Candidates For Streamer Awards Of The Year At The 2022 Esports!

Candidates For Streamer Awards Of The Year

Although the Esports Awards won’t take place until the last month of the year, the show’s most important honors nominees have already been announced, and a host of well-known names are competing for streamer awards of the year.

Particularly after his career-high broadcast in July that established a new record for the number of coeval viewers on Twitch, it’s going to be difficult to unseat Ibai as the reigning champion in 2021. However, 11 additional players are going to be competing for ballots in the genre.

Dr. Disrespect, Valkyrie, NickMercs, and Grefg are past competitors from the previous year. On the other hand, those who were chosen as finalists are not precisely unknown. Fans may vote for their favorite streamers, including well-known names like Asmongold, Tyler1, Gaules, QTCinderella, and TimTheTatman.

Nominees for Streamer Awards of the Year for 2022

  • Asmongold
  • Dr. Disrespect
  • Gaules
  • Ibai
  • Kameto
  • QTCinderella
  • Tarik
  • TheGrefg
  • TimTheTatman
  • Tyler1
  • Valkyrie

If you wish to fully evaluate the whole of 2022, it’s somewhat soon to decide how you’ll vote; however, if you discover yourself a devoted follower of any specific content provider, you can show them your appreciation right away at On November 30, polling for the streamer awards will end.

xQc & Ludwig, two who switched off Twitch to YouTube somewhere at the finish of the previous year, are two of the likely omissions from the shortlist of contenders this year. Immediately after becoming crowned Streamer of the Year at the 2022 Streamer Awards throughout April, Ludwig fails to receive a candidacy.

In his response to the final candidate selection, XQc stated that he wasn’t shocked to see himself removed and also that he thought he “dropped off” in the previous year. However, as per Streams Charts, the veteran Overwatch pro has received the vast majority of viewers on Twitch since the beginning of 2022, with 135.29 million hrs viewed since about July 6. Gaules & Ibai, who already have 96.18 million and 70.76 million hrs of viewing, are far behind him.

The Esports Awards’ 2nd limelight show, which also included the announcement of the shortlisted candidates for Streamer of the Year in 2022, also revealed the shortlisted nominees for other entertainment-related categories, including Esports Content Producer, Content Gang, Esports Tournament, and Esports Character of the Year.

Somewhere after July, the nominees for categories relevant to the sector would be announced. The winners in the artistic and collegiate categories will be revealed towards the conclusion of August. In contrast, the winners in the commercial and on-air skill categories will be highlighted in October.

Streamer Awards Categories

Year’s Top Streamers

The most well-known content producer in the broadcasting industry earns the coveted award of “Streamer of the Year.” Ten of the most recognizable individuals are represented in this year’s class, namely Felix “xQc,” Imane “Pokimane,” Hasan “HasanAbi,” Kai Cenat, and others.

Breakout Content provider

Content producers who’ve never received nominations previously might be found within the Breakout Streamer section. This year, three Twitch streamers and one YouTube gaming celebrity are included in this category. Also recognized in this area are IShowSpeed but also Kai Cenat.

Just Chatting

The Streamy Awards 2022 now include a prize for “only chat” content producers. Both the French-Canadian player xQc and media figure HasanAbi won second nominations.

Diverse Streamer

This time in 20222, the Variety Streamer classification has been nominated by a number of the top stars in streaming, namely Ludwig Ahlgren, Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL,” & Zack “Asmongold.” In 2022, Valkyrie received another nomination.


A VTuber is a person that uses a digital persona to broadcast their content on YouTube. VTubers were first popularized in Japanese and swiftly took over the web.

Dedicated Player

5 competitive gamers that have altered the eSports industry have been shortlisted for the Streamy Awards 2022. Former Rebuttal: Global Offensive player Micheal “Shroud” & Nightstalkers’ Valorous standout Tyson “Tenz” are among this category’s nominees.


Just at Streamy Awards, the gaming duo Clayton “Dream” & Tommy “TommyInnit” has been shortlisted in the Gamers genre.

Important – On Dec 4, 2022, the awards presentation will only be broadcast live on the Streamer Awards’ official YouTube account ( (Sunday). The event will also actually occur in Beverly Hills, California.

Information About The Show

The Streamer Awards, a yearly basis awards ceremony, honors triumphs in the live-streaming sector from the previous year. It aspires to honor the finest contemporary live broadcasting networks have to give as they continue to rise in prominence and transform how people consume content at the inaugural streamer-oriented awards ceremony.

This means recognizing those who have put in a lot of effort to provide excellent material for their audience but, more significantly, who have helped to build people all around the world into a global community. They intend to do this by including a wide range of games, content kinds, groups, and other achievements in the prize categories.

What makes this important to you, then? Because the individuals who follow and encourage these content creators choose the nominees and recipients of the awards.

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