How Old Is Jett Valorant?

How old is Jett Valorant?

A combination of operatives with various skills can be selected in the tactical, internet, multiplayer first-person shooter called Valorant. Even while the videogame is already fun and pleasant on its own, Riot Games’ lore for its players gives it added appeal.

The intriguing backstories of the individuals and locations add even more dimension to the game’s lore. The spies’ real identities and storylines are included in the competition’s mythology, although they haven’t explicitly stated their identities.

Only by considering each agent’s biography can one determine the age of the Valorant. The ages and genuine names of all the spies are included here if you don’t want to devote a lot of time going through the stories and performing experiments. Let’s know: How old is Jett Valorant?

How old is Jett Valorant? All Valorous Agent’s Names!


Everyone adores Jett for her quick reflexes and spunky personality. But have you ever questioned Agent Jett’s age in Valorant? Sunwoo Han, a spunky South Korean, is between 21 and 26 years old. She was a cook before the VALORANT Protocol hired her, which is an amazing statistic. This answers why she has great knife skills!


Alexander (Sasha) Novikov is a very proficient archer. Prior to joining his VALORANT unit, he was a hunter. The hunter from Russia is thought to be between 30 and 35 years old.


A Radiant monk who has perfected the art of controlling life is known as a Sage. Sage is thought to be between 26 and 31 years old, but she might be everlasting since she has learned power and control.


Reyna is a demonic Mexican who can draw life energy from other people’s hearts. She goes by Zyanya Mondragón in real life. This agent in Valorant is thought to be between 26 and 31 years old.


Raze is one of the game’s fanciest and most moral characters. Tayane Alves, a native of Brazil, values family above all else and also enjoys painting and explosives, typically in that order. How old is Raze, then? She is thought to be between 20 and 25 years old, making her roughly Jett’s age.


Jamie “Phoenix” Adeyemi has a reputation for being obstinate, and he frequently resorts to extreme measures in an effort to establish his superiority. Prior to his suspension and subsequent recruitment into the VALORANT Protocol, Phoenix was a pupil at the London Performing Arts Academy. Consequently, it is assumed that this Valorous agent is between 21 and 26 years old.


Omen is a real enigma; he also goes by the names Dmitry, Fred, John, Markus, and Yona. One of the more seasoned operatives in the VALORANT Protocol, he has little memory of his history other than being torn to pieces and dying. Therefore, his age is still an enigma today.


American assassin Sabine Callas, commonly known in-game as Viper, is adored for being ruthless and self-assured. She is the ancient female character in the contest, and, despite having some pretty incredible strengths, she is still a mortal. Her age is approximated to be between 30 and 35 years old.


Another Radiant is Yoru Ryo Kiritani, also known as Yoru. He is a native of Yokohama, Japan. Yoru is determined to learn about his forefathers, an old samurai order, and his origins. The haughty Valorant agent is also anticipated to be in his or her mid-twenties.


Erik Torsten is the real name of the criminal known as Breach. Breach, who is from Norway. He was expelled from his nation due to his criminal behavior and subsequently chosen to join the VALORANT organization as an agent. How old is Breach, though? While having a senior appearance, Breach is probably between 31 and 36 years old.

One of the most thrilling agents to play with in Valorant is Breach. Valorant’s Breach’s Flash ability requires some talent to perfect. We have created a manual on how to play Breach as a service to you.


German inventor Killjoy’s true name is Klara Böhringer. The healthy agent is thought to be between 21 and 26 years old and has showcased her technological and inventive abilities since she was 19.


Due to her devotion to animals, Skye, an Australian-born Radiant, is among the tournament’s most adored spies. She is despised for being one of the most frustrating spies to play with, nevertheless, because of her dazzling skills. This heroic agent is believed to be only 26 to 31 years old.


Astra has the worst selection rate in the season despite being one of the strongest Radiants in the Valorant world. The charming and happy “astral guardian” is actually Efia Danso, and she is from Ghana. She is thought to be between 26 and 31 years old.


Brimstone appears to be the game’s oldest agent, and this is evident in his appearance. Liam Byrne is an American who has served in the Special Forces and has expertise as a fireman. He became the first agent to join and take command of the VALORANT Protocol. In Valorant, Agent Brimstone is considered no younger than 46–51 years old.

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