total endorsement from James.

With this admiration, she continues to inspire many when it comes to hair styling today, not least for layering looks.

Check out some of the best layer braids with amazing patterns below:

Long Layer Braids

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Refresh your look with these long, fashionable layer braids. This modern hairstyle provides the perfect update to any outfit and gives you a stunning aesthetic that will turn heads.

Transform your look with this stunning braided hairstyle. Choose whether to add a hint of glamour or keep it simple – either way, these statement-making plaits are sure to turn heads.

To take the finished style up another level, why not accessorize with one of our beautiful gold hair adornments?

Chunky Two Layer Braids

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Show off your sleek style with this two-layer braid look. Featuring thick, long braids and a classic plait pattern, it effortlessly elevates any ensemble. Enjoy the bold statement of timeless beauty without sacrificing comfort or ease.

Want to add a touch of glamor? Try experimenting with long and short braids. Opt for classic black or go bold in shades like red or burgundy – endless possibilities.


Feed In Two Layer Braids

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Make a statement and give your hair the glitzy transformation it deserves with feed-in layer braids. This innovative style starts by splitting your locks horizontally into two layers.

To complete this look, craft cornrows first, then add extensions near the roots for more texture and volume.

Showcase your hair in a beautiful, statement-making style.

Think long braids of soft brown or colorfully vibrant hues swept up for an eye-catching look perfect for the office or weekend night out. From classic to contemporary – you can recreate this magnificent hairstyle any way you like.

Layer Braids With Amazing Patterns

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For the fabulously fashionable, check out this chic two-layer braided pattern. It will take your hairstyle to a new level and make you stand out with its stunning design. Be brave and opt for these daring locks – it’s sure to be worth it in the end.

Half Up Two-Layer Braids

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Ready for a style change-up? With pre-braided hair, it’s easy to transition your ‘do in no time. A simple fastening with a hair tie is all you need — or why not try something new and opt for the chic braided half-up look? It’s sophisticated yet stylish.

Transform any ensemble into an on-trend statement with a classic two-braid look.

Style by dividing the hair down the middle and weaving huge 2-layer plaits along either side, then secure half each at the front for effortless chicness.

Two Layer Braids with X Patterns

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Showcase your individuality with an X-pattern two layer braided hairstyle. This is the perfect choice for making a statement, whether at a fun night out or at fancy events.

With some practice and skill, you can create the patterns yourself — otherwise, head over to your local hairdresser and get something unique that will stand out in any crowd.

This sophisticated style is sure to turn heads. Beautifully intertwining two X-pattern braids and carefully weaving them together, this haircut expertly demonstrates the care taken in its creation with elegant results.

Layer Braids With The Classic Bob Haircut

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Are you looking for a chic, manageable ‘do? Consider the classic bob haircut. It’s an effortless way to keep your hair neat and trimmed.

If you want something fresh to spice up your look, try adding two layer braids – they’ll offer just enough flair while still staying polished and professional.

Show off your stunning style with the perfect bob. This timeless look features a middle part and reverse-type braids to give you an exquisite, head-turning appearance that everyone will love.

Two Layer Braids With Curly Ends

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Add volume to your braids while elevating their appeal with elegance. A two-layer hairstyle featuring curled ends adds texture and interest, leaving you looking gorgeous from any angle.

She looked stunning with her half-up, two-layer braid. Box braids cascaded on one side of her head, and curls flared at the ends to complete this classic hairstyle in the center.

Two Layer Braids With 2 Color Beads

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The hottest hairstyle has arrived – two layer braids adorned with beads. An easy, fashionable way to add flair and sparkle to your look.

With various materials and patterns available, it’s the perfect opportunity to make unique style statements that will turn heads. Make sure you choose the right bead combination for maximum impact – show off those beautiful locks.

Achieving a classic, sophisticated look is easy with braided hairstyles. Adding beads at various lengths can be adorable and fun.

However, the traditional stacked-up style featuring wooden or lighter-colored beads exudes timeless elegance. To elevate your style further, try decorating your braid with patterned pieces for an eye-catching effect.

 Two Layer Braids With a Zigzag Style

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Give yourself a daring look with trendy two layer braids. Create an eye-catching zigzag design on your head to separate the hair and showcase a cool style.

Both chic and fun, these stylish plaits will help you stand out from the crowd – take advantage of its bold charm today.

With the addition of fine braids, this look has reached new heights. The intricate detailing on both sides adds a luxurious elegance to the overall aesthetic and gives a truly captivating black-and-blonde color combination.

Two Layer Braids With Ponytail

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Ponytails are a timeless look that stays in style no matter the setting. For an easy yet chic braided ponytail hairstyle, try two-sectioning and styling with small twists for added dimension and flair.

Pull together your two-layered braided look with a graceful ponytail, adding scrunchies or twirling the individual plaits around for an effortless finish and elegant blend of blonde and black hues.

Toned Layer Braids Style

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A two-toned hairdo is a perfect way to make your hairstyle stand out. Go for an unexpected combination by styling one side of traditional black and the other in something bold, like vibrant red or deep blue.

A modern, edgy hairstyle is created using two-toned black and red braids. Featuring sliced edges in front for a sharp look and gentle swirls at its center, this style showcases an effortless combination between boldness & elegance.

Two Layer Braids With Blue Shades

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Unlock your true persona and express yourself through vibrant hair color. Show off a bold orange or make a statement with striking blue– there are no restrictions when rocking the hues that best represent who you are.

