Dying Light 2: Should You Kill or Save Aitor? All Outcomes!

Dying Light 2: Should You Kill or Save Aitor? All Outcomes!

In dying light, 2 Players traverse an open world, scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons from materials scavenged from buildings and debris in the environment. Two major gameplay elements introduced in dying light 2 save Aitor are ‘active defense’ and ‘deception.’ The former allows players to perform dodging attacks to mitigate damage or avoid them altogether. In contrast, the latter allows players to create decoys to distract enemies or lie in wait to ambush them. In addition, weapons and equipment are customizable, with players able to craft and upgrade their weaponry and armor.

 The game features a crafting system that allows players to craft weapons and tools from technology scavenged from the environments. Weapons take the form of offensive and defensive weapons, while people can use tools to perform non-combat actions, such as mining minerals or repairing vehicles. Players can trade with other survivors in exchange for supplies or accept missions; some of these missions involve sabotaging hostile organized groups. The game features an open-world sandbox environment where players can choose their paths through story missions and side quests. The below-mentioned portion explains everything you should know about dying light 2 save Aitor.


Dying Light 2 also features parkour traversal mechanics that allow players to climb and free-run across the environment. The game also introduces an expanded version of the ‘ability tree’ present in the original Dying Light, which allows players to unlock new moves. Players can attack enemies using a wide range of weapons, including traditional melee weapons such as swords, hammers, and firearms. In addition, players can scavenge and craft new weapons and items or use those found in the environment. Compatible weapons and items are stored in a virtual backpack, with some being stored externally on the character model in bags or holsters.

The story is set seven years after the events of Dying Light (2015). The player assumes control of a character known as the “Watcher,” who is given the power to influence and control people using a device attached to their head. The game features cooperative multiplayer support for up to four players; players can complete the campaign in either single-player mode or cooperative mode with up to three other players. The game also features competitive multiplayer modes that were not present in Dying Light (2015).

Who is Aitor?

Dying Light 2 Stay Your interactions with Aitor dominate human’s initial few hours. He’s a lieutenant in the Peacekeepers and the Survivors conflict in the Bazaar. Aitor is an excellent target because he appears to be one of the enforcers of martial law.

Aitor and the Survivors seem to represent two opposing ideologies: the Survivors have been looting supplies from Harran and trying to get out alive. The Peacekeepers are much more brutal and don’t seem that interested in running their city.

Aitor will often issue passive-aggressive threats towards you if you hurt or kill his fellow survivors while doing something he doesn’t want them to do (e.g., looting supplies). While Aitor is somewhat enigmatic initially, you’ll learn a few things about him as you play through the story. It is the first way to get the “Aitor” trophy. He’s also a great way to get XP.

After completing a few missions for Aitor, he’ll give you two choices: follow him and help enforce his versions of justice or defect to join the Peacekeepers. These choices are effectively just branches in a long quest line, but going with Aitor will eventually get you the “A New Beginning” trophy, and completing that part of his quest line unlocks more parts of his backstory (for future trophies).

The Witch

With his wife and doctor by his side, Aitor will moan in agony when you arrive. The hospital staff is hunting him. As you explore the Bazaar, you’ll find remnants of an amateurish experiment intended to summon a goddess. It doesn’t belong in a science lab, but it is exactly what everyone needs right now.

 A dying light 2 save Aitor that does good damage but has no reloading time or magazine capacity – perfect for taking down enforcers and other targets (this isn’t as useful when facing off against the player characters). Whenever you visit the witch, the only thing she will order to acquire is some of the Recluse Followers. These flowers act as one of the best Potion ingredients. But, of course, then you have to return to Aitor on the spacecraft. The petals of this flower are luminous and do not depict any color. 

The petals

Subsequent collecting the flowers, you will have to inform the doctor that you have brought the petals of that flower that incur unique ingredients to save the person. If you press the no button, if the doctor asks whether they are from the witch, then the doctor will cross-question you about the length and measurement of the petals.

The Choice: Kill or Save?

In this second one, you must choose to kill or save Aitor. Stay calm about losing a lot of experience; Aitor will be revived at the end of the mission. If you want to kill the Aitor, you must choose the large petals to give him, and even if you don’t do anything, he will die.

If you want to save the Aitor, it will help you form an alliance with the peacekeepers, granting you a sign of gratitude. To do this, you have to give the doctor the small petals.

Even if you save Aitor but opt for Survivor over him, he will tell Jack Matt everything you did with him. 

If you decide to kill Aitor, then Patricia will make a vow to decrease the witch somehow, and subsequent to this part, the doctor will ask you to leave.

If you don’t give the petals to Aitor, then the doctor will give him an injection of comma and order you to leave the place.

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