Elden Ring: Bloodflame Blade, Complete Information!

Elden Ring: Bloodflame Blade, complete Information!

Elden Ring has an incantation called Black Flame. The black flame magic launches a fireball of black fire, which explodes upon contact and can be upgraded to do more damage. After striking a victim, it continues to cause harm over the period. Patched to version 1.0.8

By adding Bloodflame to your weapon, the Bloodflame Blade Apparition makes foes bleed. Upon landing a good hit, Bloodflame will start building up with a slew of hits and gradually boost harm over a limited period of time.

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Bloodflame Blade

The Bloodflame Blade may increase the cutting effect of swords such as the Uchigatana. Some other bleed-inducing weapons could be used in conjunction with this invocation since it will lengthen the time and deliver a constant rise in harm per second.

Requirement & Statistics

The Bloodflame Buff costs Twelve Faith and has a 1-minute cooldown while costing twenty-one FP. This will result in an accumulation of about 31 blood loss and 42 percent of the scalability of additional fire damage. Several people claimed that this incantation is presently problematic as it does not scale effectively. It only applies to a small number of consumers’ views, though.

A good setting will surely let this incantation sparkle if it is handed to an experienced player who is fastidious about character designs. Consider combining it with uchigatana.

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Position and Location

Liurnia of the Lakes drops it off at Rose Church, southwest of the pond, from a Teardrop Scarab within marshes northeast of the lake.

Among many of the teardrop scarabs, next to the Rose Cathedral, lies the bloodflame blade enchantment.

One of the spherical, rolling creatures you slay to replenish your vials is a teardrop scarab.


Bloodflame is a spell that you must have if you play the Elden ring game sincerely; you can use this spell to enhance the damage of any weapon; though this spell is widely used on the blade as it looks dope (kiddin), it is widely used in the blade as it’s a most common yet powerful weapon.

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