Looking to update your hairstyle? Try this vibrant two layer braid design with hues of blue. This chic style will give you an eye-catching look that will turn heads.

Half Up Bun With Layer Braids

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Get the most out of your protective hairstyles with a beautiful bun. By intertwining multiple braids, you can create an eye-catching and volumized look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Step up your style game with this eye-catching hairstyle. The black hair is elevated to a whole new level of vibrancy with the beautiful brown braids and half-bun.

Don’t miss out on creating an impactful look every time you step into the room – give this stunning do a try today.

Cornrows Two Layer Braids

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Bring a classic look back with this cornrows-style hairdo – it’s easy to execute and perfect for everyday wear. Using the feed-in two-layer braid technique, layer your braids over the lower section of hair to recreate a timeless style that never goes out of fashion.

Layer Braid with Burgundy Color

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This season, transform dull locks into a head-turning look with the captivating burgundy shade. Try braiding your hair with thick, lengthy ponytails, then add an extra depth of vibrancy by dyeing two layers. This striking style is perfect for making a memorable statement during autumn and winter festivities.

Tribal Layer Braids

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Achieve a stylish look with two layer braids. Sweep half of the braid up for an elegant twist to your hairstyle.

With these two layer braids, you can make an impression wherever your plans lead. For those looking for a different shade than the classic brown color of this style, feel free to customize with any other hue that suits your unique look.

Lemonade Style Two-Layer Braids

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Beyonce set the hair trend when she debuted two-layer lemonade braids in her iconic “Lemonade” music video. Showcasing Cornrows, Fulani Braiding, and a hint of Goddess style – this look packs all those fabulous styles into one chic statement. Enjoy tousled curls that finish with an elegant side part to complete your ensemble.

Goddess Style Braids

Be a goddess with the mesmerizing combination of braids and curls. The effort put into this gorgeous hairstyle is sure to be worth it when onlookers stop in their tracks at your beauty.

With skillful styling, experience an unforgettable look that will have you looking breathtakingly regal.

Transform your look with goddess-style layer braids that add length and fullness. Expertly crafted curls complete the natural, beautiful appearance for a stunning finish that is perfect for any occasion. Visit the salon next time to get this gorgeous style.

Two-Layer Braids with Top Bun and silver beads

Unleash a polished, professional look with the two-layer braid top bun, an idea that was once thought to be impossible.

Transform your braided crown into a lovely bun that will turn heads.

Gather all of the locks, dyed in warm and inviting hues, together on top of your head -no extra styling required. An effortless look with maximum impact; you’ll be ready for any occasion.

Side Part Swirl Layer Braids

Make a statement with your two-layer braided hairstyle. Whether you choose to part it down the middle or opt for something more daring like a side part–experimenting every once in a while is an exciting way to give yourself and others around you something new. Unleash your creativity and have fun by embracing unique styles that bring joy to everyday life.

Turn heads with this fashionable hairdo that perfectly balances elegance and ease. This chic two-layer braid features a flawless side part while exposing one section of your natural hair flowered by swirl details on the opposite side – making it an ideal style for any occasion.

One Side Shaved Layer Braids

Embrace your inner creativity with a trendy two-layer braid. Begin at the crown of your head, using it as an anchor point to think down and outwards.

For additional impact, add some extra pizzazz by shaving one side of your hair and drawing a heart directly in front of the opposite ear for added drama.

Two Layer Braids for Wedding Looks

Achieve a divine look for your wedding day with two layer braids. Begin by picking sections of the hair to braid, like behind the ears and at either side of the crown. Supply an extra touch of glamour by rolling each braid around a curling rod – you’ll be sure to turn heads when showing off these stunning goddess curls in style.

Dark Orange, Red Layer Braids

Women who dare to be different can try the eye-catching trend of vivid orange hair. Braiding your tresses in this hue allows you to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement with your style.

Spice up your look with this two-strand braid, adding a burst of color for an amazing effect. Whether you blend in natural black hair or opt for stand-out orange braiding strands, the beautiful long ponytail will bring life and style to any occasion. Check out this stunning hairstyle next time you’re at the salon.

How Do You Make Two-Layer Braids Made?

Create stylish two layer braids with ease by taking a parting of ways. Start at the bottom and section hair into halves from ear to ear, then clip up the upper portion. You’ll be able to achieve beautiful hairstyles in no time.

Create the head-turning look you’ve dreamed of with two smooth, stylish braids. Start by parting your hair down the center using a rat tail comb; remember to slick it back with some gel for extra definition. Select pre-stretched braiding hair in whatever color or length best suits your style, then start weaving until you reach your desired braid length -add on any fun extras as desired along the way.

With your lower half styled, part the top of your hair down the center and craft two tight Dutch braids encasing all of your locks. When you’ve finished pulling together both sides to perfection, complete this look with a remaining section between them.

Create gorgeous, long-lasting braids with this hair. Skip the part and divide it into sections for a chic feed-in style braid. Enjoy your sophisticated new look that will stay put all day long.

Give your stunning braids the perfect finishing touch with hot water, hair gel, or oil. Make sure to take this opportunity and show off those remarkable patterns.

Final Statement

Ready to try a look that oozes confidence and style? With 24 two-layer braid options, you can find the perfect hairstyle for any occasion. From timeless traditional looks to bold statement styles, there’s an option everyone will admire. Embrace your beauty by giving both layers of these fashionable braids a go – it’ll make all the difference in how you feel about yourself today.


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