How To Beat Cliff July 2021 In Pokemon Go?

How to beat cliff July 2021? Again, Pokemon GO is a game for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. It means players can challenge the grunts and leaders of Team Rocket. Players must do the following things to beat Cliff in Pokemon GO. The leaders are very challenging, and their high CP Pokemon demands a lot of strategy and cooperation when entering battles. Many of these leaders have been defeated by players, but one remains.

His name is Cliff, and he is the leader of Team GO Rocket. He has a CP level of 6450 on his first Pokemon, Magikarp, a CP level of 7700 on his second Pokemon, Poliwhirl, and a CP level of 8100 on his third Pokemon, Growlithe. Due to the nature of his team, many different strategies may work against him. In this article, we will discuss tips for fighting Cliff with various teams to beat him.


Before you get ready to face Cliff, you must consider your team. All three Pokemon on your team should be CP 10,000 or higher to approach the leader bout with a strong foundation. If they aren’t, you can use berries to increase their strength before battling Team GO Rocket. Since Cliff has high-level Pokemon on his team, they will overpower your Pokemon if they are too low of a level. Your Pokemon should also have good synergy to make the battle easier. The three types that need the most synergy would be Fighting, Dark, and Normal due to their powerful attacks and high special defense against physical attacks.

How to beat cliff July 2021?


The Seedot line is typically Grass-type Pokemon that put the entire team in their favor. These Pokemon can heal themselves with Aspear Berry and counter poison attacks with Herbal Cure. They are resistant to steel and fire, so those would be a couple of the moves to use against them. Seedot is the first Pokemon of Team Rocket. This Pokemon has a CP level of 566 and is seen as the easiest to beat. Due to this low CP Level, people can take it down in many ways. It is possible to take down Cliff’s team with Clefairy and Magikarp. However, it might be a good idea to bring more of your best Pokemon and fight through his whole team before teaming up on the last one.


Hariyama is the second member of Team Rocket, and it has a CP level of 754. It is a robust physical type of Pokemon. It has the Close Combat move, which deals damage to either allies or enemies based on the enemy’s power. Another thing to watch out for is that Hariyama has Fake Out, meaning if the Pokemon you choose goes first, there’s a chance you could Flinch (miss your move). If you’re not careful enough, Hariyama can also attack you with Arm Thrust, which would deal even more damage than its regular attacks.


The final member of Team Rocket’s Pokemon is Poliwrath. This Pokemon has a CP level of 777, and it is the strongest Pokemon on Cliff’s team. The exciting thing about Poliwrath is that it has a solid special defense. However, its attack is worth little. The most effective move against this Pokemon would be shockwave or brick break.


The Kingler is the third Pokemon in Cliff’s team, with a CP level of 838. It has many attacks, relatively high defensive stats, and excellent moves. However, the most notable move to anticipate is the Stomp attack that deals incredible damage. Due to its high attack stat, Kingler can be pretty rare to beat using your Pokemon in a gym battle. Therefore, it is wise to wait until it is weakened or if your team matches up with it favorably before making the final hit on this Pokemon.


In conclusion, these are some of the best strategies to beat Cliff. These will work against him when playing Pokemon GO. How to beat cliff July 2021? If you want to get as much experience as possible before he leaves, try beating him with a highly low-CP team before entering a gym battle. It can yield many experience points and rare candies, which would make you stronger when you enter the gym.

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