How To Beat Giovanni Ho Oh In Pokemon Go?

How To Beat Giovanni Ho Oh In Pokemon Go?

Ever played against Giovanni Ho Oh? To defeat Pokemon Go in July 2021, trainers should be able to counter their pokemon lineup. Trainees should be able to counter the following Pokemon lineup he brings to the battle. These Pokemon have the most vital stats in the game and are more complex to beat than his other choices. Having these four in your lineup will guarantee you a victory against Giovanni. However, this team does not consider his powerful starters or his bronze & silver gym badges. The following is a list of all the Pokemon Giovanni will most likely choose from to use against you. Knowing which Pokemon he uses will give you an advantage in attacking him.

ROUND 1: Persian

Persian is a tremendous first pokemon since it does not have any substantial moves to attack you. It will begin the battle by using a normal attack, which is ineffective against fighting-type Pokemon. However, if you choose a dark pokemon like Umbreon, it will easily be able to make quick work of this Pokemon. Psychic or fighting-type moves will also defeat it. Besides Umbreon, fighting types like Machamp or Hitmonlee would also work well against this Pokemon.

ROUND 2: Kangaskhan

If you chose a fighting type to match up against Persian, then use a dark or psychic type to battle Kangaskhan. Its regular attacks won’t do much damage against dark or psychic types, and it has no strong moves to damage them. However, it is still one of the strongest Pokemon in the game and will be difficult to beat if you choose a weak pokemon like Jigglypuff or Clefairy. If you use one of the recommended Pokemon, then it should not take more than one hit for you to defeat this Pokemon.


Garchomp is likely the strongest Pokemon in Giovanni’s team. It has high attack, defense, and health stats. Its only weakness is the rock and dragon-type moves it does not have resistance to. Because of these weaknesses, it should be easily beaten by Machamp or Hitmonlee (fighting types).


Nidoking is a pokemon that Gengar or Scyther cannot beat. It has high attack and health stats and can use some poison moves to damage them. The only way to defeat Nidoking is by using Machamp or another super effective fighting type move like Seismic Toss.

ROUND 3: Shadow Ho-Oh

Shadow Giovanni Ho Oh is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. It has high attack, defense, and health stats. In addition, it is one of the highest attackers in the game. If you choose a dark type like mixed Jolteon or something similar, it should take at least a few hits to defeat it. Also, note that if you choose ghost types like Jigglypuff or Gengar, then Shadow Ho-Oh will not be able to beat them without using a solid move like Dark Pulse. Since this Pokemon can be defeated by Machamp and Hitmonlee (fighting types), you should use them against it altogether.


So, if you know how to beat Shadow Giovanni Ho Oh in Pokemon Go, you know how to beat Giovanni’s Pokemon. Trainers who do this will most likely defeat Giovanni in July 2021 and be one of the top trainers who win the title of Champion. However, some trainers will use his super-effective Pokemon against him.

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